Hearts Of Gold Retrieverspuppy mill in ramona california

J Jan 14, 2020

Kathy is inbreeding these dogs and have seen sick dogs come from this her. Horrible circumstance for the dogs. Kathy the owner doesn't even interact with the dogs, she just breeds them to make a lot of money from dogs that are inbred. her phone number is, 760-803-9544, 760-803-1211
She needs to be put in jail for what she has been doing to these dogs.
Her husband is a pool contractor, Sunrise pool c8-onstruction in ramona.

  • Hearts Of Gold Retrievers Customer Care's Response · Jan 14, 2020

    If you noticed you put a bad complaint on the wrong person.
    My name is Susanne and I am the owner of Hearts of Gold Retrievers LLC in Two Rivers, WI. I am not Kathy. I am not in Ramona, CA. I would appreciate you taking this comment off this complaint board. Thank you.

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