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This is a true story i m going to write:
My sister has employed a maid from jpb maid pte ltd(hougang branch), as she is going overseas the maid actualli stay in singapore to look after my mum, niece n bro-in-law.
After the agency has received the total sum of deposit n payment for the maid, their attitude change immediately. We r totally disappointed with the "couldn't care less" attitude and was astonished by his shouting voice from the branch manager.
He even ridicule at my mum's english when she was tryin to interview the maids, wat a jerk he is. The transferred maid over there sucks. I respect them as a human but i hate dishonesty. In the biodata the first maid they employed stated "single" but when she is in the house she told my mom that she is actualli married and have a son!
I dun see any reason for them to lie their martial status... i onli care to see their capabilities in working as a domestic helper...
The first maid was send back to agency after 9 days of the stay, cos my mom caught her washing dishes above a defrosted fish they r goin to cook for DINNER!~! issit it horrible, inconsiderate, unhygience way of handling things...IMAGINE all those soapy water that seeped into the fish, is it still edible?
The second maid they selected from that agency was even worse. She is very poor in personal hygience n have a severe problem of B.O. The whole house was filled with her stench. My mom has bought her a bar dettol soap n she wont use it, so my mom ask her wat kinda soap she was using. She said she plainly use water...! The house was a mess when she came, those things that had been tidied was being mess up by her, she even misplaced my niece's homework n her teacher punished her for not bringin the work. When my mom was trying to teach her well in the household chores she wouldnt listen n do em in her way, in the end she got everything wrong. And the time they reprimanded her, she always had her own lame excuses, wouldnt admit her mistakes n wouldnt improve. She expect them to cook for her meals cos she dunno her to cook even in her biodata stating tat she can cook. She broke a chair n a lamp n when my bro-in-law was so furious, she bragged that she would let him to deduct her salary for the breakage of things, but by the time she was at the agency she framed my bro-in-law that he threatened her to sign the agreement for the breakage payment!
Because of that maid, their house was in havoc, my mom's lost lots of weight and in a bad shape. This maid agency is a fraud, scamming company. For god's sake, I am writing her to warn each n everyone not to engage in any dealings with them. Out of good will, i will advise all ppl in singapore to be careful in chosing maid agency no matter how cheap the agent fee will be.

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, SG
Jan 04, 2015 3:57 am EST

I totally agreed with your comments. I got a highly priced Indonesian transferred maid at 600 a month who came to my house acting blur and lost and refuse to learn for the past ten months. Things that other maids pick up within 1 to 2 months took her 10 months and still not there. I specified what I need before deciding on her. When I call the maid agency, they told me this is how a maid behaves and this is normal and ask me not to expect too much. What a bad attitude and customer service. Hope the relevant authority will look into this arrogant and dishonest agency. The maid on the other hand try to act blur throughout the job scope and try to escape and avoid at all times. I will strongly advice not to patronize this maid agency.

Jothi Lakshmi
, SG
Mar 10, 2014 11:06 pm EDT

I totally agree its fraud company specially JPB maid agency. I took a philippines maid and supposed to have a free replacement. When comes to free replacement they tell me no maid available. I paid another sum of money for the Myanmar maid which was another package and paid nearly 1k . I had a maid that was really mad and like wat u guy have experience personal hygience zero. Now again come to free replacement they have no maids available and ask me to take Indonesia maid and except me to paid Indonesia Package which cost $1.5k. What a crap cheating peoples money. OMG seriously need to report this AEAS.

What is the agency doing making money out of us.

, SG
Oct 05, 2013 7:51 am EDT

Yes, I just encountered a horrible experience this week with this scamming agency. I employed the maid based on her experience and it turns out she lied about everything. They insisted she is homesick each time and they dragged and avoided me until the free replacement expired. Even after she admitted the fraud she commited to them, jpb was nothing but cruel towards my situation as she gave me 9 months of hell. And now they insist on transferring her to someone else. And I'm like, you're going to give another innocent family a lying scheming maid? I told them I want to send her back but they said I've signed the release form there is nothing I can do to change it. And to top that, they were so arrogant and rude. Please do not engage in this agency's services. They are a complete fraud

, SG
Jun 14, 2012 8:39 am EDT

I've encountered the same problem at Bukit Timah Branch where the maid after 1 month with us and after going through care giver training to look after elderly person decided not to work. She couldn't take it coz missing the family at least thats what her reason to us. Mind you we paid for her training. After returning the maid to the agent, there is no update on my request for a replacement. Called them and would be informed that they will check and get back to me, but they never did. Twice asked me to call at certain days but only to find out that the girl that served us was on her off day.
Anyone knows who can I actually approached. If I terminate with the agency, it would be my fault and will have to pay some sum of money for early termination.
My mistakes was is to pay the loan on the maid in full. This is what we were treated once we at full. We are at their mercy. The more I see their ad featuring the media corp artist the more I felt like writing to these artists that they are helping this unreliable and irresponsible agency to make money but wash hands when problem surface.
Please share info if you have gone through the same thing.

ross is
, SG
Mar 09, 2012 11:10 am EST
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bad company..thats my review...its been one week n i m not getting my maid WP...the ppl at katonh branch are always busy...and even said that there are shortage of manpower so we have to wait...wat rubbish...!

Mdm tay
, US
Feb 21, 2011 4:38 am EST

I'm totally agree as i'm also encouter a damn bad service from this maid agency (branch Elias) and they will not bother to entertain once they recv'd the payment fm us. And when we encounter problem with the maid, they will not help us to resolve n they will request us to resolve it by ourselves and also demand us to pay of all those unneccessary expenses incurred which suppose to be under their responsibility. I had made a complaint to AEAS but seem they are on their side and not helping us as consumer at all.

mdm goh
, SG
Dec 16, 2010 2:05 pm EST

i got the same problem, i got a maid from Hougang Green, the first maid i send back to agent on 30-09-2010, untill 14-12-2010 they just inform me to collect the cheque for insurance refund, 2nd maid i send back to agent on 23-10-10 untill today i still not receive the insurance refund, i call n ask they answer "not so fast must wait for at least one month"...
the 1st maid the ask me youwant to buy a air ticket for her to go back to her hometown, due to i urgent need the replace maid so i buy for her a air ticket n agent charge me for s$188.oo, after one month later i saw this maid appear at their bio data, i call n ask n they derecognition.
i got a feeling this agencies is un-honest.

Audrey Leow
, SG
Jul 31, 2009 5:43 am EDT

I'm really angry with the service provided by the agency now. Totally poor service and inefficient.

I got my maid from the Hougang Green outlet. After 7 months, i called the agency back to complaint about my current maid. The staff on the phone cut me off and asked:" So what do you want now?" So left with no choice, i said i wanted to change my maid.

To cut the long story short, i selected an Indo maid, made payment for the insurance and after waiting for 2 weeks, the agency called me and told me the maid was sick and so went back to her kampong. She can't come to Singapore.

Then again left with no choice, i got to select another maid again. But now while i'm selecting another maid, i requested a refund of my insurance payment and they told me the refund will need to take 3 weeks... their policy.

So my advice is don't use this agency. No service at all. The only service they provide is biodata for you to chose that all and they take your money real quickly and take forever to refund you.

dfj, US
Nov 03, 2008 8:40 pm EST

I totally agree with what you said.. This agency is a scamming agency. They pushed a maid which have mental problem to us and claimed that she doesnt know anything. And when we complained to them, they does not want to bother about it initially. But after much complain, then they changed another one to us unwillingly. The maid of theirs also is unable to work for long. And the agent just want us to keep changing maid so that they can gain more profit!

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