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K Dec 03, 2018

After 8 months of building a new home in the Sunrise subdivision in Pensacola, Florida, the "finishing" touches are being addressed before closing. Granted this is a new home, and so far we have had a leaky roof, a patio slab that was poured out of square (main beam holding up roof was hanging over the edge of concrete about 4 of the 6 inches of the beam), a gas leak, oil stains in the driveway, and now, my gas stove won't fit in the opening. The stove measures 30", so the opening between the cabinets is approximately 30.25" but between the countertops it is 29.5" wide so the stove will not fit. I was told that the counter guys will "hone it down and it will look great. Well, in my mind, you take a little off each side. Not these geniuses... they took a grinder to it... all off one side, uneven and not square, and the stove still does not fit. Now my new countertop is ruined and the cabinet below is ruined also. Don't know how long it will take to order a new countertop and a new cabinet, but this is a new home, not some remodel. Oh yeah, when the "plumbers" put a shut off valve in for the gas stove, instead of making a hole to go around the pipes, they cut giant hole in the cabinet. I was asked before the start of construction what was most important to me, and I said "fit and finish". In my mind, these trades are a bunch of hacks. Please double and triple check everything!!! If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't have given them ANY money up front. all I have to say is RUN!

finish construction
finish construction

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