Hard Rock HotelsReservations and Staff

Well my first complaint is, the first time I used my free room for the month they charged my Debit card for the room . Which caused all kinds of issues in my account and bank charges . That the only thing they would do was give me 89.$ off my next paid room . And it took almost a week and a half to get the money back into my account . REALLY COST ME A LOT OF MONEY ! And so I got a room for my grand daughter for her birthday . While making the reservations the gal booking it for me WAS VERY VERY RUDE . And when I checked in that day and hauled all our belongings to our room the room keys didn't work . So I had to go all the way back to the front desk WAIT IN LINE AGAIN !! And while standing in line the Rude gal that had taken my reservation the day before tells the folks that are behind me to come on over to the counter so she could help them !!! So they give me two more keys and I walk all the way back to room . We get the kids ready to go to pool and we walk all the way back to desk and past it on our way to the pool . We get to pool and it says CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS !!! REALLY???!!! Do you think you might want to mention your pool is not working while I'm booking the reservations???! My grand daughter starts crying and they call some manager that pretty much said hey sorry !!! I'm sorry but that's not good enough for me and I don't want 25$ off some spa you don't even have yet ! I want another night so I can take my grand daughter so she can swim . And the front desk needs to be taught to be polite !! They are rude !!! And the manager was rude as well . I mean she could of offered us dinner or something!!! It's not like the Hard Rock is hurting for money . The manager tells me there's something wrong with the pool . Well WHY ISNT IT FIXED?????!!??!!? It's not like you don't have the money !! The middle of the summer in Oklahoma and your pools closed ??? That's not good !! Not good at all!!!


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