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Hi, I would also like to share my experience in this game called "Pokerist Texas Hold'em Poker" by KamaGames.

I signed up about two weeks ago for the first time, not knowing anything about this game and honestly I immediately liked it for the variety of games it has and the graphics So I had decided to make in-game purchases, to have even more fun and so it was. The problem started right when I spent the money, I started noticing strange behavior from the slots, like the impression that the game forcibly wanted me to lose, but I didn't fall for it and played slowly. Even though I played slowly, this behavior of the slots continued for days, none of them allowed me to win anything. So I decided to leave slots alone and give it a try to Blackjack.. It was even worse. It was there that I really understood that something is wrong with this game. It seemed to me that the dealing of the cards always had a pattern, with the dealer always winning at least 70% of the time, which is not usual in this game, for example cards like 19-20-21 in countless consecutive hands for the dealer. From here I researched this game and their company and also found some references on youtube regarding Blackjack and the pattern I was talking about. I don't know if I can share the links here, but just search on youtube "Blackjackist - by Kama Games - This game CHEAT make you buy the Chips - Video 1" from a channel called Jordan Bronson. In this series of videos he made, you can see and understand exactly the pattern I was talking about earlier, and this Jordan in the video was able to understand it and thus predict the cards. Now, let me conclude by saying that I agree that a company should earn money somehow, but not like this, so it is extremely wrong. I believe that Google should remove this app from the store and if it doesn't it is complicit in this scam.

Thank you all for reading about my unfortunate experience in this game and I just hope that other people don't fall for this scam.

Noa Jouck
, US
Jun 28, 2023 7:18 pm EDT

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