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IGS Energy Customer Service


IGS Energy Inc.

6100 Emerald Pkwy
United States - 43016-3248

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 995 0992(Residential Customers) 1 0
+1 877 923 4447(Business Customers) 1 0
+1 877 275 8197(Home Services) 1 0
+1 888 974 0114(IGS Solar) 1 0
+1 866 801 9928(IGS Generation) 1 0
+1 877 742 4476(IGS CNG Services) 1 0
+1 614 659 5000(Head Office) 1 0
+1 614 659 5068(Head Office) 1 0

IGS Energy Complaints & Reviews

IGS Energy / door to door soliciting

JesseHeckman1 on Jun 28, 2018

Two ladies came to the door and stated they wanted to look at my electric bill to ensure I wasnt being charged by an out of state electric company. I told them No thanks we are good. They rebuttled like telemarketers but only in person. They are going door to door to get people to show...

IGS Energy / Unauthorized Charges

jenb31 on Feb 22, 2015

IGS Energy is using a cancelled, forged contract to charge me for gas services. In October 2013 a service agreement was forged to charge me using a company name of BLUE SPRUCE ENERGY on my PGE bill. When I noticed the charges I cancelled their services in January of 2014, and was never...

IGS Energy / Unauthorized sign up/refusal to cancel

DTPaule on Jan 2, 2015

IGS stated they sent an option out letter to me requiring me to return to them if I did not want them to be my carrier for gas. I never received such a letter. On Oct 27, 2014 I received a post card from Columbia Gas stating my carrier choice change. I called columbia Gas and said I did no...

IGS Energy / Unauthorized signup

Mr. Jac on Dec 3, 2014

Received a note from AEP that IGS was taking over as my electric supplier per my request. I was given one week to respond and deny, not to affirm. I only check mail once a month, so now I have a problem that should not be. I am inquiring as to who made the change. It was not authorized by...

IGS Energy / unaurhorized sign up

keith hague on Apr 3, 2013

I am writing on my eldery father, after setting up my father with a company to save him on his electric bill, these prople called him and by talking to him and enrolling him with their company. when he can hardly hear on the phone. he is not only hard of hearing but he has to have time to...

IGS Energy / Harrassment

Annoyed2435 on Mar 4, 2013

Earlier this year we had some girl from IGS call our office EVERY day (sometimes twice a day!). She did this for 3 weeks. Thankfully our office is set up to go right to voicemail unless you know the extensions. Usually we could never understand what her number was because the boiler room...

IGS Energy / solicators bad manners


A door to door solicator rang my doorbells. She told me that she worked for IGS Energy and said she could get me lower gas prices than what I currently pay with People's Gas. She asked to see my current bill and I told her thank you but no. She then went on to ask me why. I told her I...

IGS Energy / Does not pay employees

v griffin on Dec 23, 2011

I was hired by a representative of this company named Andre Cooper working out of the Platinum office in Oak Forest Illinois. I really thought it would be a great opportunity to earn some extra cash, but apparently I was wrong. I got sick and was admitted to the hospital. When I wa...

IGS Energy / I hope this saves you making the same mistake

Kinarone on Jun 28, 2011

I hope this saves you making the same mistake. IGS Energy called in June when I was heating my pool with a therm rate of $1.3999 compared to my local company, NIPSCO's, rate of $1.85. No extra fees, no cancellation cost, no service charge, no contract, I figured I could keep an eye on...

Accent Energy / Unexplained Charges


We have an RV park with 6 meters in close proximity. We have a fixed rate plan for 11cts/KwH. However, TDSP charges are outrageous and sometimes even higher than the power charges. The lady at the [email protected] told me, that TDSP charges vary depending on the meter. However, this is NOT...

Accent Energy / Bad service


Accent Energy called me. Gave me a great quote, fixed for 2 years at a set price, no extra fees except standard taxes, etc. Compared billing to Reliant Energy/Centerpoint Energy. It would be cheaper! This was Sept 2008. I suckered into it, first bill great, 2nd bill-great, 3rd bill (watch...

IGS / fraud, unkept promises, etc!


Where to begin? We were doing a refinance on our home. We, too, lost our 4.875 through no fault of our own, without warning, and were given a 5.25, take it or leave it. Long story as to the internal complications which they finally revealed. We moved forward, but with ongoing extensive...

IGS / Fraud


After reading the numerous complaints on this website, I now know why Sean Regan at IGS is not returning my calls. I too signed loan docs back on May 25, and have not heard a peep from IGS. Based on other people experiences, I think I am also a victim of fraud. I am willing to join a cla...

IGS / Fraudulent Refinance

We too were approved, qualified and locked at 4.375 at approximately 2.5 pts. We signed our docs on 5/15/09. I called two weeks after to see why our account had not received the cash out funds, we could not get hold of anyone on the contact phone number. When we finally got hold of a...

IGS Energy / Gas Billing


I kept calling for the last 4 months or more inquiring why my gas bill was so high and they kept informing me that they are lower and guaranteed lower than NICOR GAS. After a few months and I am still struggling to understand why I was getting billed this much so I researched the internet...