Hillshire Farmpolska kielbasa

R Aug 12, 2018

I purchased a Polska Kielbasa on Aug 4 2018 at the Walmart in Sumter SC. The package remained refrigerated and unopened until August 12. Upon opening the package and placing in the pan, my spouse said the outer casing of the Kielbasa felt rough. As she was walking to the sink to wash her hands she felt movement on her fingers. When she looked down, there were small maggot like worms crawling on her hands. She washed and went to the pan with the Kielbasa and they were all over the sausage. She threw the pan and the package contents in the garbage and put in the can outside. This has never happened to us before, we have Hillshire Farms occassionally with breakfast, but after today, no more. This really infuriates me, I'm surprised this level of contamination could occur in a sealed cooked product. I just hope someone else did not eat this same lot of sausage. I do not have the package lot number as I wasnt going to dig through the trash to get it out.

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