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I signed up for Grammarly thinking that is was for $11.99 monthly charges, but I was charged $139.95.
I felt misled and violated by Grammarly because it was advertised that there would be monthly charges and NOT a whole year charge in advance. When I made the purchase, I didn't receive a confirmation of the payment, NOR did I get a receipt.
It would be great if you can refund my amount. The advertisement clearly says $11.66/month. I need a refund.

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      Nov 13, 2019

    It appears you need help with reading comprehension as well. Their website CLEARLY states premium membership costs $11.66 a month but is billed as one annual payment of $139.99. I'm sorry you can't read, but that is not Grammarly's fault. You are in the wrong here.

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      Nov 13, 2019

    Dear letter writer: Check their website again! The website pricing CLEARLY states the following as your 3 options for payment:

    $29.95 - Billed Monthly

    $59.95 Quarterly (4 times a year), which works out to $19.98 per month

    $139.95 Annually (billed 1 time a year) which works out to $11.66 per month

    If you had only wanted MONTHLY billing, you should have selected the $29.95 option. You didn't select the monthly billing option, you selected the YEARLY billing option. You didn't pay attention to what you were purchasing. This is a pretty common mistake with novice internet users.

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