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I had worked at the Maui Hallmark store in Queen Kaahumanu Center for six years while in high school and college and held the position as lead keyholder (I had been there the longest besides the store manager). Recently the franchise merged to corporate and a change in management took place. For Maui and the rest of the Hawaii stores, a overall manager Kaleena Wakamatsu was appointed. Sometime after the merge all the managers were sent a book and told to have everybody read it. The book talked about business models and compared people to being "hot" or "cold". As another change the company sent store managers to different stores to work for a day or two. One manager who met me in passing for about five minutes as I was leaving sent an company wide email to all the Hawaii stores listing all the employees in our store as "hot" or "cold" with the definition of cold being people they think hold the company back. The manager did not know how to properly send the email and as a result the next day when I came to work to check messages I saw she had listed me as "cold", besides the fact that she had only met me for five minutes and not seen or acknowledge any of the work I put into the store I believe that the company has taken an unfair turn at labeling people. I would work shifts before going to class and come back after to close just because other people didn't show up. I tracked KPI reports and daily sales goals more so than the store manager at the time. To have a business model based on a book that labels people "hot" and "cold" as in good or bad after having a in and out meeting with them from a company such as Hallmark is hypocrisy. The company claims to be accepting of everyone and everything yet they put labels on their own employees instead of acknowledging the work they do or training them to do better in areas they may lack.

May 15, 2019

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