GoodReadsinability to get help

W Aug 01, 2018

I am the author of eleven children's books, all of which are on Goodreads. I noticed that some were missing cover images and was able, using the "edit" facility, to insert these. However, I inadvertently uploaded an old cover image for the third edition of The Doolally Kid (ISBN [protected]). When I tried to delete this old image so I could upload the new one, your system said that only librarians could delete covers.

I've tried fruitlessly to get help & twice have tried to send an email via the section dealing with librarians. This email simply wouldn't send, and I'm fed up.

It should not be this difficult for an author to correct a mistake on your website. I should be able to upload the correct cover. I have tried to attach the correct cover to this email without success. I should at least be able to access someone who can help me get the correct cover uploaded.


  • Updated by Wendy Milton · Aug 01, 2018

    There is no indication that my email has been sent. Dealing with Goodreads is a nightmare.

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