Green Mountain Energywrongful power disconnection


I was placed on a payment plan March 5th, 2014. I was told by the representative that set me up on a payment plan to always go by my statement as far as the amount I'm expected to pay. The amount on the statement would automatically include a $54.03 additional to whatever the current bill is over 5 months to fulfill the plan. The representative confirmed with me that I would not receive any disconnection notices while on the plan. The representative also told me that a statement had yet been generated but I would typically have 16 days to pay from the date of the statement. I later received a Disconnection notice dated 3/17/2014 with past due balance of $160.69. Going off what the rep said, I figured I had 16 days to pay so on 3/29/2014 I paid $250.00. I was not supposed to receive a Disconnection notice in the first place. 4/18/2014 I call to make another payment as I had the ability to do so and I was informed my plan was broken. The account was investigated and the rep I spoke to apologized and informed me that this was an error done on Green Mountains behalf and that my plan should have never been broken. Pamela was the name of the representative I spoke to on 4/18/2014 and she also informed me that Green Mountain will be further researching my account but they do recognize it was not my fault. Pamela told me that my account was due for $160.29 at the time and we completed the payment over the phone. She said that paying this put my account balance at $0.00 until my next statement comes out, but I was told everything was good to go. 5/5/2014 I come home to no power and I later go through my mail in which I received a statement dated 4/21/2014 saying I had a balance of $292.00, recognizing the payment ALREADY that I paid over the phone with Pamela on 4/18/2014. The statement was not a disconnection notice, it was just a regular statement, nor have I ever received a disconnection notice notifying me of 05/05/2014 disconnection. I called Green Mountain 05/05/2014 furious about what happened. I was promised a call back in 30 min while my account was getting researched. I do want to make it known it was 90 degrees on this day, meaning it was hot and I had to figure out what to do with groceries in my freezer and refrigerator to avoid them going bad. I received a call an hour later by the supervisor named Julia. She apologized and said it was AGAIN Green Mountain error and that she was going to contact Texas New Mexico Power that night for priority reconnection of power. She said that they may not be able to come out that night because of the late request, but it could be possible or latest the first thing in the morning. Julia said she could possibly look into accomodating me with a hotel, but that was never brought up again nor addressed. Julia said that she would call me back as well later that night to look into extending out my due date because as it stands I was expected to make another payment by 05/07/2014 and that is incorrect as I had just paid Green Mountain 4/18/2014 (a week and a half ago). Julia has failed on her end numerous times and I am just disgusted by this whole experience. My power was turned back on the next day around 10:30am (so I was told, I was at work). I still have not received a call back about my billing date which I am sure is causing these issues. I pay every month and I am doing what I have to do but Green Mountain is not. I was told that Green Mountain is undergoing system conversion, but why must I have to be punished for something that is not even my fault?
I would never recommend this electric company to ANYONE and I was never compensated any type of way for what I had to go through. It seems as if I am calling them every month for an issue that is not my fault. Someone please help. Green Mountain need to be penalized.


  • Mk
    MkStItCh May 07, 2014

    I see that the power company was wrong for what they did BUT... If you just paid the bill PRIOR to the problem then none of this would have happened.

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  • Mk
    MkStItCh May 09, 2014

    Lets see if we can make sense of this...

    1. You did not pay your bill and they put it in there form of COLLECTIONS.
    2. You made a deal to make payments to get caught up.
    3. They already generated the disconnect notice and there in house collections started doing the job they are paid to do.
    4. You got the DISCONNECT notice and decided to just make a payment without calling first as you did not want to talk to them again because you figured it was all set.
    5. They disconnected your power and said you still owe MORE money.

    Just a thought... Couldn't this be your fault for not paying the bill in the first place?

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