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GoldenWest Managementrip off

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Jayson Yoss is the "founder" of this scam company. Sherry Chaffin is the "manager" of this scam company. They went on the internet and created all of these fake postings about how great of a company they are and a lot of people (us included) feel for their bogus social media campaign. Yellow Pages (which is another joke in and of itself) and City search does not monitor the postings like Yelp does. They have created lots of fake positive postings in yellow pages and other worthless sites. If you go onto Yelp you will see the truth about these scammers. Yelp has some of the TRUE postings hidden (filtered) so you have to look around a bit but its all there. Our place was trashed, they do NOT screen the renters, NEVER return phone calls and big (in stature) Sherry Chaffin is one of the rudest people we have ever been in contact with. She thinks she is some big deal (their office has about 4 employees and is the size of a small closet) and Sherry Chaffin is very condescending, demeaning, incompetent and just plain mean. They ripped us off over $1, 600 and our place was trashed. Jason Yoss is the biggest joke we have ever encountered as well. Little short, pompous POS. He lied to us and stole our money. be sure and look on Yelp and you will see the real truth.


  • Je
    JessLV2008 Nov 03, 2012

    We had the same problem and you are on point with everything. rude, incompetent, never return calls. shady operation for sure. we fired them after 3 months.

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  • Jo
    Jorge0996 Nov 03, 2012

    Horrible company, horrible manager… Sherry Chaffin
    Horrible company, horrible manager, horrible customer service. Jayson Yoss
    I dropped my rent's check a little bit late. The total amount in the check included the late fees through the date that the check was dropped. Due to a typo in the check, this so called management company didn’t deposit my check on a timely manner and now wants me to pay more late fees.
    The office manager (a woman with the name of Sherry Chaffin ) first told me the bank rejected the check but when I asked for documentation to support this claim (as the physical check has no indication that it was returned or rejected by my bank) her attitude became very condescending.
    When I asked her for information on the corporate offices for GoldenWest she was even more rude claiming that she was the owner of the business and that her office was the corporate office (even though the website lists a different mailing address for corporate office). I can't wait for my lease to be over

    Don't deal with this company, avoid Jayson Yoss and Sherry Chaffin it like the plague

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  • St
    stillstandingandblessed Aug 23, 2013

    I cant wait for my lease to be over also. They are very rude and lie at the drop of a dime. I should have known it was going to be a problem from day one when they said they were running a special and when asked what the special was it was removed from the site and I was told it was never there. Money hungry and scam artist is what they represent.

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  • Sa
    samson40 Sep 14, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree I have had nothing but problems with these guys. They are rude and don't get back to me.
    Anyone know of a good co out there?

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  • Pi
    pissed in Las Vegas Sep 25, 2013

    This company is useless... They avoid your phone calls, if you get a hold of them than you just get one stupid excuse after another. They don't care about your property. All they care is about making their money. They do not do what they get paid for and what they are supposed to do. They neglect your property and you end up paying for the damage. Sherry Chaffin is useless just like her employees.

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  • An
    Angryrenter1 Nov 12, 2013

    I am a renter and have problems with this company. They had my rent check a week before it was due but did not deposit it because I apparently owed co-pays for calling maintenance for things that were broken when I moved in. They never told me what I owed. Then I receive and eviction 5 day notice!!! I paid my rent on time! They didn't deposit the check. They are scammers out to make money on fake late fees and co-pays. I'd like to contact the owner and see if they are paying co-pays too. Maybe we can cut out the middle man! NEVER use this company!!

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  • Pk
    PKeser Jul 09, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As a tenant renting under these guys have to say they are awful! We send emails they never respond, we asked for a tree to be fixed that had fallen into the driveway almost 8 months ago and they still have never responded or done anything, they never get us the new rental agreement on time-we have to constantly reach out to them to get it done, they do not communicate at all!
    We as the tenants have nothing but issues with them. We pay early each month, we respond quickly to any issues the HOA comes up with and we respond quickly to any email they send but they do not have that same courtesy with us! If you are hiring them to do you property management just understand they lie to you and to your renters, they do not communicate with your renters and they do not fix the things that need fixing. We have rented this house since March 0f 2013 and it has been a struggle dealing with these people ever since. Very disappointed in these people!

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  • Sh
    shannon terlaje smith Jul 01, 2016

    I am so shocked at how Golden West Management treats their tenants! We haven't even moved in yet!
    We were prepared to move in to our house today at noon. We received an email from the office YESTERDAY informing us that the AC in the unit wasn't working! It just happens to be one of the hottest most humid weeks here in San Diego... I gave them 3 possible solutions to try to remedy the situation. 1) supply us with temporary AC units in the house so the house can be 'livable' for us. 2.) put us up in a hotel until the unit is ready. 3) They can pro-rate our rent and then we will move in once the AC unit is fixed.
    They said no to all of our suggestions. They refuse to do anything to accommodate us. And they gave us no indication as to when they think the unit will be prepared. As new tenants, we're supposed to just deal with it.
    We have decided not to move in until the ac unit is ready.
    Another weird fact is that they only have a 1 day turn around to get the unit ready between tenants. That is just disgusting! I now have to hire a service to clean the house once more before we can move in.
    One day turnaround?
    I absolutely regret working with this company. I cannot believe how they treat their tenants. I hope all renters and owners do their homework before they go into a contract with them.
    You are responsible for fixing everything in the unit. You are to give them a list of issues within 5 days of moving in but I seriously doubt the long list of items will be worked on...they will probably throw it in a drawer and use it when it is time to move out so they can deduct their extra earnings from your deposit.
    So far, I am not impressed. I am actually disgusted.

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  • Lori Malkoff Aug 27, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    GoldenWest Management is a first rate rip-off organization. This is our first experience with them, and to date, they have been extremely difficult and unresponsive to very reasonable requests, like heat and running water.

    My wife and I were knowingly rented a 45-year old condo, in a 55-and-over community, with no functioning heating system. Shelise Murray, the sales agent, was asked directly and specifically by us if the heat worked during the showing of the property on March 8, 2016. She looked right at us, and told us she had tested it herself, and it worked fine. Wow, lying to tenants before even signing the lease. And, about a habitability issue like heat?

    On move in March 28, the fuse to the ceiling heating unit was shut off at the circuit breaker. We called SDG&E to see if the unit was safe to use, and they vehemently said NO, not until a contractor looked at it. In June we submitted a repair request for the heat to GoldenWest Management. Mr Yoss made fun of us for wanting our heat even addressed in the summertime (see his Yelp rebuttal).

    After 6-months, and reporting Mr. Yoss to the California Board of Real Estate because of our lack of heat, we finally saw a heating contractor. Although, no decision has been made yet about when/if we will get heat.

    We reported Mr. Yoss to the California Board of Real Estate a second time for making a serious effort to evict us for continuing to ask for heat! He actually had the eviction terms drawn up and waiting for us to accept.

    4 months after we moved in, our 18-year old kitchen faucet failed. Mr. Yoss and Goldenwest Management have charged us a copay to repair it. This is a habitability issue, and completely illegal in California, with a Superior Court precedent set in 1974! GoldenWest Management is trying to charge us a $60 copay for replacing our kitchen faucet. Thus, we reported Mr. Yoss to the California Board of Real Estate for a third time in 6-months.

    And, he is finally under investigation by the California Board of Real Estate.

    It is important to note that Mr. Yoss writes in his rebuttal of my GWM Yelp review: "Dr" Malkoff has verbally abused most of the GWM staff, the HOA management staff, and the HOA board in the community in which she rents. She finds the need to belittle others, and make bigoted comments".
    My wife and I have asked Mr. Yoss no fewer than six times for a list of the HOA people we've abused or offended, with no reply. Truth is, neither my wife nor I have ever met any members of the HOA Board, and only one member of the HOA management staff. So I am thinking this list must be pretty short.

    AND, then to call me a bigot? Really?? My wife and I are Jewish doctors, Public Health practitioners, gay and married, Democrats who speak fluent Spanish. Pretty sure we're the opposite of bigots. EVERYONE who knows us would laugh at this comment, as we are remarkably inclusive. Maybe some projection is going on there by Mr. Yoss...quien sabe?? No lo comprendo!

    Finally, GoldenWest is all about the money and keeping OWNERS happy. TENANT BEWARE! Read the website...there is not one mention of respecting tenants or keeping them happy. Only talk about OWNERS and making them money! You will find Yuri Jacobo to have absolutely no compassion nor empathy for tenants! Be prepared to wait many days to weeks for contractor and maintenance tasks to be approved and completed, if ever. Jason has created a company, in three states, too large for him to run effectively. He is seemingly incapable of discerning the differences in the laws within and between the three states he is licensed. For example, his command of California Landlord-Tenant law is either seriously lacking, or he simply has no regard for it.

    Life is too short to ever deal with Jason Yoss and Goldenwest Management, Inc. No matter how much you love the place, IT'S NOT WORTH IT! Do yourself the biggest favor ever, and just walk away.

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  • Ge
    George Gonzalez Sep 01, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Jayson yoss handled my rental property in tucson; i agree he is a POS; he is brave on the phone; when i went to speak to him in person at his office he was really nice; I fired him that same day; my friend Tina Hoffman said Jayson tries to screw all of his female employees. Stay Away from this Creep.

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  • Ge
    George Gonzalez Sep 09, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please Report Jayson Yoss to the BBB! There have been numerous complaints against him.
    Also I got most of my rent from him; but that was because I called him all the time to follow-up
    I have been with another property management company for 4 years; they have been excellent
    and have never had any issues. Like I said; Jayson Yoss has a Short-Man's-Complex!

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  • Co
    Colleen Grillo Dapcevic Sep 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    RUN don't walk away from any property managed by Jayson Yoss and his company Golden West Management.  Dealing with him goes on the LIFE IS TOO SHORT list. As you can see from the GENUINE reviews on this site and others, ripping off tenants is business as usual. We are renting a high-end property in La Jolla. I had such an upsetting experience with Jayson the day before our lease started that my husband and I very seriously considered walking away and potentially losing our $8K with deposit and moving fees. Ask yourself, how bad would an experience have to be to sincerely risk losing $8K?  My husband thought I was overreacting until he went online and read literally dozens of reviews that echo my experience. Here are a few specifics:  He agreed to have the house and windows professionally cleaned before move in and did not. The housecleaner he hired told me he instructed her to only clean the bathrooms and wipe the walls. He charged us a $200 administration fee he will not qualify. After he had our deposit and the move was scheduled, he had us sign a contract that requires us to pay $60 of every repair needed. He prorated a full days rent but would not give us the keys until 12:00P and made us drive to his office 30 minutes away to pick up the keys even though he was at the house that morning.  He refused multiple requests to do a walk through the house before we moved in.  When I told him I stopped by the property and the back door was open so I walked through quickly and the house and garage were filthy, he threatened to charge us with trespassing and charge an additional day of rent.  He continued with a torrent of bizarre insults like "I know what kind of people you are!  You want this to get ugly?  Fine!" and "Are you trying to tell me how to do my job? I've been doing this 15 years!" When I pointed out we are also landlords and are only asking for the house to be cleaned, he replied, "Ha!  You have two piddly properties!  I manage properties that rent for $15K a month." At this point, we have been in the house for one year. I have never had a more unpleasant and unprofessional experience with a company in my entire life. Jayson’s attitude and actions have been dishonest, unethical, intrusive, rude, unkind, illogical, and even illegal. He is currently under investigation by the California Board of Real Estate and he’s been reported many times to the BBB. I feel a moral responsibility to warn people about Jayson Yoss. We wish someone would have warned us!

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  • La
    Lana Nys Jun 20, 2017
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    Verified customer

    Hi all, we have rented through GWM and now upon move out both my Landlord and I are looking to take action. They are thieves and Mr. Yoss real estate license needs to be taken away. It would be helpful if some of you who have experienced the same would like to move forward with us.
    Please reply if anyone is interested and we can get in touch.

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  • Id
    idolgenius Mar 24, 2020

    Nothing good about this group. Too many details to list, you don't know me but trust me you will not be happy long term. I wish I was in your spot deciding whether to use them or not, and read this and turn away. Read other detail reviews out there, do your due diligence and you will soon find that Jayson Yoss who is the head of this crooked group and you will know. Talk to him and you will be sure your talking to Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver. See this, should have watched out for that. Don't regret and move forward with them or you'll see.

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