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Complaints & Reviews

parts not shipping

I order a part from them and after working with them for 8 weeks now I still have not received the part. At first the part was on back order. Then I was told the part was in there warehouse. At last call the part was in there warehouse for 3 weeks now. They told me there was nothing they could do to speed up the process and they had no contact information for the warehouse. I asked for there manager and he told me my part could ship tomorrow or 3 weeks from now that they could not give me a date. I asked if I could cancel my order and order via some other company but was told that I still may be charged for the part if it ships even if I cancel my order. I am very unhappy with this company. I feel sorry for the people that may order 5 year warranties on products due to the fact that it may take 6-15 weeks for there product to get fixed due to parts not shipping.

Awful experience

We placed an order for Nordic Track Treadmill #A2350. As you can see we were shipped a Pro-Form 5.5 Cross Trainer, which is being discontinued. Our experience with Nordic Track was a horrible experience, starting with the missing bracket, key to start a machine and ripped manual.

Talking with your Billing and Returns department was worthless. They want us to repackage the machine and cart it back up from our basement, even after I told the department manager that we are an elderly couple and could not do that. She of course offered a complete reimbursement of our money or the correct treadmill to be shipped if we comply with her request. I on the other hand would liked Nordic Track to come and pick up the treadmill and bring us the correct one and place it in our basement. That request fell on deaf ears. She then proceeded to offer a 10% discount on the discontinued treadmill that was sent. I told he that hardly seemed fair considering that model is not be made anymore and will probably be discounted more than 30%, so she upped the offer to 15%. Since you guys at Nordic Track have us between a rock and a hard place, I had no recourse, but to accept that offer.

So now we have a treadmill that is being discontinued by Nordic Track instead of the #A2350 Nordic Track Treadmill that we ordered.

We have worked in big business and if you make a good product you stand behind it and if you screw up you don’t make your customers suffer for your lack of attention to details. Customer Focus Training might be helpful for your company. We feel you have inadequately served us in this whole mess.

Lack of response - extended warranty

My treadmill has a problem - the belt is slipping. I placed a complaint call end of August, 2009. I have placed five calls so far (each time waiting for an extended period on the phone to get the response). Here is a sequence of calls.

Call 1 - Last week of August - placed a call stating that my Nordic trac tread mill isn't working

Call 2 - Around second week of September - called to find out the status. I was told that the parts are being shipped

Call 3 - Since I didn't receive the parts - I called a week later. I was told that UPS had delivered the parts and left it at the front door. the operator was rude

Call 4 - Immediately, i called again hoping to get another operator. he checked the order and came to the conclusion that it was delivered to a wrong address in my town. This address had no similarity with my address (which is in your computer system). The operator promised me that they will be expediting the parts

Call 5 - September 28 - i called to find out why parts haven't arrived. I was told today that the parts are not available (for the brand new Nordic track treadmill) and will be available on October 19th - what a joke. My question was what was then shipped to the wrong address and what was the operator expediting - is this all a lie.

In essence, i have called 5 times (so far) and the problem is not fixed.

Customer abuse

I wish to complain about the poor customer service of UTS. We own a NordicTrack treadmill and all I want to know is where to find an approved repair service for our machine. I do not believe it is under the service contract at this time, however, it would be appreciated if UTS representatives would be courteous and not leave me indefinitely on hold or cut me off while on the phone.

I have called UTS 6 times this evening, have waited ON HOLD for about TWO hours, and have even left my number for them to call me--which someone did, but then put me on hold again and then cut off after so long a time lapse.

The last time I called this evening, after the long period on hold (and thinking I would actually GET someone to help me--the company's automated answer was to tell me they were "closed" for the day.

Good ruse!
Get the customer to stay on hold LONG enough and then you can be closed for the rest of the evening and never have to deal with the inquiring phone call!

I find this company, Universal Technical Services, extremely poor in their handling of customer services, very rude in their phone etiqette and

downright DISHONEST in the fact that they actually TELL the customer on the phone that "someone will help you..." and then they cut off the person's call!
This is the poorest excuse for so-called "customer SERVICE" that I have EVER had the misfortune to experience!

SHAME ON YOU, UTS, for being so rude and dishonest! This is not customer service--it's customer abuse!

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    NordicTrack Dec 15, 2009


    My name is Jesse with Nordic Track, I'm sorry for the service you received from UTS. I can offer you assistance with troubleshooting or setting up service for you.

    Please contact me if your still in need of assistance.

    Jesse Y
    [email protected]

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Do not buy extended warranty from Sears

It has been my experience just now not to purchase the extended warranty from Sears when it comes to exercise...

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No reply. No calls. No fax.

Below is not even an explanation. It’s the actual email conversation I had with Icon.

After sending my last response, I sent another email to confirm the information. No reply. No calls. No fax.

Again, I sent another to confirm that they’re going to send the correct ones as they said.

Again, no replies. I just want what I’m due.

ICON Health & Fitness
Customer Service Department
1500 South 1000 West
Logan, UT 84321

  • Nm
    Nmhuntr Feb 01, 2020

    I have had a problem since October with the elevation not working on my Nordictrac elliptical. We have replaced every part. They just sent more parts (repeats of what we already did)!! Paid for a warranty and get no response until I start yelling. It is a hot mess of a company with no concern for the customer.

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