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F Nov 07, 2019

In 2018 my passport expired, so I tried to call the embassy no response impossible to go through the line than I tried to book an appointment online and nothing works, so as I have several disability I send my old I'd card expired from 2007 and my old passport expired in 2018 with medical evidence and ecc, after a month no response even though the post, so on the 19 of August I decided to go there personally with out appointment because it's impossible to book through phone or online, anyway I needed to go there for finger print ecc, so they kindly let me in as disabled they understand I needed assistance, I started to give them photo, finger print ecc, than because I was married and I have 2 children under 18 I had to go to social services upstairs To Alessandra Dragoni, to apply Decreto Consolare, After many months waiting and paid 108.50 for the passport plus sending it to my address nothing as arrived, 06/11/2019 at 2 pm they called me regarding paper I sent 5 months ago, witch I went than after a month I send directly my self to the embassy, the phone call however said to me the lady the revived the paper, but I told them I went personally in August and done finger print, photo, 108.50 paid cash and Decreto Consolare signed, but she started on me saying there is nothing on record about my fingers print, my photo and the fee of 108.50 for the passport including postage, I have several disability and cost me 50 plus pound for train plus 20 for taxi, now the lady she said she would check with Alessandra Dragoni social services of Italian Consulate of London, them she said she would call me after I spoke to the social services lady to confirm I paid and ecc, no response back about what is going on .
My complain should be better systems for disabled people in place, they never answerer the phone, online is broken and its disgusting this abuse of power, I called the British Police regarding I paid and nothing is happening they advised me for a civil matters, even with freedom of movement the Embassy as the obligation to release me passport for providing my identity it's the Law in UK and Europe, now this has effected my psychological been, I feel con and discrimination toward my disability and as I am an Italian citizens, they should look after they own, if she doesn't want to sign, she is British the kids are British and my freedom should not been effected my ability of freedom, after all I have been honest and declare my children and ecc, can you please help me with this matter ASP because I legal action will be put in place and compensation will be asked and I dispute with my own people is ridiculous to start because I am Italian one of you, so kindly and patiently I'm asking justice .
My name is
Felice Valenti
Email : [protected]
Vi prego di aiutarmi, non sto puntando i diti a nessuno, però bisogna sistemare questa situazione
Il passaporto my serve anche imperitivamente per I'll Settle status poiché l' Inghilterra e in face di departura dalla EU, io non voglio cittadinanza Inglese sono Italiano rimango fedele alla mia Patria sono qui per motivi diversi non perché avevo bisogno di venire qui, quindi aiutatemi sono Italiano anche molto onesto
Cordiali Saluti

Italian General Consulate In London

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