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Purchase of bottom paint

I purchased 2 gallons of bottom paint from iboats. After a couple of weeks it was finally delivered, I...

Returning Useless Boat Prop Almost Impossible

We ordered a replacement propeller from iboats for our outboard ski boat. The propeller we received did not work with our engine. The boat shivered and shimmied as soon as we started the motor. We realized right away that the propeller was wrong for the engine. So we removed the prop, while the boat was still in the water. We put on an old prop instead, and the next day we returned the iboats prop. Iboats refused the return. They sent the propeller back to us, claiming that since the prop had been in the water, it was "used" and therefore unreturnable. But there was no way we could have known it wouldn't work with our engine without putting it in the water. So we called our charge-card company, said we were denying the charge, and sent the prop back to iboats again. Today we found the prop, in its same box, sitting on our porch yet again. So we phoned UPS and they are coming again tomorrow to pick up the prop that nobody wants. We have no intention of ever paying for this prop, since it was wrong from the start. We'll be sending a copy of this message to our charge-card company. We will never again order anything from iboats, because we're having such a tough time getting them to take back a piece of merchandise that simply does not work on our boat. By the way, we have since ordered two other props from another company, and they both work fine.

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    C. Mutka Nov 11, 2010

    I have the same problem and I ordered the prop iboats said I should order - it is the wrong prop and they still will not let me return it because it was in the water for about two minutes. I have a 1987 Mariner 25hp and their website said that the prop was for a Mariner 1984 and newer. Well a 1987 is newer but it is the wrong prop for a 1987. My credit card company - Barclay (VISA) was no help so I'm stuck.
    I'll never again order from iboats.

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    mbp36 Jun 13, 2012

    I ordered wrong part by mistake. Opened box, took out part, saw it was wrong, put it back in box and returned it. Ordered correct part, it's been over 2 weeks and I still don't have it. Right now, I'm down $600, and still don't have my part. Returned the first part over a month ago. Called customer service, stated my case, was told they would inquire about it and call me right back. Since then, there have been no returned calls, and no returned emails. Hands down the worst online shopping experience I have ever been through. I will never buy anything from them and hope these reviews save someone else the aggrevation.

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  • Ib Oct 08, 2013
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    iboats Response- Our Apology-

    On behalf of, I would like to express our sincere apology to these 3 customers for the poor experience they've received. For 2 of the customers who used the propellers prior to returning them, unfortunately, we do not sell used propellers, even if in the water for merely minutes. For those of you who have received something that even looks used, you can understand why we do not allow used item(s) to be returned. As for now, our site shows still shows our return policy that states, all product(s) must be returned in unused condition. As for propellers, we even go a step further to say, “Once the propeller touches the water, it is considered used and is non-returnable”.

    For the 1 customer who hadn’t received credit and it had been over 2 weeks, we apologize for the delay in returning your funds to your account. As you can understand, we must wait for the product to be returned before we can inspect it and issue credit. Once the product arrives back at our Returns Receiving Warehouse, we typically take less than 10 business days to issue credit. I was unable to find your order to check to see when you were issued credit but, those are our general policies for issuing credit.

    While the explanation above provides some insight into why the situations ended as they did, we do not in any way excuse ourselves from taking responsibility for the poor experience these customers received. Our goal is to treat every customer as a member of the iboats family and we failed in this regard. Again, we express our apologies to these customers and hope we will get another chance to serve them again in the future.

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  • No
    nomotor Jul 13, 2015

    still dont have motor wont return money, I will never deal with this place again! Had to miss 2 days of work on their garuntee it will del today, now Im being told I can drive 110 miles round trip to pick up my motor. Who knew deliverd meant some where in the same state. Wont return money, cant talk to a supervisor. Who knows maybe someday it will show up. lesson learned,

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  • Bo
    bobcamocade215 Jun 23, 2017

    I ordered a bow stop from iBoat but realized right after I placed the order that it was the wrong size. I immediately tried modifying or canceling the order by calling their customer service and lodging an email and return request with them. Since their customer service was closed at that time of night, I immediately called them first thing in the morning. They said they would put in request to swap the part with the right one and notify me later of what to expect. I received an email from the returns department (person who I contacted the night before) and they said it was too late and the part would still ship. I never received a call back from the customer service person despite multiple attempts to reach the same extension. Interestingly the part did not ship till 6PM, which meant they had a full 16 hours to cancel my order or change it. I followed up and asked if they would give me a discount or offer free shipping to order the right part size now that I had to go through the trouble of returning the old item. Zero response! iBoats has terrible customer service! I have now tried for over 2 weeks with daily calls and emails to get a return authorization with no help at all from this company. Worst company I've ever ordered from on the Internet!

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