Andrews University Michigan has neglected its dorms. Burman Hall the last dorms that was built was built in 1981.

Andrews has 3 dorms Lamson for the women and Meier Hall for the men and Burman. Lamson was built in the 40 almost 70 years ago and Meier hall was built around 1964 almost 40 years ago. The university enrollment hasn't gone anywhere. In other words it hovers around 3000 students.


1) Meier hall is an architectural disaster (Worthy of "Architectural Disasters Digest") that is poorly designed and difficult to renovate. Other Universities
realize that a really good dorm really draws students. There is a trend sweeping Universities concerning the modern apartment style dorms which Berrien Springs is about 40 years out of step with.
AAA) A really bad dorm will create a bad reputation for a University by lowering enrollment standards after all who wants to live in squaller. A lot of the graduate students didn't stay in the Mens dorms at Andrews and a lot of the Students left after 1 or 2 years. The University retention was terrible.
88) The University is Cheapskates with the mens dorms. They spend almost nothing on the dorms. Thats right Zero.
99) The University doesn't have a committee for dorm issues or any student input on the dorm process and makes decisions without student input Unilaterally.
Not spending dorm money when they really should and using any excuse not to spend money on any dorm.
:)() The University Deans made sure that Burman Hall had a really nice apartment for the Dean while all of the students in Burman rot in chicken cages worthy of a slum lord.
2) Meier hall is strangely shaped and oddly designed building with 4 wings shaped
like an X and 4 ugly concrete stairways. This means that carrying furniture and clothing up three flights of stairs. Worse if you have a suburban and a U-haul and impossible if you have a truck load of possessions. Meier Hall and Burman are both inaccessible.
Worse yet the 4 dorm wings are connected to a two story core which prevents adding an elevator. The Meier hall dorm should have been square. Instead, Meier hall is an x shaped disaster. If a dorm is funny shaped then this effects the students perceptions whereas a straight square building is conventional and encourages affiliation with a University.
X. The University put really tiny dorm rooms in Burman which are chicken cages. There about 15 by 15 feet and if you share a room mate this is horribly tiny. This is even worse when you have an inmate for a room mate.
3) The men's dorm is not positioned for the 21st century. Universities are now rebuilding apartment style dorms.
4) The men's dorm is not secure and anyone can walk into it and the University has done nothing.
5) A university enrollment won't expand when you aren't
renovating or expanding the dorms. There is no recreational facility in Meier hall such as fireplaces or a game room or TVs or advanced networking such as the newer Universities have.
6) The women attracted a Miss America pageant contestant, but there is no Mr. Olympia. One of the male seminary students assaulted one of the teachers. The seminary students have a poor reputation including as one site said sleeping around and seducing naive women. The University put very little effort into upgrading or improving the Mens dorms. The male students at Andrews University are sorely lacking
7) The men's dorm's are not secure. Anyone can enter it or steal it. There are
4 concrete exits and it would be impossible to secure all of them. The men's dorm doesn't provide
an electronic access card like hotels have as some Universities are adding. Other Universities are upgrading the dorms with enhanced security. With the school shootings security is an issue.
8) The University Sucks.
X. Andrews University 0 dollars spent on Meier. Miami University 7 million dollars to renovate Ogden Hall.
X. Having stuff stolen in the dorm is not cool and this happened at Andrews.
X. The University has encouraged an adversarial relationship with the Berrien Springs Police department concerning the Male students and actively uses the police to resolve male student problems instead of internally.
X. The University retroactively assigns room mates without any consideration for whether you requested one.
X. The University charges 15000 dollars plus per year and then doesn't spend much on the dorms.
K. Sucks. The university doesn't spend much recruiting male students in the dorms which results in fewer opportunities for women to meet affluent men.
Z. Sucks.
PU. The University Professors favor female students in some classes since the University has neglected to spend money on the Mens dorm or provide incentives such as athletic programs that would draw affluent male students like Dean Kamen.
9) The University built Burman as an undergraduate dorm for a graduate student there with the stipulation that there was an age limit. Better yet they put Burman 150 feet away from Meier with 4 parking spots in the back. They also force students to move out of Meier and walk 150 feet away during the summer down three flights of steps and cart all of there belongings to the other dorm.
The University must have felt there was a need for a graduate dorm and that the Undergraduate male students weren't worth letting into Burman. Later, the University started moving all the first year students into Burman at the expense of the older students.
Newer buildings can be cheaper to operate which is another way the University has shot itself in the foot.
Andrews dorms where monolithic large monstrosities. The University should have made smaller dorms
which easier to change than two dorms with 80% of the students in Meier Hall.
Burman has chicken cages for rooms. Modern dorm rooms should be overly large and
apartment style.
The men's dorms favor the room mate system (antiquate). The room mate system is only as good as your room mate. And really terrible if you have a bad room mate. Every student should
have their own room and only share a suite with other students. As one Administrator of a University would say, "Every student wants there own room."
10) The University favors the female students and doesn't provide or expend any effort with the men's dorms. Some of the women married a bunch of losers for husbands. In some classes the female students got preferential treatment while minority male students got deferential treatment.
11) The University used a 10 million dollar donation to fund a stable for the cows in the University farm. Instead of improving the University 40+ year old mens dorms they "gave the money to the cows." The cows were more important than the mens dorms. The University spent 20 million dollars on Howard Center and 10 Million on the Church but has very little zeal for improving either the womens or mens dorms. The University has the attitude that the men aren't worth a modern ahem (not 50 or 80 year old mens dorm).
13) The University closed down a wing of Meier Hall so it could be used as a Hotel. This meant fewer rooms for students.
16) The University didn't provide any reputation management for the male students.
17) The University tried to make the dorms a Jack of Trades and a master of nothing. They made Burman into a concert hall/graduate dorm/undergrad/dean's apartment.
20) Caveat Emptor and when you see Meier Hall, Run.


  • Ta
    Tauren Jun 03, 2008

    Andrews University doesn't publicly disclose it's dorm expenditures
    Miami University publicly announced it spent 7 million dollars to renovate Ogden Hall.

    This is a snippet from cnn.com.


    "Andrew Matthews, of the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International, said many dorms were built in the 1950s and 1960s and don't have the electrical capacity for power-dependent students."

    Ohio state spent 200 million to renovate there dorms it's funny how little they spend.


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  • Gl
    glomus Jul 08, 2009


    Housing discrimination:

    Federal law prohibits housing discrimination based on your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, family status, or disability. If you have been trying to buy or rent a home or apartment and you believe your rights have been violated, you can file a fair housing complaint.

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  • Dr
    Dreee Jul 10, 2012

    The AU president is sitting in his office. He has a dart board with a picture of Meier Hall on it. Slowly, he takes out a dart and throws it at the dart board. "A 10. Oops I missed." He throws again. "A bulls eye. Maybe I can give some money to the cows."

    15 minutes later the president goes to a meeting with Alumni coming back he proceeds to his office. He takes out another dart and throws it at the dart board and misses the bulls eye. "I'm going to get you. I'm going to tear you down. You bad building. I'm going to demolish you." He says grimacing at the dart board. He sticks his tongue out at the building and makes faces at it. Slowly, he gives the Meier Hall dart board the bird.

    Half an hour later the president going to a committee meeting. Coming back to the office he throws some more darts at the Meier Hall dart board.

    An interruption!

    His secretary calls on his telephone. "Hello Mr. President Anne's parents are on the phone line."
    "They are extremely unhappy that she is marrying a Meier Hall guy. She is a Monterrey Graduate."
    "That's a joke."
    "What the building?"
    "No, Anne marrying a Meier man."
    "Put her through."
    "Hi Mr. President we heard that You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named asked you to remove Anne's name from the SM List. Would you please remove it for us? We want her to marry Tom the Lawyer or John the Doctor. You-know-Who would be better. Hell even Valdemorte."
    "I wasn't considering it. Well! What would you do if I did."
    The president takes a dart out and throws it at the Meier Hall dart board.
    "Would you please Mr. President. With Cherries on top and sugar and spices and ice cream. Please remove Anne's name from the SM List."
    "I will consider it." Everyone laughs.
    "You have my condolences." Says the president.

    In the Student Missionary committee they are discussing Anne. "I heard she rejected You-Know-Who. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named! I can't believe she did that. I heard she rejects men for fun. What is wrong with Anne! She is a Monterrey Graduate and she married a Meier Hall man? Remove her name from the SM List. --------"

    A group of Alumni are sitting around a table. "I'm marrying a MIT man."
    "I'm marrying a Stanford Lawyer."
    "You don't want to be Like Anne."
    "Why is that?"
    "Anne married an AU Meier Hall grad and got her name removed from the SM List."
    "Lol. What a loser."

    Anne's Fiance John is sitting with his friends in a bar. "Man I really scored. I'm marrying Anne."
    Lol. All of John's friends laugh at Anne.
    "Yeah you really scored."
    "Perfect 10!"
    "Thank god for Meier Hall."

    The AU president is sitting in his office.
    "I gotta tear down that building."

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  • Hu
    Huricaine Dora May 13, 2014

    Hi There,

    We were contacted by an official at Andrews University who requested
    that the campaign be removed.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

    Cheers, Stan
    --Indiegogo - www.indiegogo.com
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/indiegogo
    Blog: www.indiegogo.com/blogHelp Center: http://support.indiegogo.com/forums

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    Huricaine Dora May 13, 2014

    From: Indiegogo Support
    Sent: August 23, 2011 7:41 PMTo:

    Subject: Action Required: Your Indiegogo Campaign Is Frozen

    Due to unusual account activity, we have frozen your Indie gogo campaign. NO contributions or disbursements can be proccessed for your campaign during this time. Please respond to this note within 48 hours if you believe this email was received in error. We appreciate your cooperation and we look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Hu
    Huricaine Dora May 13, 2014

    From: Indiegogo Support
    Sent: August 23, 2011 7:41 PM

    To: Dora
    Subject: Action Required: Your Indiegogo (Meier Hall) Campaign Is Frozen

    Due to unusual account activity, we have frozen your Indie gogo campaign.
    NO contributions or disbursements can be proccessed for your campaign
    during this time. Please respond to this note within 48 hours if you
    Believe this email was received in error. We appreciate your cooperation
    and we look forward to hearing from you.

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