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In September (I think)but at least 1 month ago, I have done a Online redemption for 2 Giant Vouchers.
I remember calling at least 3times enquring about the undelivered items and each time your Call centre staff would tell me its still in the midst of processing and I should get it soon..
As it is only 2 Giant Vouchers worth Rm50 each, I did not follow up until I am hit with other products problem I have with Hlbb and while calling Call centre trying to resolve my Touch & Go Zing card problem and my inability to log into my online banking account would I remind and check on the undelivered vouchers again.
Something is not right in your follow up process both in Rewards redemption and Touch &Go Zing card activation.I really give up .While as at yesterday after raising my voice with your Call centre staff a lady Supervisor MsJacklyn called me and try tohelp me. She is the only staff in Hong Leong working I think. While my other problems with Hlbb is almost solved my Touch & Go Zing card cannot be used and has caused so much inconveniences to me causing jam at the toll plaza ( despite calling to get guidances from your Call centres the instructions given does not work).I give up in you Hlbb.

I am a loyal Hong Leong Bank customer since your Hong Leong Finance days way back in 1984 meaning your customer for 33years with Mortgage Loan, previous HP loan, Credit cards, FixedDeposits, Savings & Current account with you.

I am old now and don't have the energy . I work best with e-mails which I will definitely reply if I have gotten from you but financial institutions prefer to call us retirees at hours that we may be walking, driving or traveling not in Msia. Our hearing is not good and as such please email or sms me. You may says its not our company policy to do that but then how can you claimed to be the best in Msia if you dont listen to your customer but only react in selective cases and selective listening
So much being said..Its up to you Hong Leong Bank...Kiv my email you can choose.I take the time initiative to write to you do remember. People that don't writein officially will bad mouth Hlbb to at least 10ppl which multiply...You should know.
Signing off,
Melissa Yew Mee Siew

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