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The Original Homeschool Stockroomnever got any of what I paid for

We ordered from them aug.19, 2013 and they took the money within 24hrs. from our account but after a month trying to call to get an update on when to exspect books, know one would answer the phone- so left detailed message with know one returning calls-then sent detailed emails with the same results = now after 9wks of trying to get in contact with them over taking our money and not getting the product we paid for, we are now going to everything to get the money back so we can order our son schooling. Losing $236.00 is not a option we dont have anymore money to order again from some where else. We even tried to get a number off there web site for a refund [protected] it is disconnected WOW WE HAVE ORDERED FROM THEM BEFORE AND COULD ALWAYS GET IN TOUCH WITH SOMEONE-YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN SOMEONE IS GOING TO GO BAD IT TAKES A REAL DEVIL TO STEAL FROM HARD WORKING FAMILYS AND HENDER A CHILDS LEARNING- SUSAN MORGAN -WILL BE GOING TO JAIL FOR STEALING FROM US- SHE HAS NO SHAME !!!

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    • Tb
      tbentley May 30, 2014

      did you ever get any results from BBB or anyone on how to pursue getting money back? thanks

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    Homeschool Stockroom Fraud

    I ordered my daughter a 3rd grade package in December. Our credit card was immediately charged for $355. The 4-6 week shipping period came and passed and still no product. My husband called and reached a voicemail that said phones were out intermittently and that a representative would get back to us soon. No call. I called and left a firmer message, still no reply. It's now February. Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me that there would be a home-school rip-off site before I ordered, so I didn't research. I won't make that mistake again. Luckily my credit card company reversed the charges but from the looks of the reviews, many people have lost their money.

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      Homeschoolstockroom.comThey will take your money and run

      If you are thinking of doing business with this company, DON'T. This place will rip you off. Check their better business rating it's scary...They will take your money and run. Bad, Bad customer service.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Homeschool Stockroom Did not receive all of my curriculum.

        I paid in full $368.00, was promised it would arrive in multiple shipments. Within a week of each other. Called them and was told the second package was damaged. Was told another would be mailed out. Two months went by, still no package! Was given every reason why it hadn't arrived. I only was able to talk to one person, who said her name was Mary then Jami. When she ran out of excuses, she would connect me to a answering machine. When the number was disconnected, I found there new number and called. The computers are always down after that. Was promised some one would get back with me. Didn't happen! Couple of months went by, finally Mary answered the phone. She took my name and number and never called back. Now she won't answer the phone at all!!! I have since learned of Mardels Store. About 30 minutes away, I can walk in and pay and walk out with my books!!! I will one day meet up with this company one day. And it won't be pretty!! WORD OF ADVICE! Walk in and pay and walk out with books!!

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          • Pa
            Patrick Mudge Oct 15, 2009

            I am very dissatisfied! I placed my order on AUGUST 23 with the website telling me it would take 2-4 weeks for delivery. You didn't hesitate to draft the $390.50 from my account instantly, but I STILL HAVE NOT RECIEVED ALL OF THIS ORDER. Some of it has come and one of the books looks like it was SOAKED in water. I will NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN. Now I am going to get back to the business of tracking down the rest of my books, here on WEEK NUMBER 7 that I am waiting to begin school. I also have to try and get a replacement for this ruined book. I am certain that with the type of customer service I have recieved so far, this will be a JOKE!!!

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          • Dy
            dyrendacollins Sep 14, 2010

            I had tried to purchase two packages from these people. They did not waste any time to recieve their payment on the credit card. However, that was Aug.4. The lady encouraged me that I would recieve my material within 2-4 weeks. It is now Sept.14 and I still have not recieved anything from them. They said I should recieve it this week no later than Wed. Seems like this place of business is either running two months behind schedule or they are scamming all of us..

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          • Tr
            Tressa Gear Jan 25, 2011

            I had ordered for my daughter her complete curriculum
            for grade 11, I was told the product would come in 2 weeks. Since then I have never gotten the product, now that schooling is 1/2 over and we had to purchase AGAIN from another company we wanted our money back. They never answer the phone (obviously they
            have caller id), do not answer e-mails, have complained to Better business bureau... they can do nothing. Have
            contacted a lawyer and small claims... they all suggest we work this out ourselves before taking the next step and sue them... I have tried for 5 months now... they are obviously SOOOOO huge that they do not care if they get a lawsuit for 5000.00...I have now contacted the gov. of NY and will await his response to this scam
            company. I have since learned of others that have been
            scammed. I do not know what complaining about it is
            doing... if it alerts others to the scam homeschool stockroom is working I guess that is all I can hope for.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Home School Stockroomno delivery of product after I paid

          I have ordered from this company for a few years now and had no problems. However, this year in April 2009 I ordered my son's grade 9 package. First, I recieved a call stating that they had sent me the wrong package and to refuse delivery and once it was returned to them they would send the correct one. Having had a good 3-4 year history with them I thought "no problem". Big mistake! I keep calling every few weeks and was told they were investigating it. I kept getting sent to a back order office and no one knew what was going on. Finally, in Oct I had had enough and left a message that if someone didn't respond to me in 2 weeks I would lodge a complaint. Here I am in Dec 09 with no books and guess what? The website doesn't exist anymore but I foundthis one instead. I am soooooo disappointed! I erroneously assumed that people dealing with homeschooling materials including christian curriculum would behave more honorably and not steal from people. As a homeschooling family a committment and investment is made in the education of our children and money is the first thing to take the hit. It's an okay sacrifice because the return on the investment is more than money can supply. It's disheartening to find our circle has been infected by theives and vipers.
          Mary Tench
          Nova Scotia, Canada

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Homeschool Stockroom Consumer Fraud

            I placed an order for the 3rd grade Secular Super Curriculum Package for my daughter on 7/13/09 and it was not a cheap package. My credit card was charged by 7/20/09 for the full amount. I received the partial shipment on 8/27/09, which is 6 weeks later. The include a page in the shipment that says to allow 21 business days for a backordered subject, so I had to wait another 4 weeks to call.

            I called 9/28/09 and they transferred me to the backorder dept voicemail. (NOTE - Last year, I also ordered from them and had to wait 5 to 6 weeks for a backordered subject. But last year, there was no backorder dept voicemail. Whoever answered the phone looked up your order for you.)

            On 9/30/09, the backorder dept called and said she was sending it to the research dept and I would hear something within 48 hours. I asked, "Oct 2, Friday?" She said, "No, Monday, Oct 5th." NO ONE called me back!

            On October 6th or 7th, I called HS and left voicemail msgs for the manager and the backorder dept. I emailed them also.

            Finally, on 10/15/09, I received a phone message from HS stating my literature was shipping that day, on 10/15. I still have that message recorded on my answering machine. So, I again waited a couple of weeks. Bear in mind that it has been a full 3 months since I placed my order.

            I tried calling Homeschool Stockroom the week of Nov 2nd only to discover that their toll free number had been disconnected. I repeatedly called the toll number, [protected], only to get the answering machine. I tried blocking my caller ID info with *67 only to find that they would not accept calls blocking the caller ID info.

            I repeatedly called their number the week of Nov 9th, still only getting the answering machine.

            I didn't know what to do at this point but I knew something needed to be done. I spoke to a Assistant District Attorney for the county they are in and he told me to call the New York Attorney General's Consumer Fraud Division at [protected]. The NY AG was kind enough to mail me a complaint form which I promptly filled out and returned to them. They will mediate the complaint.

            I do not know what will become of this, whether I see my money back or what they will suggest. I do know I will never order from them again and I would encourage others to order elsewhere. I've already ordered the 2 missing books because my daughter is 2 and a half months behind in Math and Grammer.

            This is extremely poor business practices. I have read other complaints online that the Original Homeschool Stockroom's owner has cussed out complaining customers in emails and also called them childish. This is fraud, failure to deliver goods paid for. And the bad thing is that they are getting away with it. More people need to complain to the Attorney General's office. They only care about one thing, getting your money.

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              • Me
                Megan E Henry Jun 06, 2010
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I placed an order for a 4th grade standard, 5th grade standard and a 9th grade standard on 3/12/10 and today is 6/6/10 and I still have two book that I have not received yet. Not to mention the extremely rude customer service dept. who, when I told them maybe I should be dealing with someone in management who might care about the company and understand that customer satisfaction is important, said that they sent copies of our e-mails to management. But it turns out that the address they used is not valid. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and also I would encourage everyone to check in to the Federal Trade Commissions prompt delivery rules. I know that this company is in violation of this rule with my order. I have already filed a complaint there and also with the NY States Attorney Generals office. This company let me know that they wouldn't respond to the BBB when I told them that I was going to file a complaint. This is one of the worst customer service experiences that I have ever had. I have also contacted publishers because a lot of the stuff that I have received is photocopied and unless them have consent they are not allowed to sell photocopies.

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              Homeschool Stockroom Failure to produce product

              I ordered a leased 7th grade package for my son on July 24, 2009 with the anticipation of receiving it in the 2-4 week window posted on their website. My package arrived approximately 8 weeks after my order. Not only was it very long in coming but not complete. I had called several times in the 8 weeks and was told it would be shipped as soon as it was ready. There was a note attached to the paperwork/ invoice that stated the second part of my shipment would arrive by September 11, 2009 - needless to say that date came and went with no delivery. One time the woman who answered the phone transferred me as I was speaking - literally in the middle of a sentence!!! When I called I was put through to the "backorder/multiship" department and had to leave a message for a return call within 2 business days. This was on a Monday. By Thursday I called back and repeated the message for the multiship dept. I called again the following Monday and repeated this procedure. I had a message the next day that I had to wait for the publisher to send them extra books since they ran out. By this time it is almost the end of September. I called twice to speak with management and left messages both times with no return phone call. I sent an email through their website with no return email or call. Now it is December 3, 2009 and still no package. I called yesterday (12/1) and spoke with a woman who was trying to help me but ended up being as ### as the others I have spoken to. I am sick to death of getting the run around from these people. Twice now I have been told I had to wait for the publisher to reprint books. Today I was offered a comparable replacement - why not offer that to me back in September when the original books were backordered? I have now waited OVER 4 months for my order to be complete. I am not a competitor of this company - I manage a used bookstore! If my employees treated customers this way they would be fired that day no questions asked. The company had no problems taking my money back in July but seem to have no qualms about screwing me out of what I paid for. Needless to say, I will never use this company again and will tell everyone and anyone not to use them. I think they are despicable - we are talking about educational materials for children not gadgets or toy or clothes.

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                • Ho
                  Homeschool Mom Dec 14, 2009

                  These people will screw you. If you paid with a credit card I would suggest contacting them and start a dispute with this company. Same exact thing happened to me. I ordered 5-1-09 and just now got my money back 11/09, but unfairly this company still got the money because my credit card company mishandled the case. I wish you all the luck with this as I too know how this can be frustrating to have to deal with. This company needs a dose of reality. What is so bad is that this company will try to make you out to be the bad guy wanting something for nothing when it is them that is getting your hard earned money for nothing.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Homeschool Stockroom Treated very poorly

                The woman at Homeschool Stockroom doesn't want my business. Please read the following.

                After waiting a month for my order, UPS tried to deliver it, and I discovered that Homeschool Stockroom requires UPS to get a signature for delivery. I had ordered home school supplies from two other companies and didn't have to sign for anything. I am not home during the day, so signing was a problem. I talked to UPS but the options they gave me were not agreeable: 1) pay to send my package to a different address on a different day or 2) drive 45 minutes to their place of business to pick up the package.

                Out of frustration, I e-mailed Homeschool Stockroom, told them of the problem I was having and said that they should tell customers that they will have to sign for things.

                Here are the e-mails I got back:

                She wrote: I am willing to bet you did not purchase the same type of materials
                >> elsewhere, did you?? If so where did you purchase from?? If the other
                >> company(s) had the same materials at the same or better prices why did you
                >> not purchase all the materials from them? Doesn't kinda make sense,
                >> anyway...
                >> 99% of our customers LOVE having to sign as it insures their package is
                >> not left out in the rain, stolen or damaged. There is a very small
                >> percentage, such as yourself that does not agree and for that we are
                >> sorry, however it ensures the safety of your package. Also, our packages
                >> do NOT require a signature of a person over the age of 21. Anyone can
                >> sign.
                >> Also if you have a issue with the fees that UPS charges that you contact
                >> them in regards to those issues as we have no control over the fees
                >> imposed by UPS for shipping and/or address changes.
                >> Please let us know if you have any further questions.

                I replied:

                First of all--what wonderful customer service you have! NOT! Where did you
                > get your training? Who is your supervisor. I would like a name and phone
                > number, please. I purchased the rest of my home school curriculum from
                > McGruffy Press, directly, and from Did I say in my
                > e-mail that I purchased items from them for a cheaper price then yours? No,
                > I did not. Their prices were slightly higher on some things (by cents in
                > some instances), and other items you simply did not carry. However, I'm
                > willing to pay extra for: 1) timely delivery (within a week or two) 2)
                > hassle free delivery and 3) excellent customer service that I received from
                > BOTH businesses, unlike what I am getting from you. Again, name and phone
                > number for a supervisor is requested.

                Then I got this e-mail from her:

                THAT WOULD BE MYSELF...OWNER!

                ***** She actually sent a third e-mail with foul language in it, so I'm not posting it.

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                  • Ho
                    Homeschool Mom Oct 08, 2009

                    After reading the way that you were treated with this company makes me question if these are the same BOGUS people that I am dealing with at Both companies are in NY. Homeschool curriculum shop's info is
                    Homeschool Curriculum Shop
                    2604 Elmwood Ave Ste 159
                    Brighton, New York 14618
                    United States
                    [protected] Phone

                    The websites are set up the exact same and they have treated me the same way that homeschoolstockroom has treated you. The ladies (if you could call them that) more like monsters acted in the same manner as what you described.

                    I believe your story and feel that whoever posted how good they are must work for them. People like us need to band together and put people like that out of business and behind bars. It is so sad that monsters like them prey on good people like us. Is it really worth it to steal from others just to make a buck and to sell your soul to the devil??? I think not. Like the saying goes Karma is a ###. What goes around comes around and they will get theirs.

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                  • Ag
                    agrivated mom Oct 14, 2009

                    I also have purchased from Homeschool Stockroom two years in a row. Last year wasn't so bad. But this year, I have only received a partial shipment, and when I call about the rest of my order that has not come in, no one answers or returns my call. I just heard back from them through email and was told NO ONE was going to call me back as it was horrendus that I would be calling and complaining about my order. However, several attempts by email, and phone have gone unanswered. Now I am being told some male caller left yelling and screaming messages. Hmmm...Last I knew, I was a female. I was still told that they wouldn't tell me anything about my order. I feel as though it is close to time to file with my attorney as it is now Nov. and I placed the order in Aug.

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                  • Ro
                    Robertanthony87 Nov 20, 2009

                    Home School Curriculum shop is the same entity.

                    Please review my letter to the NY Attorny general for details of our same issue. They are certainly skilled at evading.

                    NYS Attorney General
                    Consumer Fraud Bureau
                    State Capitol
                    Albany, NY 12224

                    VIA Facsimile

                    Dear Sirs,

                    I am writing to request your involvement in a dispute matter with the Home School Curriculum Shop in Brighton, New York. Their current operations address is 2604 Elmwood Ave, Suite 159, Brighton, New York, 14618. Their list phone number is [protected].

                    In July of this year we purchased full home school curriculum for the grades 7, 9, and 11 via their website, Purchase was made on 7-3-2009.

                    We paid via check for a sum total of $1787.50. Check was mailed via US Mail and was cashed on July 10th.

                    Per the company website orders would be shipped within 4 weeks of check being cashed.

                    On or about August 13th, 2009, at the request of my wife, I made a call to the company via their toll free number to inquire as to when our shipment would arrive as their website was still not showing our order as even processed.

                    I had to call their number about 10 times before a real person would answer the line. They have an answering machine that answers their calls most of the time.

                    Once I was able to connect to a live person I was told that the order should be shipping within a few days as they were very busy with orders. When I pressed them for a tracking number their statement to me was that they could not provide that number because all of their shipments are handled manually and the warehouse does not have the facility to enter the tracking numbers. Tracking numbers are entered manually by their support staff and because they are so busy filling orders, they simply can't keep up with entering the tracking numbers into their computer system. I was then told I would have the order by next Tuesday and if we did not to call them back for further assistance.

                    The order did not arrive on Tuesday. This then started a series of calls from me to them with almost the exact same end as above with each call. I believe I made about 8-10 contacts with them from the period of August 13th and the 28th of August.

                    Finally, on or about August 28th a box arrived from their company. My wife, Sonja signed for the box.

                    Upon opening, the box contained a portion of each curriculum and no packing list. The box also contained a small note called Multiple Shipments. The essence of the note was that our order was coming in additional shipments and they should arrive no later than 9/7/2009. Call them if they do not.

                    Well, they did not arrive.

                    Again, I called them on or about the 8th of September. After many, many attempts, they finally answered the phone. I was told the product was being shipped from multiple locations from around the country and to give it a few more days.

                    After a few more days, on calling them again, I was told the order had arrived in the warehouse and they were in process of sorting it out. The remainder of our order should be shipped within 48 hours.

                    It was at this time I discerned that we would likely never receive the balance of our shipment. I asked them if we could simply be refunded our money for the remainder of the product not shipped I was told "In order to receive a refund, you must ship back to us the entire curriculum in like new condition. At which time, you will receive a full refund." When I told them this was not possible as we have not receive the full curriculum, the woman on the other end of the line laughed at me and said "Well, that's our policy. Ship back the entire curriculum and we will refund your money".

                    At this point, I began to take other routes.

                    I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in New York. Only to find out there have been 15 like complaints with the BBB over the past 12 months. The majority (12) are on delivery issues. Their response to the BBB complaint was that we have in fact received the full order.

                    I filed a complaint with the New York Consumer Protection Bureau with the same net result. They state we have received the order in full. The NYCPB pressed them harder to provide signatures for not only the first shipment but for the other two(2) denoted on the note enclosed in the first box which arrived on the 28th. They were unable to provide signatures to the NYCPB and sent a hand written fax to them stating we are simply trying to gain free materials.

                    I contacted the local police department in Brighton about mid September and spoke to a very nice detective. He promised to call them for us, and he did. He called back the same day I initially spoke with him and his comments to us were that clearly this company has been through this many times. He stated that he too had to call many, many times to simply get them to answer the phone. Among his findings, they knew all the correct legal terms to stonewall the police department and used them. He said there was nothing further that he could do and we must take up the matter in civil court.

                    I have filed a mail fraud case with the United States Post office this past week.

                    I am hoping that your offices will consider getting involved in this matter to assist us.

                    We are only wanting the remainder of what we paid for to be shipped to us immediately or a full refund for the missing books and products. The money we paid to them is a lot for our family and from what I can gather regarding their operations, they are doing this to other families as well and I would like it stopped.

                    I have enclosed the following for your review.

                    Initial Invoice
                    Cashed Check Copy
                    E-Mail Correspondence with their firm
                    List of Product still missing
                    Note Enclosed with shipment that arrived on the 28th of August
                    E-mail from the BBB regarding their status with them along with their response to our complaint
                    Letter and their faxed response to the NYCPB complaint

                    If there is further information you need, please contact me at [protected] which is our florist business. I can also be reached via e-mail at [email protected] or via US mail at Robert Anthony, 26 Broadway, Kissimmee, FL 34741

                    Robert Anthony
                    26 Broadway
                    Kissimmee, FL 34741

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                  • Ti
                    Tim C. Nov 24, 2009

                    Here is another story about the Home School Curriculum Shop in Brighton, NY. On Aug 5th, my wife called and placed an order for a 6th grade and 8th grade full curriculum package. We did this over the phone because we wanted to substitute the 6th grade math and science with 7th grade from our gifted son. We were told that we would receive the product in 4-6 weeks. On Sept 9, we called them up to inquire as to a delivery date. We were told that the product had shipped and should be there in a day or 2. We waited for a week, and called back when nothing arrived and asked for a tracking number. We were then told that the research dept would get back to us with a tracking number. After more days of back and forth, I asked to speak to a supervisor, owner, etc. and was told NO, that the customer service dept. was there to handle these calls. When I told her that she was not doing a very good job of that, the woman told me I was being abusive and hung up on me. At this time I had to call back from a different phone number, since calls from my home and cell were being ignored. When I got thru, I told the lady to cancel my order. She refused and said the order had shipped. I explained that since they had no proof of that, that I was cancelling. She again refused, at which point I informed her that I wold contact my credit card company to initiate a chargeback. Their response to thios was to lie, and claim that we had purchased a download and agreed to terms that stated all sales final, no refunds. They even faked up a web pages and printed a screen shot of it to prove their case. Unfortunately, when my bank/credit card co. received this, they sent a letter to me to respond to, but I never received it. I am now in the process of appealing that, and believe that I will win, but if not, I will sue them to get my money back. These people need to be shut down.

                    And is the same company. I purchased from homeschoolcurriculumshop, but the fake web screen shot ws faked using th homeschoolstockroom web site format.


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                  • Ho
                    Homeschool Mom Dec 14, 2009

                    Does anyone know if we can start a class action lawsuit and how? We need to put a stop to this company and their employees.

                    1 Votes
                  • Yt
                    Ytsu Dec 30, 2009

                    This is something that we are doing. We have applied for membership to all the the Yahoo groups (HOMESCHOOLING) and we are sending e-mail to all the members to stay away from this company.

                    1 Votes
                  • Yt
                    Ytsu Dec 30, 2009

                    This company stole 1, 236 from us. They need to be stopped.

                    1 Votes

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Homeschool Stockroom — Fraud and cheating

                  I purchased curriculum from them on 11/5. They said it takes 10 business day's. On day 11 I called for...

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