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C Dec 10, 2018
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Jay Soles [protected]

I first talked to one of their support members or reps thru a chat, because I was intrigued at first and wanted to know more, and she was actually a very informative, supportive, intellectual. I just wanted to let you know that you seem to have acquired a great team together and to actually help those that need it. Her "American" English was extremely good for someone being from the UK, which is something that would help a conversation with someone like myself from the U.S., make the conversation more fluid for the customer.

I was very skeptical at first about this Raikov thing that I stumbled upon through Twitter, and figured out what that was all about. Even though I might not personally need or get the help thru that program, it's good to know that there are still people out there that want to help others. I just wanted to say that whatever your first goal was that you focused on, you obviously fulfilled and you created a great company. The website seems to be informative, easily guidable, and glad there's something out there like this. Although I'm from the US as stated before and you're based in the UK, I wish there were more things like this out there that are cut and clear and to the point.

Should maybe think about branching something out to the US because there are A LOT of people that could use this type of help, instead of going to a "therapist" that could care less about their problems or "psychologist", not that they are all like that, but I believe the majority are just doing it for the money. At first, they may have been more focused on actually helping people with their problems, as they get older and their job is the same, they become carefree and the focus changes from helping someone to "I just want my check".

I'm so glad I came across the Inspire3 Team and have enjoyed having the conversations we've had. They are the nicest, intelligent, informative, and fun "team" or company I have recently come across in a LONG time. And I'm from the U.S., so that's most definitely saying something. If you go thru the programs as you're supposed to, whether it be listening or reading, you will surely become a more positive person along with being at peace with oneself, both mind and spirit. They have so many different options for you to choose from so it's not like you have to buy EVERY single thing. You can choose things to help you sleep, relax, focus and concentrate, help with your physical body and personal problems, love life and relationships, make you more of an intellect, solve your depression problems, build certain skills, become more athletic, learn how to be more professional and business-like, and tons more.

I've personally even researched and looked into the science behind these products. Personally, I know the brain well and how it works, won't say any more than that, but they really do work. The way their site explains everything is just as it is, it's clear and cut and doesn't try to BS their way to just making money. This company actually wants to help people, both old and young, there's no discrimination. I highly recommend this company and their team behind it and the products they use and support.

This is all for your company and as stated before, just want to help your company out because I believe in the same thing y'all are trying to achieve and don't want anything back. Just wish the U.S. had more people like this or a company that truly wants to help people out instead of being money grubbers.

raikov effect


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Inspire3's response · Dec 12, 2018

    **The customer gave us the permission to post on his behalf **

    Hi, just a word of thanks to Karl for Subliminal Guru. the absolute best website on the planet for helping me and millions of others. May God give you all your wishes. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    Customer service has been excellent and very efficient. Thanks!

    - Baldev Banwait

  • Inspire3's response · Dec 12, 2018

    **The customer gave us the permission to post on his behalf **

    I managed to get thru two weeks of Level 4, back in October. Whether you recall what happened to me, I did try again today Level 4, a favorite of mine too. It happened again yet in a different way.

    It seems to rocket me into this extraordinary dimension with another. It was so exhilarating, I ate a snack & zonked.

    So my instincts say to move onto Level 5. Deeper into my subconscious I am brave enough to go. Praying I can handle this connection I making and I believe I will be okay.

    More to be revealed.

    -Teresa a.k.a Teri

  • Inspire3's response · Dec 12, 2018

    Arlene, Christer, Michael even Lee are all excellent I'm everything they do. Thank you all for your support & encouragement.

    -Teri on the Texas Mexico border

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