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I signed my contract on August 01, 2006 and was told that I would be in my home by Christmas, come 11/1/06 they had yet to start building and blamed it on the rain (which we hadn't had), the county for being slow on issuing the build permit, and on and on! It wasn't until I through a Texas-sized hissy fit did they start building, and then were not building according to the specifications, so it was one battle after another. But finally in late January 2007 I closed on my house. Little did I know that all the hell I went through in the building process was nothing compared to what was coming next. We (me and other buyers) were by Holiday that they were going to build a park, the neighborhood would be expanded to cover a certain area, etc. I was also told that I was purchasing an Energy Star Certified home -- which after closing I was told by Holiday "oops -- that was a mistake we hadn't started that program yet". Again after throwing a Texas-sized hissy fit low-and-behold I look up one day and there was a certificate stating that my home had some how miraculously become an Energy Star Certified! Still, I did not know that the worst was yet to come. 2 months after moving into my home I noticed that they were selling the model homes. Mind you my community was not even 40% complete. The next thing I know I find out that Holiday and contacted Habit for Humanity and sold them ALL their unsold lots at less than half-price and had pulled out of the community. Our houses WERE and I stress WERE valued in the 150, 000's and up with the smallest floor plan being 1900 sq. feet. However now the community is comprised of 70% Habitat Homes that are 1, 000 sq feet and valued at $53, 000 so now my 156, 000 is now valued at 99, 000. Holiday nor the developer Carter-Mannix in Dallas Texas notified any of us. So me and everyone else is stuck with a home that we will NEVER be able to sell for a profit!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 29, 2018 7:49 pm EDT

They sell all of their customers out. They take your money and disappear. Shameful shameful . I have the attorney general looking into it now. THey are dishonest as hell.


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