SUBMIT A COMPLAINT$-hundreds in merchandise still missing a month later

D Sep 13, 2018 Review updated:

I'm sorry I hadn't seen these reviews before spending several hundred dollars at I'm yet ANOTHER customer who ordered product (pictured) and am still waiting to receive it, one month later (and counting.) I've been in constant communication with Shoshana in Customer Service, but all she's been able to provide are excuses. At first, I was patient, but now, they are just ignoring my communications and I've gotten nothing for my money!
They don't know WHERE my package is;
They don't know WHEN my package should arrive;
They don't know WHAT the tracking number is;
And like so many others who have complained on here, they have given me NO RESULTS, NO MERCHANDISE, JUST EXCUSES!

I am going to have to report this company for FRAUD, I fear, and get my money refunded, since I never got the product I paid for. And based on the other reviews I've read, from people whose experiences are so similar to mine, I am going to make sure other shoppers see these reviews BEFORE GETTING RIPPED OFF! I will be sharing the link to this site all over social media. It's deplorable that customers should be treated this way!

$-hundreds in merchandise still missing a month later
$-hundreds in merchandise still missing a month later
$-hundreds in merchandise still missing a month later


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    pmarr Oct 03, 2018

    Yea Shoshana has been of no help to me either. I've been waiting 4 months for a reimbursement. I canceled my order because it still didn't ship 3 weeks after ordering. After I canceled the order they shipped it to me, took 3 months to refund the purchase, and still hasn't reimbursed the return shipping charges that they said they would cover.

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