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Plus Complaints & Reviews / unauthorized credit card

Aug 18, 2018

08/10/18- I decided I wanted to look up someone and got the $1.00 one time thing and I have been charged $26.98, $0.27, $1.00, $0.01. I can't get anyone at customer service to help in resolving this issue. I don't appreciate this customer service at all nor do I appreciate the unauthorized... / they charged my debit card when I didn't approve of it

Apr 18, 2017

I was charged $43.98 to my debit card and I didn't sign up for no monthly plan I signed up for the one time fee for $1 or so and that was all then I get charged a monthly plan #### without my authorization and when I called to seecwhy they do that and I want to cancel that plan that...

Go Look Up / Background check

Apr 07, 2017

I just had one random thought about searching my own profile and wonder what it could return as a public information. Since I am not really into this, I searched for some recommendations from Google, of course. And so I get to visit the Go Look Website. I found the design fresh and the...

Go Lookup / Go lookup background check

Apr 07, 2017

I bump into this site as I was trying to ran an email search for a certain person. Filled-up all the necessary information needed and provided my billing information as well. I find this service very useful as I was able to get a bunch of useful information. It exceedingly provided all the...

Golookup / Reverse phone lookup

Mar 24, 2017

I used your website and tried the $1 for 5-day trial period. I've tried to used the service and decided to cancel the membership afterwards. So, I call and the rep who assisted is so kind and very professional . She assisted me on how to using a laptop/ computer. I was doing a...

Go Look Up / Background check search

Mar 23, 2017

I found the site more reliable than the others I have encountered with. I do not work for anybody or any company that needs to administer background every now and then. I'm just a simple mom who needs to know the safety of my children especially when they're not at my site. So I visited... / Did not cancel my account!

Mar 18, 2016

I hired a person and he was supposed to make a website for me. But just to be sure, I decided to do a background check on him. So I went to golookup website and used their free trial. I did not find any useful information so I called them and asked them to cancel my account. They said ok... / People search

Feb 16, 2016

I used this service once and got nothing useful from it. I did get numerous reports of people with the same name all over the U.S., even though I had provided all the information that the site called for. Not only was the service useless to me, but I realized today that they were charging... / Rep forgot to mention about the fee of $40

Feb 03, 2016

I found the advertisement of They offered free reports, but after 30 minutes they asked to provide my card details or they wouldn’t be able to show any information. I refused to pay and the rep suddenly offered me free trial, but I needed to give my credit card details anyway...