Ici Dulux Eggshel Lchalky Downs 3voc 2010


bought 2 and a half litre of dulux eggshell from derby dulux centre
started painting 13 doors in a bed and breakfast at above address
and later the fumes off the paint were terrible i know from experience
that use paint in well ventilated areas the place was really bad everybody in the place was complaining about the smell .now i know that paint can let off fumes but under new guide lines the v o c content should be to a minimum .now everybody including myself has suffered so now im going to seek compensation off you for the fumes thank you adrian walton ps if i dont here anything within 24 hours i will be taking this further


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    ICI Paints AkzoNobel Sep 19, 2011

    Thankyou Adrian for your comments.

    You are correct in that Dulux Trade products must stay within strict legal guidelines for VOC content, for which all our formulations are compliant. We have a number of Eggshell finish products with varying levels of VOC content for example a Water Based, Low VOC Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell, and a solvent based High VOC Dulux Trade Eggshell suitable for use on trim only. We do recommend only to use our solvent based Dulux Trade Eggshell in well ventilated areas, however we are very concerned about your experience of high odors, especially as you have taken ventilation into consideration on the job. Please could you contact our customer advice centre at your earliest convenience either by calling 08444 817 818 or by email at [email protected], if possible please quote the batch number (which should be found on the lid) so we can confirm the details of the product and batch and are better able to follow up your concerns and take action if necessary.

    Further information on VOC legistation can be found at

    Many Thanks
    Rachel Toolan Dulux Trade Brand Manager Colour.

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