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1. Complaint details regarding kapruka delivery are forwarded herewith as an attachment for your kind perusal. It is to inform you that I made my order after verbal confirmation made by kapruka hotline (i'm possessing with audio recordings) weather item can be delivered on 01 june 2020. But, on 31 may 2020, I made a call again to confirm the delivery and that time they came up with reply they will not be able to deliver the item on 01 june 2020. Even as a service provider they failed to inform the inadequacy until I made a call my own.

2. According to their explanation item could not be delivered due to curfew imposing on 31 may 2020 (but I requested to deliver it on 01st june). My concern is why they confirmed the delivery at the time of placing order even though they didn't have any mechanism to do such (curfew placing news came by 1235hrs and I made my order after 1430hrs).

3. This is a clear showcase of as company kapruka only worry about making a profit from any situation without even confirming to the standards and service determined by the service provider. I am disappointed with the service provided and even after informing the situation hotline/customer care personnel and responsible officials failed to handle the case positively.

4. By the time i'm sending this email, kapruka failed to deliver the item as per the requested time of delivery when making the order. So, it seems like that these delivery guidelines and request are just for promoting their service and continuously kapruka failed to comply with the agreed standards.

5. Hence, it is requested to inquire about the inconvenience faced by me by keeping trust in a renown service provider by paying more than rs. 800 extra money (for delivery + other chargers).

6. This kind of service providers should be blacklisted to provide an example to others to standardize the online delivery services in the country as well as mitigate the issues faced by customers.

7. I'm expecting to write the issue to he the president and other responsible personnel in the government as a lawful citizen.

8. Sir, I hope and request proportionate legal action will be taken from your side.

Thank you very much

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