[Resolved] Jackson & Perkinswon't respond to complaints about product.

S Jul 18, 2019

I ordered five rose bushes from this company. Four grew just fine, but one did not grow at all. It is dead, although all five received the same treatment as far as planting and watering. I have contacted Jackson & Perkins three times on this, but so far, have received absolutely no response. All I wanted was for them to replace ONE of the bushes. If they cannot stand behind their product, that leaves me no recourse but to let everyone I know.

  • Jackson & Perkins's response · Jul 18, 2019

    I am sorry that you have not received a response from us about your issue. Please call 1-800-292-4769 and ask to speak to Lakyn

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

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