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damaged order and they won't refund or replace

I placed an order in plenty of time for Xmas it took over 10 days to deliver &when it did eventually arrive it was damaged I emailed & tweeted as this is your only option to contact them it took 4 days for them to reply, they told me to send it back & when they had received t they would send a replacement, so I returned the item and emailed proof of return by sending copy of the receipt so as a good will gesture They would send another one out!! anyhow the next day they send n email 2 say sorry there's no stock now so they won't be resending. So here we are a few days b4 xmas and I'm left with. Xmas present short & no refund as they now won't reply to my emails asking for a refund. I am at the end of my tether how are they allowed to trade they are appalling

yankee candle gift set

I purchased a gift set called " Yankee candle Christmas memories, 12 votive gift set".
I ordered this on the Black Friday sale which understandably delays shipping time but by 2 weekends and a whole week seems a little ridiculous.
My set arrived damaged on the corners, sealing and the candles were the opposite way to the logo obviously a defective item.
I have emailed the company with no response and the phone lines just keep ringing and ringing.
The more I looked at my product I thought "this isn't the set I ordered?" Turns out they sent a similar product but I ordered Christmas memories specifically for the scents inside of which were completely different to the set I received very disappointed as I cannot now give as a gift due to the condition it arrived in. Don't use this site people

service from complaints department

I ordered 2 facial cleansers and was sent the wrong ones. I spoke to the team who sent me a free returns label, so I returned them and put a note requesting a refund, not replacement. They claim to have not got this note and sent a replacement, which was no use so I said I would return it again for a refund. I refused delivery so it was sent back to them, ended up speaking to Michael from the complaints department who was rude, offhand and couldn't even be bothered to spell my name correctly and he said he would be deducting £3.95 from the refund amount for shipping costs FOR AN ITEM THEY GOT WRONG IN THE FIRST PLACE! I am so disgusted at the service received and it's now about the principle of someone thinking they can treat people however they want and make policies up. I won't stop until I get my FULL refund.

the ordinary

Hey there, Well I Hope you can understand my situation here.. I realised that I made a huge mistake in the...

JustMyLook / Richdomar

missing item and refuse to give refund or replacement

I have no clue where to start from with this company. I had a missing item and I've spoken someone called...

everything! site needs to be closed

I placed an order 3 months ago for lashes, they sent me 4 LONG instead of short, asked me to return, which I did over 2 months ago.. weirdly they cannot find the return and will not issue refund!!!
I placed another order with 5 packs of lashes - one pack missing no refund or replacement received.
they keep emailing sending empty promises.
this site needs to be shut down!!!

wahl clippers

Bought these Wahl clippers as a xmas present and when trying them they cut out 4 times in a few minutes. I have a new bathroom with new sockets and wiring but they kept cutting out. Sent them back and Justmylook returned them saying they tested them but provided no certificate of compliance so no provenance, but bizarrely they took the time to take photos of a hair and sent an email. Obviously there was a hair because we had to try the damned thing. Utterley despicable customer service and until I draw my last breath I will tell as many people as possible to avoid these bandits. They surely will go bust sooner than later if they are so desperate to cling on to a couple of quid profit instead of dealing with customers in a fair way. I cannot use the product as they are without doubt faulty and cannot sell them as at least I am bloody responsible. Vile company.

ghd soft curl set

Don't waste your money and buy from a reputable well known company. If something seems too good to be true it usually is and I wish I had read these reviews before buying from this cow boy scam site! Purchased some GHD curlers as a gift and unfortunately they were the wrong size. I contacted customer service and explained what had happened and that the box had been opened but that they were incorrect had been put back as was and I wished to return. I sent them back by secure courier at a £15 cost of mine which I was happy to pay as I had ordered the incorrect item. A week passed no refund so I chased customer service, I was advised that it can take up to 14 days to process a refund. I noted this as odd as their website clearly states please refer to our refund policy for returns which states- refunds are processed within 5 days. 2 days later I receive an email with 2pictures attached showing 2 strategically placed hairs floating on top of the box and some crock of bull text that since the items had been used they had could not refund. Oh and sit for the best bit if I wanted the item returning back to me I had to pay again!!! So now they were trying to charge me again and hold the product to ransom, Now had I been stupid enough to attempt to try and return a used the product I would expect to see the hairs wrapped around the wand not strategically placed on top of a hairbrush and a wand. Not only that but they were returned by courier yet the hairs hadn't moved in transit!! I can not believe what a lying crocked company these people are and how they are even legally trading! If there was a problem on receipt of my return i expect to be contacted on receipt of the product not over a week later. And to send such a fake picture is beyond me! The product was about £20 cheaper than genuine reputable retailers and I wish I had known what this company was
Isle. Please spend your cash elsewhere they might be cheaper but there is a reason for that they are a complete scam and lie and don't want to know once they have your money. I will now be following this up with my credit company which I am so grateful I paid with and trading standards

this service

i ordered hair straightners on saturday and i have paid through paypal and my bank and got no responce from...

nioxin shampoo and conditioner

Purchased above product it has a defective top on shampoo bottle! They even asked me to forward a video which I did! They just keep sending a repetitive reply requesting I return product presumably at my own expense. As I have explained I use this product daily and have to screw too completely off bottle which is wasteful so how am I supposed to send it back???

Scam company!

I placed an order and i received an EMPTY envelope.I coul not belive it!i wrote them, send them pictures and their answer "The item left our warehouse so is nothing we can do about it"
Is your money and your time.Report them, people!
Is our right and they scam people!
I can't belive that in 2018 a co.pany gets away with doing this.
There are hundreds of bad reviews, of people like me, but the company is still ok.

l. a girl pro matte foundation - jml22986859

I honestly am so disappointed at the service I received from justmylook. As can be seen in the pictures attached, I placed an order for the L.A Girl pro matte foundation in colour Medium beige, however when my order came in this afternoon I received colour Beige which is not even close to my skin tone.

I feel really appalled by this and wish I never ordered from justmylook. This is a total waste of money and has delayed me from posting my review video on my YouTube channel.

This was my first time of shopping on this site and will certainly be my last time.

I have also noticed that this people are out to put their unfortunate customers out of pocket by sending the wrong products to them. I just saw a review now on trustpilot of someone who had a similar experience with them. This can be seen in the picture attached as well.

l. a girl pro matte foundation - jml22986859
l. a girl pro matte foundation - jml22986859
l. a girl pro matte foundation - jml22986859
l. a girl pro matte foundation - jml22986859
l. a girl pro matte foundation - jml22986859

skincare cosmetics retinol eye gel 15gm £14.90

Order JML22917467 Delivered 18/01/18. The retinol eye gel was missing. The outer packaging was completely...

manager undersight

The company made a mistake by sending the product to an incorrect address. Instead of correcting the problem by phoning royalmail and realizing their error, they are keeping me waiting within a 30 day investigation period. During this period they have repeatedly reassured me that they sent it to the correct address. Royalmail on the other hand has contrasted this and informed me of the error Justmylook have made. The worrying thing about this situation is the lack of managerial support and undersight with how the company manages mistakes. If you are unfortunate to be at the consequence of their error, observe how the management handles it. If they are doing nothing about it, while reassuring you that its not their error, don't do nothing: write a review and let others know. Hopefully with enough evidence of bad practice, a further more formal investigation can take place

fraudulent business practice

Do not buy from JustMyLook! Yes they have really nice prices, everything on their website is super cheap but that is just a scam to steal your money. I made a huge mistake when I bought from them. I paid for my order which was never received and their customer service is really unfriendly and they simply don't want to do anything! I want to get a refund but when I ask them about my money they say no that's impossible. I will report this company for fraudulent business practice!

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    Janice Halsall Mar 03, 2020

    Item arrived 2 days late hairdryer was broken on arrival I returned the item and they said I had drop and broken the dryer (NOT) rang customer service to be greeted bye very very rude staff and they will not refund my £43 plus PLEASE DONT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE

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