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J Aug 14, 2018 Review updated:

Greetings, thanks in advances who takes the time to read this post.

I'm here to complain about the jagex customer support. The following is my story:

I play on ubuntu using and xbox controller. The keys are mapped using a program called qjoypad. The system thought I was a bot and banned my account. Too unfair right? But the problem is only about to get worse. When you try to contact jagex, you find yourself in a hopless situation. There's no way to contact jagex through the runescape site, their support tab in the webpage its just a FAQ. Furthermore, my banned account status and message centre says they have evidence, but they wont show it to you, which, thankfully, is not necessary in my case. Their automated responses do even tell you their system never fails, and if so, why did this happen to me? I find it very arrogant of them. The problem here is not their system having a flaw which bans innocent players, every system has flaws, even the human body.
The actual problem is, what are they doing with our money? Why isn't anyone in touch with the community? This fills like an invisible barrier which only your money can get pass through, and the only thing you can do is to wait if jagex does fulfill your expectations or you just threw your money to the sink.


  • Li
    Liam Gallant Aug 15, 2018

    i also experienced this and am currently going through the same situation. i have tried phoning them but no-one picks up and my calls always go to voicemail. I was a very high level player and am furious with jagex as i have been falsey accused of macroing. As this is a membership service i will be taking this matter to the national trading standards authority to have this matter resolved and have them comply by law if thats what it takes to get my account back!

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  • Pu
    pupstars Aug 30, 2018

    i also got it this morning, was only killing dust devils for red charms, i'm ready to canal my member after almost a 11 years, i'm ready to drop my members, never been banned before. there's no one to talk to to tell them what you was doing. thought there was a mod suppose to talk to you, i'm sick over all this bull crap

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  • Ke
    Kev G. Lea Sep 17, 2018

    Sadly they don't use their phone number due to constant complaints they would be receiving, I was sadly banned today for apparently using macroing which I have never done, I am also quite a high level player and due to disabilities always played this game as it was a form of stress reliever, I was also a member, if you could help me out Liam if you have any luck, as I feel what this company is doing is quite illegal, to ban someone is fine, but not to provide evidence is actually illegal, I also found out that they were banning loads of people for using touch screen laptops, which I use for this game, and people were unbanned as there was an issue of false banning.

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