Hong Leong Bankpoor customer service at pending branch, kuching


On 19 October 2017 around 1.30 pm, I requested to access to my safe deposit box. The lady staff in charge named Suh Fen was not around, probably went to lunch. One of the lady staff called a male staff named Philip to call someone from the office to attend to my request. It took awhile until an elderly male staff (in his 50's). He showed me long face, did not say a word then slammed the slips and pen in front of me and disappeared into the office. I did not get his name because he was not wearing name tag.

After filing the slip, I waited for awhile again and he appeared, not even eye contact with me. Another mother daughter approached the safe deposit counter and the grumpy male staff did not bother to look at them either. After a while he asked the mother daughter in a rude manner in BM "Apa lu mau?" I saw the daughter's shocking expression.

On 26 October 2017, around 9.30 am I went to the bank again and I met Suh Fen. I wanted to ask her how am I going to pay the safe deposit box rental at the same time highlight the grumpy male staff to her. To my disappointment, she asked me "What did I say last year?" with her innocent look. The way she asked question was like a teacher asking pupil. This is really unprofessional.

If they are not happy with the management or what so ever reasons it might be, please don't release their anger towards customers. Might as well resign from HLB as they are lots of young graduates seeking for jobs out there.

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