HermesWorst Courier Firm....Ever!


Hermes - I've used them almost 100 times this year to both send and receive packages. I won't be using them ever again and would advise everyone to give them a miss! This Is my experience of Hermes:

1) Very slow delivery! They state 3-5 days but frequently my customers would complain items took over 10 days to arrive!
2) They lose your items - Fair enough mistakes are made but when they lose them they really don't care. Don’t expect to see the item or even a full refund.
3) Their communication and customer service is dreadful. Seriously the worst i've received from a credible company.
4) It took Hermes 4 months to grant me a refund for an item they lost and they only paid half the value of the item as compensation.
5) It took almost 10 emails before I could finally submit a lost item form.
6) Their customer service agents frustrate you as they appear very poorly trained and completely unable to help with anything.

Ok so the service is comparatively cheap and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for... but in the case of Hermes actually you don't. What they advertise is a no nonsense, no frills, cheap carrier. What they actually are is a highly frustrating, highly problematic, slow, incompetant and unreliable carrier with abysmal customer service and no care for their customers or the items they carry.

I don't expect this business to last much longer, Its below amateurish and I advise you all to avoid like the plague!

I would be interested to hear if people have had similiar experiences? Or anyone that has had a positive experience please do let me know as I'm struggling to find any one who has a good word to say about Hermes!


  • Pa
    Pauline K Dec 19, 2010

    Hermes are terrible, they say that they have delivered and had the items signed for, but they lie. They blank any contact you make with them, dont expect any refund and if you did get a 10% refund you will have paid well in excess of cost of phone calls. AVOID

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  • Mi
    michaela123 Jan 10, 2011

    myhermes lost my last item, i asked them for a claim form, two weeks later got email saying 'please find attached form ...' but there was no attachement, i had to send them another email, some week later they finally sent the form but two late for me to claim 'no later than 28 days after collection' stated in theirs t&c so i doubt they will ever refund me. i will never deal with them again. dhl now offers similar service for same money through parcel monkey so will give them a try instead.

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  • 27
    273482C Jan 23, 2011

    If you want parcels delivered follow these rules
    1.Make sure some one is in on the delivery due date.
    2.If no one can be home leave instructions with the suppliers for delivery to a neighbour or, a safe place for parcels to be left.
    3. Make sure your door bell works and can be heard above the noise of Hoover, flushing toilets, babies crying, dogs barking etc.
    4. Don't order from companies like Next, J D Williams, QVC, Home shopping channels, Joe Brown, Arcadia group. They all use Hermes.
    5 Alternatively support the shops in your local High Street.

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  • Sa
    sabrecom Apr 20, 2017

    @273482C they claim to have tried to deliver i caught them out many times because i have CCTV, avoid at all costs otherwise it will cost you as the sender and cost you as the receiver

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  • Me
    Mervin - Amazon May 11, 2011

    worst carrier ever...

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  • Ki
    Kizz243 Jun 06, 2011

    Herms is the worst courier ever i ordered some items from next and it took 6 days to deliver them i must of ordered stuff delivery by herms at least 8 times now and its too a awfull long time i paid 3.99 delivery for a top to be sent to me i expect next day delivery for that price i use home delivery network and they are super fast took 2 days to delivery


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  • Ma
    Madnan Oct 17, 2011

    Recently had to wait over 2 weeks for a parcel to be delivered by Hermes when I had been promised by Home Bargains delivery would be only 3-5 days. Home bargains rang to find out where my delivery was and was told it had been delayed due to illness ? when delivery arrived - finaly- I asked the courier why it was so late arriving and she blamed it on problems with her van ! So Hermes ...if you're going to lie for your couriers at least agree on telling the same lie ! !
    Also trying to find out where your parcel is is impossible, if you do get hold of a phone number they simply pass the buck or pass you to another number.
    After this fiasco I remembered a similar incident with a Hermes delivery a few months previously... so be aware if you want a delivery to arrive at a specified time DON'T use Hermes. ! !
    They even have a web forum where couriers moan about the deliveries they make and how they refuse the bigger items etc so it'd obviously quite wide spread.
    Anyone know of a delivery firm that actualy does what it's meant to ?

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  • Pu
    purplemango Oct 30, 2011

    They are totally useless.

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  • Ri
    Ridiculous2me Sep 07, 2012

    Hermes drivers continue to lie to the Depot, claiming credit for an attempted delivery when they did not even ring my bell or approach my house. The company supports the drivers unfounded claims and cannot seem to get my package to me. For a week now we are playing this game daily. I now refuse to do business with companies that ship via Hermes. Their interest in providing any sort of customer service is appalling. Avoid this company at all costs.

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  • Ju
    Julia2013 Apr 30, 2013

    Hermes have really poor customer service.
    I have missed a delivery and received a note saying it will be re-delivered the next day (when I am at work), therefore I have wrote 4 e-mails and called them up 3 times in the period of 2 days to arrange a Saturday delivery. After they took all the information from me (parcel number, etc) I was told it is being taken care of and I will receive my parcel on Saturday. However, when I got home the same day, I found another note in my post box saying they have tried to deliver it again and will attempt again next day (working day) and if I am not there, they will return the package to sender or destroy it.
    I have called them up again (4th time) and was told they can’t help me, because the package was sent from abroad and they are not allowed to contact their colleagues in another country (excuse my French – ###). After I asked them what their abroad office has to do with it if the package is already in UK in their courier’s car, they told me they are not allowed to contact UK courier as well, even though they have her number (seriously?).
    After I asked why there is such a miscommunication between offices of the same company, they repeated they can’t help me.
    After I asked why they can’t contact their own UK colleague (courier) who is on their payroll, they said they can’t help me either.
    After I asked what I should do in regards to my belongings in the parcel now, they said they understand my concern, but they can’t help me.
    After I asked If I can claim the money back for my belongings as well as delivery costs, they told me they don’t know and I should try calling their other office up (German) (again, what it has to do with the package which is in UK?).
    It seems like they don’t know any other scripted sentences rather that we can’t help you.
    After I told them that I will have to sue, I got a reply: okay.
    I am very disappointed with the service and strongly recommend everyone not to use Hermes.

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  • Ki
    kiryushyna Jul 29, 2013

    As someone who shops online and have had retailers sent my orders using this service - I either didn't receive my items at all (confirmed as lost by the courier) and had to file a refund claim with the retailer or often found stuff left on my front door, unsecured... which is not a big problem when I'm in town but when I am away and the stuff is left sitting there for days for everyone to take/steal it's a big problem. As an addressee there is no way for me to contact the company to see when my things will be delivered or to get in touch with a courier (instead I have to call the retailer to investigate on their end). Often, they don't leave any "sorry we missed you" slips, aside from things just being dumped at my door and there is not even a way for an addressee to complain. My courier sometimes keeps the package for a few days (and sometimes even weeks!) from what the tracking number says as it's "inconvenient" for him to go to my address on that day. Right now I have a package that shows that it has been "out for delivery with a courier" for over 3 days now! Three days my husband and I spent at home waiting for the TK Maxx package to arrive (from 8 am to 8 pm - their standard delivery window). No one ever came, and the retailer quoted that the courier "ran out of time" all three days to deliver my package - even though 2 days ago, they were able to confirm that the courier was in my neighborhood just didn't bother to come to my house. They actually tried to ring the courier and said that they were not able to reach him in 3 days and that he doesn't answer his phone and there is no way to find out where my package is... GREAT! Overall, you get what you pay for and in this case you probably won't get much at all as you package will be lost or stolen, or kept by the courier for weeks. I lately try to avoid ordering from any retailers using this service. I did report this company to BBC Watchdog (everyone who complains on here should do the same or it really doesn't matter to them) and will continue to report its terrible service to consumer rights organizations, media and the like.

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  • Qu
    Quasmo May 27, 2014

    Hermes is the worst courier ever!!!

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  • Gu
    Guy Leven Sep 04, 2014

    six broken items in 8 weeks- Egham, Surrey
    -smashed computer
    -smashed VHS player
    -smashed record deck
    -smashed amplifier/tuner
    -smashed tape player
    -smashed computer
    2 lost packages
    2 returns all in 6 months

    Disgusting company and stupid drivers

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  • Xm
    xmspx Nov 12, 2014

    They really are the worsed delivery service in the uk. The delivery driver was very aggressive towards me stood arguing with me for 5 minutes as i contacted customer service telling them he lied about trying yo make a delivery. Which he did lie! I was in all day and no one attempted to deliver a parcel what so ever. The delivery guy was a total ### i don't want these type of people delivering parcels to my address. I now contact every shop/ebay before my perches to confirm it will not be delivered by hermes! And if it is i ask for a different delivery service or i avoid buying from them. Seriously people keep away from thes pathetic excuse for a company

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  • Mr
    Mr M R Veasey Dec 21, 2014

    Have been fighting a claim for damaged item .Don't bother .They run you around from one person to another until the two week period has passed and then cancel the claim. You cant speak to anyone and all the support staff are monkeys. I have had my claim passed and then a week later an email stating it was not received .This firm is either run by idiots or it is totally fraudulent. Either way the sooner it is gone the better. I am totally surprised that this firm is allowed to operate in this country. Where are you trading standards ?
    I will never use them again. DONT USE THIS CRAP FIRM.

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  • Ma
    Marzenka Dec 23, 2014

    This is the worst courier company I have come across. Very slow, frustrating customer services agents, they lie they had delivered when they didn't, they do not leave the note if there was an attempted delivery but nobody was in. It is a dreadful company abd I would not wish anyone to deal with them because there are always problems guaranteed.

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  • Su
    Surrey-Spurs Jan 23, 2015

    Worst ever. They have updated the tracking to say they have collected but the parcel is still here. They keep saying we can drop it off at the nearest drop off store which is about 8 miles away. If I wanted to be a courier I wouldnt have ordered from them. 3 days and no show so far. 2 x chats with the same stupid comment. "We will pass on to the relevant team, " Awful service.

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  • Si
    Siân Mar 08, 2015

    I had an unpleasant and aggressive courier deliver a parcel yesterday evening, she was absolutely repulsive! I have never met such a rude courier before. She has been to us once before and her attitude stinks, she crushed a parcel of ours and legged it before we could ask what had happened! I made a formal complaint yesterday and hope to hear back from someone (LIVE person) to make sure she is reprimanded. It seems as if Hermes are happy to employ the odd ### along the way. I will try my utmost to avoid companies that use Hermes, I certainly do not want that old woman back here.

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  • Ir
    IrateP Mar 30, 2015

    Bought a several hundred pound television from Amazon UK, who decided to use a company like Hermes where the couriers are paid 40p per delivery in order to transport the television over an old iron bridge and several hundred meters down a pedestrian path. As one might have expected, the Hermes courier felt it was not worth bothering with and so claimed it was a failed delivery (even though my entire family were in the home). Two days later, during the next delivery "attempt", the television mysteriously and conveniently became lost in transit and thus undeliverable. Hermes are charlatans and Amazon are a disgusting company for using such a low bid company who have demonstrated repeatedly (as shown by the thousands of complaints all over the internet) that they can't handle a tiny parcel let alone a full sized TV.

    Why can't these people just use the phone number provided to ask for help if they need it? I know they're bodge job goons with little consideration for what they're carrying but there is really no problem in asking the customer for some help if they're having trouble.

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  • Bl
    bloblos Apr 10, 2015

    Hermes are basically liars!
    I was expecting an order from Size, on the hermes website they claim to have attempted delivery on the 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th April, BIG LIE, as there was someone home, and mysteriously, there was no card left on any of these occasions.. they then said they would re-attempt deliver on 9th April, again, a lie, as i was home all day...
    no contact info on their website, i guess this is because they do not employ 100, 000 people to handle the complaints they would have.
    Must be the worst courier company in the world...

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  • Al
    Alg1970 Apr 23, 2015

    Hermes are an awful company, I had a turntable being delivered, it was in Hermes possession for 14 days before it finally got delivered to an alternative address, this was because they alleged their courier had attempted delivery to the original address but had been met with abuse from the recipient. I am the recipient of all deliveries to said address and I deal with numerous couriers all day and I am always friendly and helpful to them. When I queried this alleged abuse they then told me that it was during a previous delivery their courier had been abused, not as previously stated when attempting my delivery, so they lied about that. I finally got my item delivered 2 weeks later to my home address, however the turntable was broken beyond use. I wonder if this was because I made a complaint to them about their courier? Anyway, they won't talk to me as I am not the sender, situation ongoing, will see where it goes, but not expecting much action to be taken. Will never use Hermes again and will be avoiding companies who do.

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  • En
    Endeavor Apr 29, 2015

    I am a wheelchair user the delivery man didn't wait thirty seconds for me to get to the door, he delivered the item to the flat upstairs. I managed to catch him and demanded he fetch it. When he did and I asked for his name, he refused to give it, instead he took my name and said he was going to report me for being a disruptive customer. I've made an official complaint to Cotton Traders from whom I ordered the items, but don't expect any satisfactory apology.

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  • Bo
    Bob13 May 06, 2015

    I was out all day and I came home to find a card from Hermes posted in my letter box, informing me that my parcel was under may gate, firstly I do not have a gate, so that was rather bizarre, there was no parcel anywhere to be found, so I complained to the company I placed the order with and they gave me a refund and I thought that was the end of it, but no, the courier person came to my door, a few days later, threatening my husband as I was not in and telling him that they delivered it and it was not their fault that it got stolen and it was placed under my gate, again no gate, but I do have a fence with a door, and they all know not to do that, as I do not have a safe place and my fence door is never locked, why can't they come back or leave it with a neighbour, why do they leave it at my doorstep when they know anyone can take it. Has anyone else been threatened by their courier because of their fault and lack of job, it should have been the other way round. I am the victim here not the courier person, if they did their job properly then my parcel would not have been stolen and I would have had it now, not the threat and inconvenience we had to endure.

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  • This company is so bad that I refuse to use retailers who use Hermes as their courier company. In my first experience, the inner and outer packaging was ripped in transit, then the courier just threw it over our neighbour's fence (not even ours!) without trying to deliver it to our house. It then sat in the rain in our neighbour's garden for 2 days until he returned home to discover it. Needless to say, the brand new bed linen inside the package was ruined.

    I then tried to return a package via the online retailer's courier (Hermes). They couldn't specify a delivery time ("any time between 9am and 6pm"), then failed to show up on the agreed date. No apology or reason was provided. I had to arrange a second delivery with the retailer and, for the second time, Hermes has failed to collect the parcel.

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  • Ly
    Lynn Insley Jul 24, 2015

    How can they continue to operate with this track record.
    I too have a similar story. I ordered purfume from Boots, ordered on 18th July 2015 to be delivered before Wed 22nd.
    The purfume did not arrive and their tracking system showed that they claimed to have attempted a delivery on the Tuesday morning at 09.08am. I disputed this, we were all at home, the door bell did not ring, our dogs did not bark, and they did not leave a card to indicate a failed delivery.
    I won't depress you with the saga that took place, except to say that the missed two days out completely and sent info on their tracking system to say they were returning on Friday, two days after their agreed date.
    I explained that I would not be home on Friday, and it was intended for a present and they had let me down.
    Boots Customer Service involved a supervisor who got no where with them, The way they discribed what they had attempted to do on the Tuesday morning, implied that they were lurking about the rear of my property, and not attempting to come up to the front of the house and rting a bell, had they done that, a number of us would have no doubt responded, including our dogs.
    During the most unbelievable series of events, they told me and Boots Supervisor conflicting info, at one point they told me that it was up to Boots, not them to get the goods to me as my contract was with Boots, not them. They told me and the Boots staff that they would be delivering Friday AM, and did not infact come till 14.57pm.
    When they finally did arrive, our dogs alerted us to the delivery woman hovering around at the rear of my property again, she said that she had not been instructed to turn up at the front door.
    Is it me that is wrong, or would others reading this expect a parcel to be delivered to their front door, unless they gave alternative arrangement.
    I will from now on check before ordering anything if Hermes are likely to be involved, and I will not order if they are.
    Marks and Spencer I think use them, and Next definately do, I will send this to their customer services departments to warn them of the way that they have treated all of us who have contributed to this forum.
    Best Wishes to you all, Lynn Insley.

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  • Po
    postie Sep 08, 2015

    Hermes are the worst delivery service to use. I'm a royal mail postman, and i come across their deliveries dumped in the hall of block's of flat's on a daily basis. This is not as simple as a one off mis-delivery. These parcels are dumped. Up to ten items for different addresses just left in stair wells, sometimes in between floors. The Hermes employee's that delivers to the South Harrow area of London know what they're doing when they do it, as they favour addresses that have communal entrances.Rarely do they dump on doorsteps of houses. Disgraceful!!!

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  • Be
    Bels22 Sep 12, 2015

    The Hermes driver is a lazy sack of s***. He keeps delivering my parcels to the property downstairs. I have lost many items through Hermes because of this. I keep telling them but nothing is being done about it!

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  • Bz
    BZX Oct 31, 2015

    Absolutely rubbish and poor customer service. Cannot speak to anyone via phone and their web chat service was rubbish. Whilst speaking to someone through webchat to make a complaint they left the conversation ending it with 'you haven't responded in 2 minutes so conversation is ended.' It hadn't even been 2 minutes- a mere 30 seconds whilst I was typing a message. This company should be ashamed of themselves. It's no wonder they have such a terrible reputation as its run so poorly.

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  • Be
    Bels22 Oct 31, 2015

    Yes, I checked their site too and there is no number to call!

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  • Gl
    gloria1950 Apr 14, 2016

    Hermes are rubbish you cant phone them you cant do anything to get your parcel delivered

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  • Gl
    gloria1950 Apr 14, 2016

    Hermes say they have called 3 times this week but have left no cards - I dont believe they have tried to deliver at all

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  • Yu
    Yunie May 20, 2016

    I couldn't agree more. Worst ever delivery company. I don't understand how it can still exist.

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  • Lo
    LouBeeLoo Aug 07, 2016

    I have experience all of the same problems with MyHermes when they are delivering parcels to me. The last time I ordered an item on Ebay it never arrived - the seller contacted MyHermes and was told that the parcel was delivered and put in 'a safe place', but they could not say where the 'safe place' was. They really are totally rubbish. When I use Ebay now, I always check how the item will be delivered and if it is going to be via MyHermes, I will not purchase it. Simple as that. Ebay sellers, please always use Royal Mail.

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  • Th
    THEBOT74 Aug 16, 2016

    Hermes - useless tosspots!

    I agree with the posts above. Hermes are crap.

    I ordered a suitcase via Amazon and the delivery driver "attemped" to deliver it on the 8th, and left a card. Called back the delivery driver who was rude and refused to deliver at a more suitable time. He said that he could only deliver between 1pm and 2pm and said that the neighbouring shops wouldn't take the parcel. However when Argos delivered my Mac last year, the carrier left it with my neighbour, Scotsburn Croft, who kindly held it until I got home from work.

    I wrote a complaint e-mail which took a week to respond to after me sending snappy chase up e-mails and a chat session which was useless. I sent one last warning to the guy who responded to my complaint, telling him to cut the ### and pass this to a senior manager or I'll be going to Watchdog and Trading Standards as I'm sick of playing ping pong between Hermes and Luggage Travel Bags. In my eyes the buck stops with Hermes.

    AVOID - they make you jump through hoops and their delivery drivers are all arrogant ###s.

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  • Ad
    Adam Flawn-Thomas Dec 16, 2016

    Hermes are so frustrating. I get an email to say they have delivered and left it in my mailbox - but I don't have a mailbox! Trying to email, text, telephone that actually works where you get a human being. They must have non customer telephones emails etc - does anyone have the addresses?

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  • Al
    AllStar1 Feb 28, 2017

    I sent 3 packages through MyHermes to different addresses on Friday 3rd February.
    All were sent with the Signed For Service.
    One of the items was an expensive SSD Hard Disk.
    The MyHermes Tracking System Showed that the Hard Disk package as:
    Received by the recipient's local courier at 10:17 AM Monday 6th February 2017.
    When I phoned MyHermes on Monday afternoon asking when that package will be delivered,
    I was told the Courier had delivered it, but left it in the Yard.
    At this point I complained as that was not the service I paid for.
    This was a hard disk I had sold on Ebay for £650!
    They said they would have to contact the courier.
    Tuesday called back - still no call back - Escalated to the Field Manager.
    Wednesday called back - Field Manager had not called back.
    Thursday - Field Manager said even HE couldn't get hold of the courier!
    Called Friday, and MyHermes tell me that the Courier said he never received the package!
    MyHermes refuse to question him further, refuse to even ask him why on earth he waited 4 days to report he had not received the parcel!
    Seems like even is the courier had made off with a £650 Hard Drive, they just accept his word that he never had it.
    So the courier calls the MyHermes Tracking System a liar, and MyHermes believe him.
    Now MyHermes wants to offer me a paltry £100 as Compensation!
    Looks like I'm going to have to report this to the Police as theft, with MyHermes as a party to the theft through inaction, and take MyHermes through the Small Claims Court.

    If you value your valuable, I would advise you stay away from MyHermes Couriers!

    PS - In case you think all Courier Drivers are saints, see the attached news item from the Matro paer a few days ago.

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  • Ch
    ChocoPie123 May 11, 2017

    Absolutely dreadful service from Hermes. Had no choose in using them as my items were ordered through an online retailer. The package arrived on the specified date but had a large slit/rip at the top and 2 out of 5 items were missing. The slit looked intentional and not accidental. This is not the first time I have had issues with them. In the past the item would take up to 14 days to arrive. Other packages have been damaged or left outside in broad daylight or pouring rain. And customer service are completely useless. Avoid using them at all costs.

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  • Gi
    gigaset Jun 15, 2017

    the drivers are liars had e mail stating tried to deliver parcel I am house bound and sat right under door bell no one tried to deliver there is also cctv in entrance with a manager no one made any attempt to deliver this is the worse company if you can call it that avoid them like the plague

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  • Le
    LeeSmithG Jun 28, 2017

    I sold a football shirt on eBay December 2015, it was a present for a disabled man from his mother and she told me she has searched for 'yonks' for a xxxl Arsenal long sleeved for her son.
    The courier had a nervous breakdown with the amount of deliveries and dumped the load in a pond.
    It took three (3) weeks for a refund and plenty of images of sale and they refused to pay for packaging cost's one (1) pound so PayPal gave me the pound.
    I ordered from the best retailer in the world, a book case, they (Hermes) said it was coming on the Monday, did not arrive, then Tuesday, did not arrive, then Thursday, did not arrive, Friday, the courier lied and said s/he attempted a delivery at 20:13 and no answer at door, well I was in my garden no more than two metres from the door (changing a security light bulb), my family were inside no more than three (3) metres from the door eating their tea and we have a very loud doorbell so I can hear it in the rear garden if pressed.
    Just lies.
    Today, a courier delivered a parcel, dumped it on the doorstep after ringing the bell, walked off and lied to I had signed for it.
    You cannot contact them by phone, they when you email them say, ''you need to email someone else''.
    They have never compensated me for the days off and lose of earnings when they lied about the bookcase, they ignore everything.
    I told never to use them to deliver to me again.
    Another thing, I once sent an item with the mass (packaging and item) one (1) point seven (7) kilos and they tried to charge me for two (2) point two (2) kilos.
    I would love to upload the tracking screen shot I took, but I feel it could get me into trouble.
    Avoid Hermes always, is my moto.

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  • Gr
    Graham Sinclair Sep 24, 2017

    I now try and avoid any one who uses these to deliver parcels they are the worse by far, we have a garage opposite house approx. 10 steps from my front door where if not in every other company {must employ people with common sense } just drops parcels in there plus I put on note when ordering, but this lot obviously to difficult for them, just got card through door saying deliver Monday so they have to waste there time again as wont be here and if get another clown delivering prob just get another note, so thought ring them to explain this, rang number and added code on there note and surprise surprise there system down and just cuts you off so going to waste more time, before ordering any more parcels I'm getting confirmation they don't use these as had nothing but problems when they deliver and all other delivery seem to be fine so cant be coincidence

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  • Bo
    bobuffs Dec 07, 2017

    I cannot begin to say how bad this company is. The headline is do not rely on this company to deliver anything on time, if at all. Every time Amazon use this company it is a failed deliver with reasons given 'delivery attempted' or 'customer rescheduled' when neither are true. They provide no accurate tracking and will not phone you if they are having difficulty finding you. Their reputation amongst other courier services is as bad as it gets. I would avoid at all costs...

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