J.S. Precision CO.fraudulent conduct

A Jul 17, 2019

In july 2018 we paid into j.S. Precision's bank account, as per invoice terms, for the purchase of a machine.
Since then, after a long series of feeble excuses, numerous hollow promises, and delaying tactics, here we are: the machine has not been shipped to us and neither has our payment been returned.
So far we have exercised restraint and patience in the hope that, given the opportunity, this company would right a severe wrong, but never with the intention of letting it go.
Zero intention of letting go. Every possible means at our disposal we will make use of to recover our money. Our immediate action is to make sure that as broadly as possible we let this be known. To the industry, to relevant institutions (tami, taiwan trade, tccbc, kcoc, cnaic, all foreign chambers of commerce with offices in taiwan, the tund kaohsiung branch of chang hwa commercial bank (where our money went into), consumer protection committee which is a government entity... And so on). This is the first step only.
Since it is clear that we are not their only victims, we encourage others to lodge your own respective complaints and notification with the above-suggested institutions. We also encourage everybody to share whatever information could be of any value in view of a common cause.

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