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10/07/2017 I ordered on line a "free offer" of this product and learned later that I am enrolled in a monthly automatic delivery of the product. The online ad said NOTHING ABOUT A FREE TRIAL NOR ABOUT BEING ENROLLED FOR MONTHLY DELIVERY! I tried to cancel this, and received nothing but a runaround about giving me an extension, or that I must call later this month to cancel and return unused product. I want to cancel NOW.

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Jul 06, 2018 4:21 pm

I got charged 79.95 and 69.95 for some crap diet pills. I gave up tryna get a refund but saw this book on a review site, its not free but its cheap so i think you should check it out

Jan 23, 2018 12:37 pm

I had same experience. I ordered two free trial products and paid about u$15 shipping fee. later I found my credit card was charged u$221 for these two products. I called the office and was told that since I did not call them within 14 days after I ordered the trial products, I am automatically enrolled to monthly purchase of their products and I have to pay the trial products which was free only when I ordered... it is ridiculous! when I ordered the trial products online, I never saw any notification about calling them within 14 days, otherwise you will be automatically enrolled monthly purchase and have to pay the trial products. it is a scummy company! do not try anything of them! after arguments over the phone, they agreed to refund 70% of the u$221 charged. I just paid u$66 for leaning a lesson!

Oct 24, 2017 3:00 pm
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I also fell for this "free trial" scam. I was supposed to receive Niuvella anti-aging serum and Allumiere skin cream. They emailed a confirmation of shipment with a UPS tracking #. From UPS it was supposedly sent to USPS. After calling them both no one could locate the package. After calling Hydra Skin Solutions several times and speaking to several different representatives AND their "supervisors (?)" about not receiving the products, I was told that shipping & handling could not be refunded. HUH? They finally agreed to send a replacement shipment free of charge but they only replaced 1 of the products - even though the box had cutouts for 2 products. Still they refused to refund the S&H for the missing product. I was offered another shipment for half price ($59 + S&H) for the full month supply. My response was "Are you kidding me? You expect me to absorb the cost for something I didn't get and pay again for the same thing. THEN I discovered they charged me $103 for the cream even though I never got it to try. After another week of haggling with them they agreed to refund the s&h charges and I agreed to return the serum unopened and cancelled the account. THIS IS ONE SCUMMY COMPANY SO DON'T DO IT!

Oct 24, 2017 3:08 pm
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Oh yes, they did refund the $103 and closed that account. Each product is on a separate account.


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