Great Wolf Lodgepool cleanliness, bad customer service

Mo Sep 30, 2019 ON

We are loyal customers have gone every year for a long time except for last year as we had a death in the family. So this year July 31st check out on the 4th, we decided to go and rented the beautiful new cottages. That part was absolutely amazing, we spent over 5K in 4 days, the stay itself was without any issues, we loved it. However, on our way back, my teen daughter started to complain about having to stop a lot on our 7-hour drive back. On the Wednesday we were at the doctor's office and told she had a UTI, a few days later I had one too. This particular strain was a very stubborn one we were told. My daughter needed 4 courses of antibiotics and I needed 3. We were sick all of august with fever, bloated bellies and felt very miserable. On the fourth round I got upset and called the lodge. I was transferred to water sanitation where I explained our predicament. I was made fun of and told by a man that it had nothing to do with them. Then another came on that was a bit nicer pretended to listen but never even took my name or dates. So I called back and was told a manager would call me back. One did, she was a woman who sounded nice, she is a night time manager named Jessica. I told her that a normal UTI I probably would not have bothered to call but this was unusual. I told her that I wanted them to simply take this seriously and the fact that we had been seriously sick. She said she understood and would get back to us after she spoke to other managers. She never called back and 2 weeks later we received a "Here is a 25% off voucher for your next stay" On dates that they are not busy and of course none of the dates that we could go, but we get that much when we go anyway because we are always there more than 4 days, so really this was so insulting. So I called this manager and left her a message saying how disappointed I was with the way the lodge handled this, but she never even bothered to return that phone call. I am floored at how no one cared enough to even pretend to take this seriously. We really suffered for over a month and no one cared to say "We are sorry that you have had a lousy end to your summer because of your stay with us"

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