Honda Financial Servicesimpossible to deal with.


We purchased a Honda Fit Sport early this summer from Honda Mission Valley in San Diego. We love the car and the Dealership was a pleasure to deal with. We have excellent credit (in the 800's) and are never late on payments and Honda Finance Department knows that but still treats us like criminals. For an unknown reason their bank keeps kicking back our online payments and they won't talk to us to help us figure out why. We didn't see it at first and became delinquent 25 days so our calls are automatically transferred to the Delinquent Department and both my husband and I have never been treated with surprising rudeness. They are impossible to deal with, won't listen and treat us like we are lying. I am sure in these times they have to deal with a lot of that but it would be easy for them to very quickly see this is not the case. We've been to our bank and also redone the page a few times to assure everything is the same as the number and address Honda Financial Services gave us and they are. In a two minute call they should be able to identify the issue. Their bank gives us no reason for the kick back which happens every month and we end up resorting to paying by phone. This last time we mailed a double payment by mail and it's been a week and still isn't showing it's paid, so we are back with the Delinquent Department again. Yesterday they refused to talk to me until I paid by phone and they wanted me to cancel the double check payment I sent them a week ago! They wouldn't even check with their own processing department to see if they had the payment... wouldn't listen to me and the treatment was like a mean school teacher shaking her finger at a child. At the time I was in the office of our Dealerships Finance Director. I watched him make at least 20 calls to try and straighten it out and he couldn't get anyone on the line to help him either and he witnessed the poor treatment they gave me. It doesn't appear he is willing or has the power to fix it but we will see. We are both competent capable people, in fact my husband is an effective Mitigation and Mediation Manager and he couldn't get anywhere either. It is going into the sixth month of trying to resolve what should be a minor issue and we are so frustrated we are going to go to our credit union and pay it off early so we don't have to deal with Honda Financial Services because we don't know what else we can do. We are really trying and they are impossible.


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    fedupwithhonda Feb 08, 2010

    Right now the economy is doing very bad. It's tough to find a good job, and than many of us are losing hours in our jobs. My income has decreased by almost 30% since last year. But, unfortunately, I still have to pay Honda $540 a month and my auto insurance $300 a month. Thats more than $800 a month for the damn car!

    yet, inspite of earning only about $1400 a month right now, I'm still paying Honda my obligations. I'm also paying $400 a month in rent, which means I'm barely getting by. I only eat 2 meals a day, I just can't afford to eat 3 times anymore

    Muhattma Ghandi once said. "if fine clothes provokes poverty, burn it"

    LIsten to Ghandi! He's giving us another option! Thats another option you guys have. "if a fine car provokes poverty, return it!"

    declare bankruptcy---and get the loan canceled out (us taxpayers will wind up fitting the bill---but dont feel bad, us taxpayer money has already helped lehman, bank of america, wamu, and hundred of other "fat cats")

    and start a new life!

    good luck!

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    Yandy G Feb 25, 2011

    I have been with Honda for 5 years now, had a care returned it and got another lease. late last year for the first time I was more than 30 days late on my payment due to the fact I lost my mother and I had to pay for her funeral. I explain this to Honda and I paid them within 40 days late, they still reported me to the Credit Bureau. I graduated college not too long ago and now I'm trying to purchase a home, this negative remark on my Credit looks bad, I tried talking to them but they refused to take it off or do anything about it. All I'm saying is show some compassion to your loyal customer, needless to say, this will be my last Honda purchase. I've learned from this experience.

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