Gwinnett Suzukibait and switch


BUYER BEWARE. 8/9/2014 I saw a car that looked almost too good to be true. I called about it, and being as that I'm from out of town, tried to negotiate over the phone. While they barely negotiated at all, we both agreed on a price that suited us both. I told him "that sounds good, I will see you soon." We drove for 180 MILES, through TERRIBLE RAIN you could barely see through and Atlanta traffic. About 30 miles away, we gave them a call. It was 8:00 and they closed at 9. We were driving through Atlanta by this time and the traffic and heavy rain was really slowing us down so we called to let them know we were still coming. They said okay, and said they would pull the car out and clean it up so we could look at it when we got there. About 5 minutes later, we get a call back from them stating that THE CAR HAD ALREADY BEEN SOLD, they had no idea we were coming. They said they had another car the same model, but in a different color we could go look at (that's not even listed on their website). We were really angry and bummed at this point. How could a car that had been on the lot for a month and a half sell the day we go and try to purchase it? We go there anyways and as soon as we walk in, they're sitting there waiting for us, a scene that looked much too rehearsed. They tried to ARGUE with us, NEVER ADMITTING FAULT for the situation. They said it was our fault because we never said we were coming. We told them that wasn't true, that everyone heard the words "I'll see you soon." We go and look at the other car just for the heck of it IN THE RAIN WHILE THEY SAT IN THEIR OFFICE and not only was the bumper very obviously damaged, it had rust and wires exposed in the back of the car. And to add insult to injury: this car was 2, 000 MORE than the one we went to go buy. What a joke. We told him, "you should have at least given us a courtesy call, we drove through terrible rain 180 miles to get this car." They all LAUGHED about that, thinking it's funny we drove all that way through a terrible storm? And then Ken said, "We don't make negotiations over the phone." Uhh, that's not what we said, we said you should have made a courtesy call. And by the way, you have $50, 000 and up cars on this Suzuki lot (with NO Suzukis?) and you're saying you don't make negotiations over the phone? How do you sell these cars? So the next day we look up reviews and see other people who have been through very similar experiences with these people and see the listing for the car we went to see not only STILL UP on their website, but with ADDED PICTURES and $1, 000 BUMP UP IN PRICE. Was this some kind of sick joke? These people have no respect for customers. Not once did they take fault and apologize. These crooks should be SHUT DOWN.


  • Mk
    MkStItCh Aug 11, 2014

    You called about a car... They told you about the car... Someone else bought it first...

    It sounds to me like they are a dealer selling cars... If they hold cars for everyone that calls them then they lose the sale that is in front of them...

    You could have offered a down payment with a credit card and then they would have held it... Keeping in mind that the deposit would not be refundable if you backed out...

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  • Pi
    p*i*s*s*e*d**o*f*f Aug 11, 2014

    i had the same thing happen to me at a local place... this is a typical scam

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  • Jc
    Jcw8398 Aug 14, 2014

    Mr MkStItCh, do not try to act like you wouldn't be pissed off if a car dealership did this to you. They are supposed to hold it if you are on the way. And any dealership would if the car even actually existed. That's not really my complaint though--my complaint is that the car never even existed and they knew that the whole time and tried to get me up there 180 miles away with a buyers mind and stick me with a piece of c*** car for 2, 000 more. Look them up, they are notorious for bait and switching. They don't even have half the cars listed on their website on their lot. I don't see how this business is even still allowed to be running! It's almost a week later and that car that was "sold" 20 minutes before we got there is still up on their website. They're a bunch of crooks. And do not get me started with deposits! Those are scams too in my book. They probably would have tried to offer me one if the car even existed, but I do not have money to throw away or to support scam artists.

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