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My mortgage was sold to Green Tree from Bank of America. I was notified two weeks before my usual payment was due that I would have to set up automatic payments with them. I contacted them and was told that they could not find my acct and that I should wait a couple of weeks and call back. When I called back, customer service went to a voice mail. This was during the time that representatives are supposed to be available and I was not given an option to hold for the next representative. Over the next 3 weeks, I continued to try to call and kept getting shuttled to the voice mail. I eventually had to borrow my friend's phone in order to be given an option to talk to a representative and FINALLY was able to make my payment. I did send a complaint e-mail to Green Tree and have never had a response other than an auto-mail response thanking me for setting up online payments -- which I have not done yet! I am very unhappy with Bank of America for doing this, especially with the experience I've had so far.

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