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Company is a big fraudulent. It asks you to register and then if clear the certificate for the brands will send the candidate as service checker to those outlets and after completion of the check, will pay the candidate. But what exactly they are doing is they want the candidate to purchase something from the outlet and do such checks.

And when confirmed with them they said no earning in the work.

  • International Service Check's response · Feb 07, 2018

    Thank you for your comments. In case of queries, we can be contacted via email to your Coordinator, via the ‘send message’ option in your Evaluator account, or by emailing [email protected]

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    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Ed
    Edzmedz Dec 02, 2011

    I can confirm this. I never got any payments either (after more than 11 months) and I had to pay for all the goods purchased during the mystery shopping, so I neither received the amounts paid nor was I paid for my feedback (which takes a lot of energy and time to do believe me)! My assignments were mostly to visit McDonald's restaurants and write reviews and fill questionnaires (rate their service, cleanliness etc..). And they did send me emails confirming my feedback was correct (bcoz if you don't comply to their specific guidelines you don't get paid ). But it did sound legit originally because they make you go through a series of online tests before they send you out on assignments. But after a while I felt it was fishy and didn't want to take the risk of not getting paid in the end, which turned out to be the case! So if they will not pay you right away or at least within a few weeks then don't waste your time! PS: I still get new assignments sent to my email, but I ignore them. When I asked them about the payment, well it seems no one is responsible for that department.

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  • Ro
    rooka Mar 23, 2012


    I am kindly to announce that we a legitimate company registered in MPSA. You can kindly visit our website for more research and esquires

    ISC Team.

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  • Se
    serenitys2 Mar 27, 2012

    Here's my experience with ISC. I signed up, did the certificate tests that were required before I am allowed to perform any checks and was very quickly assigned checks (mostly for McDonalds - where I assess their food quality, restaurant cleanliness etc). I did quite a few checks with them, and although it does take a long time for them to pay me (at least 6 weeks) I did eventually get paid. However, recently, some dodgy stuff has come up with the payment. For two checks, I was given an "insufficient' rating - which means I don't get paid. There wasn't even a valid explanation and the comment in the feedback was absolute false. The worst thing is that for one of those checks, I had completed it successfully and actually received a "very good" feedback - and yet, a MONTH after that, another email was sent for the same check and the feedback was now changed to "insufficient" - and of course, I wasn't paid for that check. Mind you - with these McDonald's checks, you have to pay for a meal out of pocket first (they only reimburse you $6 no matter what meal you choose - and we all know that usually doesn't cover it unless you order the smallest and cheapest meal), and you have to drive to these locations. Many times I have had to argue with the coordinator over the phone because he was trying to get me to do a check for a lesser price than what I had received before for the SAME LOCATION. What's also very annoying is that you can't get in contact with these people until they want to contact you - the numbers they call are always blocked numbers and they never reply to your emails unless it's to organize a check to be done. From what I've read from the people in the comments above, and coupled with my own experience: don't bother with ISC. I stopped performing checks for them as soon as they started not paying me (with made up excuses in their feedback report).

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  • Bi
    Billie<3 Jun 29, 2012

    Thanks Guys,
    Saw ISC advertising for jobs today, thought I'd check out some reviews...Thankfully I did.

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  • Aa
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Jan 27, 2013

    guys, thanks a ton for your precious feed backs ... I AM SAVED BIG TIME !!! not gona mess up with this SCAM ... thankfully i checked the reviews before doing any checks ... thanks again :)

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  • Br
    Brianob Apr 09, 2013

    Just been through the preliminary registration process and have been asked to do the certification tests.
    When reading through their online information in preparation for the certification tests, I noticed I will have to supply my bank account details in order to be paid - no mention of PayPal.
    Immediate alarm bells when a stranger asks for my bank details.
    Websearches lead me to this site and some others.
    Looks like they are doing legimate research and getting paid by the customer but avoiding a large amount of forward payment to their mystery shoppers.
    Went no further as this is a legimate business but they look like they screw their shoppers.

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  • Le
    letsfixthings Jun 26, 2013

    Pay Pal is the one you need to worry about. Paypal cleaned out my account after awhile. The same thing happened to my cousin and several friends. Check the internet to see many thousands of others who were robbed by PayPal, . They can't be charged with anything because of the agreement you have to sign when opening a Paypal account that gives them full rights to your money. They say that they are not a bank so they don't have to follow banking regulations. When you sign up for Paypal you are signing away any right to take action against them and you are signing away rights to your money. There is a large class action lawsuit against them. I am surprised that anyone would do business with this company. I only shop for companies that pay by check or direct deposit or a prepaid card - or pretty much any other method except Paypal, and I've never in over 20 years had a single problem with a shopping payment. (Except for Paypal).

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  • Tr
    Trbingbc Sep 08, 2013

    I have had several shops, paid on time and just promoted. As far as being a scam, they are not.

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  • Na
    nannato5 Feb 11, 2014

    I have just come across this site and you all could not be more wrong !!! International Service Check is a legitimate, good company to work for. I started off with them about three years ago as a service checker. I was assigned mainly bank and building society visits, so no purchase involved ... just around an hour of my time for the visit, then a report to write and a questionnaire to fill out. I received between £15 and £20 per service check and the co-ordinator I worked for was brilliant and supportive. After doing this for a couple of years, I asked abou the possibility of becoming a proof reader, which I have been for the past year. I had to register self-employed and I work around 10 hours per week from home. The fees for the proof reading range between 80p per check and £4.00 per check, depending on the simplicity/complicated nature of each. I am paid straight to my bank account on the same date each month. They provide an invoice, which I keep for my tax records (when I worked as a service checker I was paid by PayPal around 6 weeks after the check was performed ... so ISC is NOT a scam . They are genuine company, and I enjoy working for them !!! Oh and by the way, yes, certain checks require you to purchase an item (usually to the maximum of around £12.00), which is re-imbursed. You also get checks where you can keep the goods as well, so please check your FACTS before slagging off this company ?

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  • D1
    D123Q Apr 07, 2014

    I have to agree. This seems to be a scam in Australia too. They get you to do the visit, write the report, then claim you missed one thing (eg claim the receipt which the store gave me was incorrect), tell you they have cancelled your report and will not get paid. Later I met someone who worked for the fast food outlet being checked, and found out my report was actually sent through and used - ie they must charge the client, get paid, but stiff the [people who do the jobs. To me this is just a scam - steer clear from them and do not get caught!

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  • Ma
    mariuche May 05, 2014

    The company has always paid me but the Scheduler is the problem here. Every time I had a problem with her. She even scheduled a shop I never inquired about or applied for. This time it was a whole different shop that I did not apply for. The Powers that be defend her even though my emails showed she was 100% wrong and never apologized for all the mistakes and confusion it caused me. They are not professional and are incompetent.

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  • Na
    nannato5 May 06, 2014

    Mariuche if you were scheduled a check you didn't enquire about, or apply for, then all you had to do was notify your scheduler.. The Powers that be defend her ???? Mistakes and confusion ??? A simple email would have sufficed... mistakes happen .. confusion ??? come on !

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  • Ho
    Hobiesailor May 21, 2014

    It is a joke It is nothing but a scam If Mc Donalds Australia is paying this company they should stop immediately!!! Can International Service Check Rate the department of fair trade ? We will find out ;-).
    My experience issue checks on long weekend in a shopping center 50min drive from me on a long weekend in a crowded shopping center that was not even open on one of the suppose service dates then dont pay cause you could not perform a check within there time period which was so full the day of the check for 2 hrs no really I like driving 50min per way to not complete this check and then drive back the following day to receive a non payment!! It gets better I had not completed another since that date, So they ring me on my phone and beg me to do another 4 checks so I go and do them 55min from my location so my cost $40 in fuel plus food ordered off the Mc Cafe direct menu then get a notification to say A hot chocolate is not on the menu nor is a Chai Latte and nor is a ham and cheese croissant! Tomorrow lodge a full fair trading complaint and have these ### stopped! that was over $60 spent plus time for What? To add insul to injury when completing the check I was notified that my travel had been removed and they expected me to drive 55min up then 20 min to another location then 75 min back home apparantly is worth $8 travel $6 food reimbursement and $7 fee... I assure you International Service Check you have not heard the last of me!! See you in the Tribunal...

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  • De
    debstar74 Sep 24, 2014

    This company is NOT fraudulent. I have had no issue working as a Mystery Shopper for ISC. I joined then back in June 2014, completed all registrations. Predominantly McDonalds checks but I work closely with my Coordinator and always ask if there is any other company I can check. I spend 15 mins at service check, write my report and answer the multiple choice questions (30 mins in total). I get paid $21 for that.

    Yes you do receive feedback on your report writing skills so you do have to get the hang of that. When you receive feedback on your report they give you instruction on how you could have improved it. I have created a template report for drive thru and restaurant internal checks which gets amended for each one It takes practice but all my feedback is good now and I have never not been paid!

    Yes that includes payment for your time to do the service check, reimbursement of the food purchase and driving costs. Driving costs are not high as I requested that the restaurant locations are within 15kms of where I live and work. Most of my checks are done on the way somewhere, or done early morning before work, at lunch or on the weekend. You have to treat this as BONUS money not a full time income. I have always been paid on time, at the beginning of the month (for the work done the month before) straight into my bank account. I think it really helps if you have a good Coordinator, we email each other all the time. I even tell her when I'm heading out of town just in case she needs a service check done where I'm going.

    Excellent company and all my experiences have been professional.

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  • Je
    jerstme Oct 23, 2014

    International Service Check no longer deserves to have the McDonalds contract as they treat their service checkers very badly and show them no consideration. They used to be a reasonably good company but that has changed in Australia in recent times.
    Many of the ISC coordinators are NOT good but when ISC treat the good ones so badly what they end up with is people who have no idea what they are doing. The current lot might be nice people in every other way but mostly they are incompetant as coordinators. Not all coordinators are prompt in responding to emails, if they reply at all in some cases.
    They are strict about reporting but if a report is marked unsatisfactory then the service check should be done again and the original report NOT sent to McDonalds or else it is FRAUD.
    Yes they do pay every month debstar74 but NOT for all checks completed the previous month. If you can do your report in 15 minutes then you must be on high speed broadband because it takes even the most experienced service checker at least twice as long. You might be paid a total of $21 but there is the cost of the food and drink as well as your travel to get there which reduces that amount considerably. Not all their service checkers live near where McDonalds are located and in some of the non-city towns they have no checkers because ISC treat them poorly. They only made the situation worse when they decided to pay such a pittance for travel from this month as it does not cover the cost of fuel.
    You think differently about them but there is very something wrong with ISC if they cannot keep their service checkers when many other mystery shopping companies don't have any problem doing so and they get their assignments completed on time. Every other mystey shopping company who pays travel pay enough to cover the cost of fuel and maintaining the car their shoppers use to complete assignments.
    You have not been with them for very long debstar74 but if you want to keep doing McDonalds service checks be prepared to register with a new company in the forseeable future.
    At the present time, ISC is completely unprofessional. From your glowing comments, some of which are inaccurate, I am left to wonder if you are also a coordinator with ISC as they are also service checkers.
    Hobiesailor as an independant contractor Fair Trading probably cannot help you but McDonalds Human Resources Department might be able to.

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  • Pa
    pasadenawheels Nov 20, 2014

    Hello All,

    First of all, my credentials are that I am and have been a Secret/Mystery Shopper for a few years and with MANY companies in addition to INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK ( ) which I've been with for about 1 1/2 years or so.Yes, in addition to signing up as a shopper those with no experience are welcomed, but are required to take a test (2 friends I referred to in the Philippines both signed up with no experience and both took and passed their required INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK tests) and can now do service checks without any further.And yes, their are other tests for special service checks because I'm now required to do a test for Smart Phones to be qualified for those service checks.Many Secret/Mystery Shopper companies sometimes require tests to be certain they know exactly what's expected of them to do certain types of shops as that's the agreement with that shopper company's client so the shop is done per the client's requirements along with the shopper company.Lastly, yes, there are MANY scammer "companies" who promise from $150.00 to over $300.00 in the form of a mailed check/Postal Money Order (fraud hint #1-real companies very rarely [many so state this on their home page as a warning to all who visit their home page], if ever send a check/money order in advance) which are all fake saying to cash at your bank (fraud hint #2-YOUR bank will hold YOU 100% liable for the the amount taken from the check/money order depending on whether or not they with held any of it and the scammers know this which is why they tell you to "cash at your bank") then go to any Wal-Mart (fraud hint #3-a real company has a scheduler TELLING YOU WHICH SPECIFIC LOCATION OF WHAT STORE TO VISIT and when..YOU DO NOT MAKE THE CHOICE[S] ) of YOUR choice then wire the remainder of the balance (check/money order is anywhere between $852.00 more/less up to $3, 250.00-fraud hint #4-if you verify the bank/account it is drawn upon, it will not exist and the money order(s) are reprinted meaning previously issued and cash so if/when in doubt call the issuer/maker [the company name on it] and provide the serial numbers and be sitting when you call...or go to a check cashing place and they tell you and they'll keep it so there's your answer with no doubt, but then you cannot report it to your local Police/Law Enforcement/City Public Safety Office, etc.) and there's your confirmation.If ever in doubt, check on them.Many use (steal) a real company's name, web page(s), logo(s), etc. while some provide a number-check it out as many are Google Voice, online text only numbers, majicJack numbers as well as those that when answered are in a British voice saying the person is unavailable so search that number, too and all that will tell you the "company" is fake.Now, I know all this from experience and reading from others with the same experience from the email sender (fraud hint #5-real companies NEVER send unsolicited emails offering to do shops with and for them-NEVER EVER) so if my words are in doubt do a search meaning do your homework just as I have.

    Yes, I am IN SUPPORT OF AND VOUCH FOR: INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK because since I've completed shops per the requirements and specifications following the instructions/directions, they pay according to their pay schedule and NEVER have they EVER cheated me out of my pay nor reduced it.IF you do the work per the directions and you are required to take a test the be mature and take the test then they'll not ask you again unless they requirements change then only what's changed will be tested.If other testing is required, take the test then you're even more qualified for even more shops meaning more money in your pocket-isn't that A reason most of us do shops who do shops with one or more companies? If I'd had no experience with INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK then I'd have kept my mouth shut.Also, watch HOW a company spells their name because International-Service-Check OR Int'l Service Check AND any variance to it and all other real companies you should suspect as being fake/fraud/scam/schemer so user beware.

    This is to say lady gaga111, Edzmedz, serenitys2, Billie<3, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and Brianob ARE ALL BOTH INCORRECT AND PURELY WRONG ! Some of you have legitimate issues with the company and I can and do understand and time to time I've had issues so I've been in contact with them and it was resolved.Nobody including schedulers are perfect and mistakes are made, so keep your composure and email with them respectfully and I'm sure as a real and honest company that they'll help to resolve it whatever it is.Sometimes, a handwritten letter by Airmail/Post is needed to get their attention rather than email as I've done so with other companies or a telephone call would be appropriate to the correct person who would handle your case would work, if you know whom that person is.I DO NOT know everything, but I do know what to do in certain cases and situations and I offer suggestions here and as a guide to help so those who have any remaining issues with them can be resolved so everyone is happy which is what I'm hoping for.I mean nobody any disrespect or anything unkind;it's meant more as a help than anything else.Before anyone gets angry, I've been around with Shopper companies, as stated above for a few years and I've signed up with I don't know how many companies (really), but it's several in number.I've had my share of misunderstandings, yet I've confirmed by email and/or telephone call to the scheduler or to the company itself and usually the problem is resolved.One company (who will remain nameless) that I had a payment issue with who told me at two different times by telephone the shopper fee then when I was paid, the amount wasn't the same as agreed and it took 9 months of fighting to get the rest of my pay and currently fighting them again under the same conditions...I don't think I'll be with them much longer..their attitude is pretty poor plus greatly reducing the shopper fees compared to what they were...when any company constantly mistreats you as an experienced shopper and you do the shops as required plus on time reports, etc. then it's probably time to move on if a general letter by Mail/Post and/or a telephone call can't resolve most issues once and for all then there's only one thing left to do and that's self-explanatory.Should anyone have an issue with anything that I've stated, I'll respond.We are speaking only of facts here and not of opinions nor is anything intended to be a defamation of character to or towards anyone, but some of you are doing just this to the company.Thank You

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  • Ro
    Rosie A Mar 19, 2015

    Something didn't sit well with me during the registration so I didn't bother finishing it. Low and behold I've just received an email saying my account has been activated and they have given me my logon details. Now that sends my alarm bells ringing very loud and clear. I've clicked neutral only because other than my part registration and the email, I haven't had any other contact with them, but with all these complaints above, something seems off. Those last few people who are all for it...well I'm not convinced they're really who they say they are so I'm going to play safe and stay away.

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  • Ho
    HONGKONGER777 Apr 12, 2015

    Oh my god...I am a Hongkonger, I work in other companies with the same nature with ISC, but ISC's practice looks really strange.
    First, they do not have any offices in Hong Kong. If I do the purchase visits, where can I return the goods? Who are responsible for payment in Hong Kong?
    Moreover, if they want us to do the visits, as least they have to give us clear guidelines. Some companies will call me for briefing. Sometimes I go to their offices to attend the briefing.
    Another point is, most companies ask me to record the conversation between me and the staff. However, when I asked ISC if I need to do so, they were scared and they asked me NOT TO RECORD ANYTHING because they were afraid that the staff would know your identity.

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  • 8y
    8 Years & Counting May 01, 2015

    I was asked to do a shop recently and was offered a specific amount of money, then due to supposed mistakes made by the Field Associate, they reduced that amount. I was told that there was no way of giving me the agreed upon amount as the company would not allow it. The very next day, the same shop at the same store was listed requiring a male shopper and offering more than what I was even originally offered (not only unethical, but flat out dishonesty). I asked what was required in the report and was not given sufficient information yet was assigned the shop anyways. When it came to writing the report, the requirements involved excessive narratives (totally not worth the money being offered). A few days later, the company claimed "system problems" and asked me to submit my report again. During this time, the same Field Associate assigned me another shop that she then retracted after the visit was done because she didn't realize that another Associate had already assigned it. They have no issues with wasting other people's time and energy with no compensation. I have no confidence they ever intended to pay me a dime for this shop so I did not submit the second time. I have worked for over 15 other mystery shopping companies over the last 8 years and will not be dealing with this company again. There are legitimate companies out there that treat their independent contractors professionally...International Service Check is not one of them.

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  • Li
    LidiaC Jun 09, 2015

    This whole topic is very suspicious... at least.
    Is this really scam report or maybe a bad publicity done by people from competing companies?

    First of all ISC is an European company and I believe most of its business is in Europe.
    Why there are no complaints here from Europe?
    Complains mostly come from U.S. and Australia. Aren't there HQs of other big international MS companies?
    Wouldn't they be interested to stop ISC entering their markets, making some bad publicity in the Internet?
    People are anonymous, everyone can say anything, scam not scam... whatever.
    I know it's speculation but this thread should be flooded with complaints from Europe if the company is really fraudulent, isn't it?

    Secondly, I read somewhere, that they have more than half a million shoppers worldwide and do several hundred thousand shops anally for many years already. Fraudulent companies don't last so long... or maybe somebody can give an example of the opposite?
    Also half a million shoppers is like a big city. It shouldn't be few complaints like here, but thousands at least...
    Few complaints out of hundred of thousands people, makes this a nearly perfect company.

    The whole thread is fishy in my opinion.

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  • Ed
    Edzmedz Jul 07, 2015

    I am the one who posted the second comment from the top (in 2011, boy time flies by quickly!). @ Lydiac I can assure you that's what happened to me! You want me to post my user ID? I am not from Australia, I am in Lebanon and I don't think they have a competitor here anyway, as its a small market.
    Maybe the middle man took the money that was intended for me, who knows, but that is not my problem that's the company's duty to insure their checkers don't get scammed. And no one seemed to be responsible for payments, everyone I emailed said they didn't know who was. The company itself is real, because those working at McDonald's expect our visits. Even today if I happen to be alone around noon at a McDonald's, they suspect I am there to check lol and start being overly nice and fast! I sometimes toy around with them and hold out my watch to make them think that it is the case haha, but then assure them I am not who they are waiting for...It is just I feel they are using people for free to do their work!
    Anyway, the people that spoke to me on the phone back then sounded Indian, and most probably from a call center located in India because you could tell from the weird distant sound. They spoke to me in English too. Only once was I put in contact with a Lebanese woman, I think that was for assessing my first report..Like I said I completed about 4 checks and my reports were all rated highly so I was eligible for payment, but never got anything...My completed checks were for a while displayed on their website in my account, but now if I log in they have all been removed as if I never did anything. I guess they time out after a year or so?
    I did it when I was jobless just to pass time, but it is seriously a waste of time. I must have eaten more burgers that week than I have eaten in years !
    Good luck anyway, your experience hopefully will be different, just stay alert! Do it a few times and wait to get paid first before you do more checks, that's all I ask of you! Take care.

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  • Ra
    Rajneesh Kumar Gobin Sep 01, 2015

    I been working as service check since almost 6 months now and each time i get paid from ISC.

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  • Sa
    Salman Munir Sep 12, 2015

    Hi All,
    M from pakistan and going to perform my first chect at Mcdonald's branch. Kindly, is there anybody who can send me a rough service check report for a food check like Mcdonalds to get an idea to make my first report errors free. My email contact email is ( [email protected]). I hope it will not be a scam! Thanks...

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  • Sp
    SP1697 Oct 01, 2015

    I have to say I agree with both sides on here. I have been with ISC for a couple of years now doing a variety of mystery shopping work - some very highly paid specialist jobs, others just nominal report shop fees for restaurants mainly. I had a reasonably good relationship with them only in as much as I got offered work when it came up and was informed about it by email directly to my account, which is how it should have been when they had no job board of their own to select work from. I was always suspicious of their 'hands off we never want to talk to you directly' approach, which I loathed. Nevertheless I perservered all the time that I was offered work, particularly when some of it was highly paid work, which has now dried up in the past year or so. Now, I am quite angry with this company more recently because they no longer contact me directly about any work that becomes available and instead just post jobs up on a facebook myster shopping discussion page, which means that I was and probably never was appreciated as an existing supplier and now I have to compete for that work with people who have not even signed up to their company. How can you build a good supplier to client relationship like that? Now I have just stopped using them altogether and have closed my account with them. I suggest that you do the same if you have similar issues. Companies that bypass their own existing registered suppliers to advertise jobs directly on facebook discussion groups do not deserve the support of the best shoppers around and should not get it either. Bel

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  • La
    Larry Milam Dec 16, 2015

    I just got my first assignment from this scam. I was emailed one evening and told they were in dire need for a check at coaches in the mall. I accepted and going on her information I drove 75 miles round trip, Performed the shop and returned home, all the while fighting Christmas rush. I finished my report and sent it in on time.
    The next morning I received a thank you email for accepting and finishing the shop for them. I was to be paid 65.00 for this emergency shop. About three hours later I received another email informing me that my report was insufficient and I would not be paid. It said that I had shopped the wrong item, although there was no mention of the item I was assigned, I have written them emails asking for clarification and received no replies. In my book this make the company a SCAM!

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  • Ro
    RobertMas Jan 08, 2016

    haha you guys crack me right up.

    ISC is a legit company, always has been and always will be. I started working for them in 2013. At first I was suspicious as well. I even read up on threads such as this one and others warning me of them not paying for reports.

    Why oh why, I wondered was this happening. Should I give them a chance or not bother due to all the negative feedback. Well, I decided to be "silly" and just try one shop first and - surprisingly - got paid! Wow! They actually pay. Tried some more, they pay. More, still pay. Here I am now after having completed over 500 checks and I have never been refused payment, yet.

    As far as ISC checks are concerned, I love them. I've had some minor disagreements in the past with them, sure, but if your contact person is awesome, it can all be solved. So, as someone above mentioned, yes, it might well depend on where you live. ISC is the biggest in Europe (esp. Germany-speaking countries, where the headquarters are) and things run quite smoothly over here. I don't know about other parts of the world, though. So there might(!) be problems in Australia/ the USA, etc. but I don't think so.

    So why are there so many people complaining the company isn't legit? At first I had absolutely no clue at all! Then I asked a friend to register. He told me of similar things. Two of his three assignments didn't get paid because of mistakes he made. He reassured me he did everything right and wanted to complain. I had a brief look at his reports he had saved and explained his mistakes. One of them was him ordering 9 Chicken pieces instead of 6 as required. Another was him asking for the receipt instead of waiting for the cashier to offer it to you as he could score one more point. In either case, he thought it was unjustified of them, I still think they were right to reject his report/scoring as him not shopping the location according to the requirements has resulted in the store being rated more negatively than they should have been rated. He's avoiding them now...

    So if you think they were right in rejecting his report, do register and enjoy working with them - you will. If you think they were wrong in doing so, don't bother. You're wasting your own time and theirs as well. Happy Shopping!

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  • Ni
    Nikhat Shaikh Jan 16, 2016

    Hello froud filled in ur company i have been assign for a check for mac donalds check by Salim Jeena she called me and gave me check of mac she was offering me 3 usd i objected n told her to atleast gave 10 usd then ill b doing so she agreed to gave 10 usd along with the bill of what i have eat in mac which told me tht i need to eat medium this particular meal etc etc as per guide lines she then gave me address and location picture of mac donals i need to viset she gave me location pic bec there was 2 mac opp to each other near andheri station so she want to make sure i viset write place alone with address i viseted done my audit sucessfuly then she guided me to log in and fill the form and when i logged in the address was diffrent from what she provided so i contacted her through mail she called me bac and said dnt worry ill confirm tom if its write or wronge and then she said urgent ly go again yes it was wronge so i said c not my mistake i should get paid ill do the audit again but u should pay me for both as its ur mistake she said actulaly its my manager mistake and all she fooled me and then i asked her regular when will get paid for my bill she never paid bac this was loss very bad need u people to do action and reserch on this

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  • Ba
    Bakar2 Mar 18, 2016

    Fraud. Don't even try. They ask you to do assignment like McDonald's and other clothing shops etc and never pay you. They work from India and India had the biggest chain of frauds and scams. The representative called me and asked if I would like to do a visit. When I talked about the payment for earlier jobs he disconnected. I called him again many times but he did not answer. Nor do they answer your phone call. Yet they have the odesity to email you about available shops.

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  • Pa
    Pankaj Panjwani May 04, 2016

    Hello Friends,
    I just want to know what is the remuneration ISC provides for McDonald's Service check. In our case, they will provide 7 USD as remuneration and 6 USD will be reimbursed for the products purchased. I want to know is this the correct remuneration?
    P.S. we live in Doha, Qatar.

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  • Ma
    marymk May 19, 2016

    My opinion about ISC: Not evaluator-friendly approach to work with wage worker. Canceling report due to every little mistake. Waste time and lost money. Most supervisor shows The Big Boss to evaluators. Don't do any business with that company. Count your money and time before ask to make evaluation due to the very low tariff. Trust me: it'll be better to find any other mystery shopping company.

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  • Re
    reto54 May 29, 2016

    Hi folks,
    I work now since 2 years for ISC. I did over 200 checks dor them.
    1. I always got my money.
    2. The company is not transparent. I never got in touch with any correctors etc.
    3. The payment is really very low.
    4. I checked the company by sending two same McDonald's reports concerning 2 different restaurants: One corrector gave me a "very good", the other corrector gave me a "sufficient" for the exactly same report.
    5. It's true, I always had to pay for the purchases. So I always had to hope for a "good" corrector, otherwise I don't get my money back, as the check is not ok.
    6. The coordinators change a lot. They are difficult to reach and some would not give me any open checks.
    FAZIT: Mystery shopping is nice to do and is great for companies...BUT choose a good working checking company. There are a lot of them! With ISC you loose time, money and motivation!

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  • Sa
    Sam Jackson Sep 20, 2016

    I do not agree with the rubbish stated above, I have worked for International Service Check in the UK as a Checker/Mystery Shopper, I am certified as a Shopper/Checker by ISC to perform checks in 3 major international companies and to accomplish this you are supplied with information regarding the company which does include such things as details of their policies regarding dealing with the public and other extremely sensitive information not generally available. This is primarily done in order for the checker to notice even the smallest thing that does not follow company procedure. I have also confidentiality agreements in place, hence the reason I am not identifying the companies. To be quite brutal if someone has not been paid for a particular service check I would suspect that the assignment has not been done correctly. The parameters that you do an assignment in is usually set by the company being checked often to identify whether staff follow company procedure in a certain area. To the person that is claiming not been paid in 11 month, I do not believe anyone would continue working for a company if they have not been paid for 1 month let alone 11, if you did regular assingments for this period without being paid then simply you are an idiot. if you didn't work in the11months then what is it you expect to be paid for ?? watching Daytime TV ???
    On the website where you can log in to see your details or enter results of an assignment, there is a screen that lists in date order ALL of the jobs assigned to you and their current status including whether you have been paid for it and the reason why if you have not. I can guarantee to any person considering work with International Service Check in the UK that they are a legitimate internationally recognised company in the customer care market in many countries, I obviously cannot comment on other countries specifically, but my advice to people in USA would be to double check that you are actually working for International Service Check and not some scam company that has duplicated their website for some reason best known to them, as for the life of me I cannot see what major financial advantage there would be for the real company OR a person who is running a scam by sending a "checker" to a store to purchase something and not pay them or refund any purchase made. in the 8 years + I have worked with this company I can count the number of purchases made as a requirement for the task on my fingers & toes. Whilst I am basing my opinion on how the UK company works, as an international company I am sure that the procedures I have to follow with ICS would be the same worldwide whether you work in Accra, Ghana or Brooklyn or Beverly Hills. didn't notice on here many comments on what you have done to try to resolve so assume it is nothing, so perhaps you might like to try asking the person that is supposedly not paying you for work instead of appearing like an idiot making bold irrational claims of fraud in the internet. I don't know of anyone who has ever been paid money they are legitimately owed by ranting about it here, probably you should think yourself lucky they have not taken legal action against you liable !!!¬

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  • Mi
    Ming Zhang Dec 19, 2016


    Je suis en procès avec cette société, car elle n'est pas enregistré prés d'urssaf. Si vous avez des doutes, vous pouvez téléphoner au URSSAF de votre région pour savoir si cette entreprise est enregistré prés d 'autorité française. Avec mon avocate, cette entreprise n'a pas son adresse et sa représentant en France. Donc, comment établir une fiche de paie sans ces éléments? Pour celui qui dit que l'entreprise règle le paiement correctement, vouiez publier votre fiche de salaire SVP.

    Pour celui qui est déjà victime, merci bien de me porter votre témoignage avec votre pièce identité et des pièces de prouves, pour que je le donne à mon avocat, sinon vous pouvez me téléphoner au Mon avocat est Me Catherine perot, mon car sera jugé à conseil de prud’homme à Nantes en 2017

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  • T2
    T2071454 Feb 09, 2017

    well my friends, seriously all these feed backs, positive and negative give a person a headache, so i decided to try by myself and see what happen, if paid good, if not it will be considered as time pass and in all cases human being must eat, so i will try by myself and come back to you with my opinion, thank you a lot for your feed backs, but at the end and with all my respects, i cannot trust any feedback unless is mine.

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  • Sl
    Slim5000 May 20, 2017

    @T2071454 So, how did it go?
    Did you perhaps keep a copy of the questionnaire you need to fill in - it seems strange that they would only make it available to you after you have been to the store.
    I'm doing my first one next week, so hope you can help me in time.

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  • Na
    Nathalie Malenica Jun 19, 2017

    @Slim5000 Hello,
    Just a newby here and I get the questionnaire before being in the shop. A second mission on perspective ; I'll see if I'll be pay :-) Hope so :-)

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  • Sl
    Slim5000 Jun 19, 2017

    @Nathalie Malenica Thanks Nathalie.
    I decided to recuse myself from these assignments - I think $6 is not enough for the amount of work that is expected.
    Also, they wanted me to do a check in another part of the country, but weren't willing to pay fuel expenses.
    Unfortunately I'm not that crazy about McD's.
    Good luck with your checks - let me know how it goes.

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  • Jo
    Jolanta Gedviliene Jun 20, 2017

    Your Service Check at Lindt & Sprüngli
    I did secret shop up there and I got an answer I do not get paid ???? !!! I had done all what they had asced for !

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  • @Jolanta Gedviliene At INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK, we take every step we can to accept a submitted evaluation. Cancelling a check without payment is time consuming and frustrating for all involved. However, we must adhere to the client’s requirements and in this case, a required purchase was missed. Since the client won’t accept the evaluation without that purchase (as detailed in the shopper documents) we were unable to pay for this particular evaluation.

    In the future, if you ever have a question regarding a check or cancellation of one, please remember that we have multiple ways to contact us. We have a way to send a message straight through our website, you can respond directly to the email that was sent explaining the cancellation or you can email your Field Coordinator.

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  • @Jolanta Gedviliene Also, please remember that the IC agreement signed states that client names are never to be shared with anyone at all, that includes social forums, such as this one.

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  • Vi
    Vicky Walker Oct 18, 2017

    I registered with International Service Check and was asked to do four check at one shopping centre. They have rejected two checks for ridiculous reasons. One that it was done on the wrong day (I told them which day I'd be at the shopping centre and they allocated me this shop and the other was because II was supposed to have asked the staff about a woman's bag but this was a men's bag and coat shop. They refuse to engage in a dialogue and reply when I've politely asked to speak to their Line Manager. This is in the UK.

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  • Iv
    ivar12 Apr 25, 2018

    In Russia, employees are not paid salaries. No one says anything. Help. They haven't paid for six months.

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  • Br
    Brian Sluga May 23, 2018

    Earlier this year I performed Service Check nº 55910/6/8177975 at Vacheron Constantin 1749 Post Oak Blvd Houston, Texas on the Jan 24 2018. I have not been paid. I have done many many shop assignments for various company's that have paid promptly. I had answered Ann the questions on the report. I deserve to have payment. Actually as long as it has been I deserve more compensation. They really don't know how important their shoppers can be. My voice will be heard by many.

    Most unfortunate that they refuse to pay. Beware of this deadbeat company.

    Please help,

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  • Ya
    yasser467 Jun 04, 2018

    I certify that ISC is very respectable company and they are paying in time, I used to work with them for two years and never let me down, once your report is OK and exactly follow the check guideline you must be paid in time without any delay, I believe those complaint from unqualified checkers whom not follow the guidelines and spoil the checks,
    and even the writing here of clients name is not as per the rules you approved and signed for with them .

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  • Ma
    Markgold Jun 28, 2018

    I have completed 3 evaluations for them and have had to contact them several times and pretty much beg for my payment, every time. Waited over 10 weeks for my last wonder they are always desperate for shoppers!

    They also promised me "bonus" and then never paid it..I finally just gave up. Overall a bad experience and more of a scam than a straight forward mystery shopping company. Just don't waste your time with them.

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