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Dear sir, I have cancelled my indigo flight booking from VTZ to MAA to VTZ with pnr: U1ZHPL. I have paid Rs.4337/-as charges and I got credit amount of only Rs.1237/-after cancellation.Indigo never mentioned cancellation charges as Rs.1500/ in my ticket they have sent.
Also in cancellation intimation mail the charges are mentioned as Rs.1000/-per sector.But when I contacted customer care Mr.Jaspreeth singh says the charges are 1500.Please clarify and do justice to me Why they mentioned cancellation charges are Rs.1000/per sector in the cancellation mail they sent me but charged me 1500 per sector?Please look in to the matter at the earliest.Sending copies of ticket and cancellation mail.Thanking you.Sincerely---Dr.K.Siva Kumar.cell no.[protected].[protected]

Dr.K.Siva kumar.

Cancellation charges
Cancellation charges

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