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T Sep 16, 2020
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Does good customer service even exist anymore?

I was scheduled for a relaxer service with Jimmy at the JC Penney Salon on Saturday 9/12/20, and he gave me one of the worst customer experiences I've ever had (and I've had my share of them).

This was my second time having him do my hair; the first time he worked on me, he proceeded to insult my color job from a different salon, calling it very amateur looking, but I let that comment slide.

Moving on to my second appointment, he proceeds to say, "you won't be getting your hair colored anymore, right?," and I told him that I've had my hair colored for quite some time (meaning: this is what I intend to keep doing with MY hair).

He, then, has the nerve to say, "well, if you want to keep doing it, since you think it's okay, that's on you." First of all, I never opened my mouth to even ask his opinion of my colored hair; therefore, his comments were extremely rude/condescending, unprofessional and unsolicited.

At first, I was going to let it slide again, but I was very heated at how he talked to me. I told him I didn't appreciate his comments, and he said he was just giving his professional opinion. I replied that I never asked for his opinion.

I know my hair and when it has been damaged by color, and my hair is perfectly fine. I replied by telling him that his comments were rude and unprofessional and he should respect how I feel. He replied that he would rinse my relaxer back out, that he had just started putting in my hair, and be done, if that's how I felt (meaning: he wanted me out of his chair and to end the service).

I said, "Are you serious?" He proceeds to tell me to go to the sink, so he could rinse me out, because he was done servicing me. I, quickly, told him to go get his manager, because this was totally uncalled for.

Long story short, the manager said he had a right to end the service, and that she could do my hair herself on Monday. I refuse to go back, because I feel like she has allowed this jerk to be straight up disrespectful, just because I said his comments were rude and unprofessional, which they were.

I had to leave the salon with very wet, unstyled hair, because of him and an incompetent manager. If Jimmy was truly a professional and decent person, he would've apologized for any miscommunication, instead of getting upset and kicking me out of his chair. If the manager was truly professional and decent, this situation wouldn't have been okay at all.

To be clear, I would've been fine with him asking me about coloring my hair, if he said it in a respectful, educational manner; however, he proceeded to talk down to me like a child, and I'm a grown woman.

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