Kall81800/toll free number

Bad service and kept asking for more and more private information (suspicious way of operating...)

It's not enough for them that you pay with your credit card online, I was told that because I live overseas (Switzerland) I had to to fax a signed form with my credit card details, pictures of my personal ID and... picture of my actual credit card!

When I wrote a polite email asking what was the reason for all those requirements when maybe only PayPal Stripe ask for similar amounts of information (not even Shopify asks for all that info) my "account executive" wrote this wonderful piece of customer service:

Kall8 exec: "I have you given you our process for our of country sales. It is protect us and the consumer from fraud. If you want the number, complete within 24 hours or the account set up will be deleted."

This is literally what the guy wrote... do I want Kall8 having all my personal details and info?! No way!

Stay clear of Kall8... I'm thinking about cancelling my credit card and asking for a replacement one just to be on the safe side.

Aug 26, 2019

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