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On December 1, 2019, I wanted to purchase a sweater(item # 8424231) (in medium) (color: frost) for my granddaughter the only one that they had was on the mannequin the salesclerk said that it was company policy not to take it off it. So she said she would order one from another store and she checked to see if it was available and it was. (salesclerk #0023) So she placed the order and she said it would probably be here 7 days.
So I didn't hear anything. So on December 9, 2019, I call and they said it was supposed to come to the store that day. On Wednesday, December 11, 2019, I was going to be at the store so I stopped to see if it was in by chance. She said it didn't come in on the 9th but maybe that day or the next. While I was at the store I asked if there was any way possible that I could have the one -off the mannequin and I explain that on December 1, 2019, the salesclerk so that I couldn't because of company policy and the person in said that it isn't company policy. So she called the women dept. but they already had sold it to someone. So I called on Thursday, December 12, 2019, to see if it came in and that lady who was very rude said that they were having trouble locating it so they would just cxl my order just like that. An order that I having been waiting for 12 days for which is a Christmas present. She then tells me there no more available and what do I want her to do about? I told her do not cxl my order in case somehow someone can find it. Then I went online to see if I could locate one, which I found some in another state that if you live there you could do a store pickup, but I don't live so I called the store to see if they could send it to me and they said no that it was only store pickup. So the bottom line is my granddaughter not getting this for Christmas and no one cares. I have called customer care and anyone that I could think of or find to call. So It is December 12, 2019, at 7:00 pm in Greensburg, PA that I am writing this hoping that someone cares. All I have is my order slip (order Number [protected]) and the email saying that they shipped it and what the lady at Penney said that it was supposed to be in on December 9, 2019. If there any questions feel free to contact me. My email is [protected] Thank you, Joan


  • SubSquirrel Dec 12, 2019

    Find another sweater and don’t have a heart attack over this.

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