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I recieved a phone call from them about a month ago. I had missed the call so I called them back, and they told me I had an unpaid emergency room bill, which I did. I asked them if I could pay a monthly payment out of my debit card each month and the woman told me no that I had to pay it all at once. I told her well give me a week, and I will try to pay. The lady got very rude with me and wanted to know why I couldnt pay it right then and there. I told her I couldnt afford to pay it all up front right then and there, and it would be better for me to make a monthly payment. She said I couldnt do that again. So I told her that give me a week and I will call back and see what I can do. A week went by, and I called them as promised. A different lady asked me if I was going to pay the balance off today, and I said that I could only afford twenty dollars right then and that I would pay the balance off within two weeks. She hesitantly said I could do that but she gave me this warning. "Well, I will take your twenty dollars but I cannot assure you that we will not push forward and that it might be sent to court. I told her that I was going to pay the rest of it in two weeks, and she said to me that she still couldnt assure me that it would not press forward." I still paid the twenty dollars. Today as promised I called and paid the balance off and requested that they send something in the mail stating that I paid it in full and she refused. I dont understand that. How can a business refuse to send something in the mail like that?? This whole experience with them has been nauseating because they have all been very rude.


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      Dec 06, 2012

    Welcome to collections world.

    The mistake you did was you are too honest and have the same expectation on NAZI collectors. It doesn't work like that. These idiot scammers lie if their mouth is moving. For instance they cannot yuo can of course make payment arrangements and no one can take you to court while you are agreeing to payoff in two weeks. But just like the police who talk from a self elevated position when they demand to search you (that's illegal) to make you think you have to comply because they are counting on you not being informed of your rights, debt collectors do the same - they are counting on you not knowing your rights.

    Even as a debtor you have rights per federal fair debt collection practices act (FDCPA). First demand a validation of debt and an offer of settlement before you agree to anything. They will threaten court and all. Let them. Tell them no VOD no payment. You must have something showing the debt amount.

    The offer of settlement states you pay x and "the debt paid in full" <-- very important key words must be included. Then pay by check or money order only and keep the cashed copy/MO tab stapled to the settlement offer letter for life. They sell off your debt to other scam collectors and then it's the same story again.

    What you do is write them a CMRRR letter, state your debt was paid in full on xx date. Be return you are demanding a letter stating the debt was paid of in full within x days. By regular mail copy that letter to your state AG, FTC, CFPB, your local police, a local TV station to investigate and anyone else of authority. Meanwhile keep a copy of the payoff transaction safely and anything else relating to this debt, for life.

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