Global Tranz aka www.CarrierRate.comTerrible experience!


Beware!!! Globaltranz or Global Tranz aka Carrierrate is ###! They will try to get your business by giving you low prices and then send you bill with a lot more extra charges later. Globaltranz is a company which is middle man between trucking company and business shipping stuff to their customers. We used their service back in 2005 and at that time they used central transport as trucking company to ship our stuff. ( we are a company shipping motorcycles to customers). They had a lot damages and they always rebilled us. For instance, when you check their price on their website, they will give you a quote like "$130", not bad for a 150 pounds dirt bike, right? but guess what, later on they will give you another bill to ask you pay $150 more and they said because we did not put right weight. It is ### because we ship that bike and always pay $130 but what the hell they need charge that same bike $150 more in some cases? Their trucking company messed up and Global Tranz will not do anything but keeping ask you to pay those ridiculous amount. We stopped to use their services after that and their sales kept calling us after that. They told us they got rid of central transport and now they are with another company so that problem won't happen any more. They came up even lower prices, we got fooled by them again and start to use their service in 2006. Biggest mistake! They did some bait and switch again!!! They sent more extra bills, they did not honor their price quote on their own website! What is worse, they will get your social security number and sent collection to credit bureau and try to ruin your personal credit even it is 100% business activity and it is their fault not to honor the prices and make it right!

Stay away from Globaltranz aka at all costs. They had no control over their trucking company partners, they won't fight for you if there are problems happen. They will try to get your business by showing low price quotes which they will not honor. They will try to get your personal social security number and if you don't pay those ridiculous amount they asked, they will ruin your personal credit.

Back in 2006, there were quite a lot companies in motorcycle business to use their services and most of them now realized that they were just scam and stopped using their services!


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    Andrew Sep 11, 2008

    This is a very dishonest company. We used them for some time, we paid them in a timely manner as they asked. They held payments to the trucking companies and it reported on OUR credit report. Melissa is the worst, she is no help at all and makes excuses for everything. I would never deal with this company again, and I urge you to find other another company. There are plenty of other services out there that will do their job that Global Tranz cannot seem to do.

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  • Ja
    James Salay Dec 03, 2008

    Bill Please provide details as to your issue so that it may be resolved properly. If in fact you did move your product at say the wrong weight class or to a destination not originally detailed to GlobalTranz than yes addtional charges will apply.

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  • Jj
    JJAMES1219 Dec 08, 2009




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  • Sc
    Screwed Agent Jan 31, 2010

    GlobalTranz is overcharging on 100% of the invoices I got from them. I ran the fuel surcharges and found that they are over by 4% on average. Since I am an agent, they are stealing from me.

    Mike Leto is a crook!

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  • Sounds like the customer did not provide accurate weight and classification. It is crucial from the beginning that accurate information is provided. Damage-How are these vehicles packaged. Again if not packaged properly could be succeptable to damage in the transportation industry. Also weight is a focus of the LTL industry as the industry is reweighing about 90 to 100% of all shipments moving. It is frustraiting to the shipping industry but it is the responsibility of the carrier to insure they have accurate weights when moving over the roads.

    Maybe the sales end needs to be up front from the beginning how crucial it is to input accurate information.

    A old man in the transportation industry in Eastern Shore Maryland, not related to and only researching Global Tranz for the first time today.

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  • Th
    They called me today May 03, 2010

    Concerned Transportation Member, I am also researching for the first time today. Please post back and let me know if there's any recent complaints you found that would make us hesitant to choose GlobalTranz.

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  • Br
    Brew Town USA May 27, 2010

    I am an agent of GlobalTranz and have had no issues with GlobalTranz themselves, but have found that LTL carriers are really sticking it to everyone with reweighs and reclasses and I know it easy to get mad at GlobalTranz but like the person sad above they are the middle person and usually the middle person is the one that gets yelled at the most even if it isn't their fault. People get upset because reclasses but usually it’s their fault for putting the wrong class. They can argue all they want about I used to always ship at this class. But what they don't realize they might have been under an FAK before at another company but that FAK doesn't follow you and every new company you go to will most likely be quoted at the actual class if they don't have an FAK negotiated for you or a blanket FAK for everyone to use.

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  • Ic
    IcekingPA Oct 06, 2010

    I agree 100% they are the worst no accountability I asked for the reweigh certificate never got it, I have been shipping the same product for over 10 years it always ways exactly the same we didnt change the packaging or anything like that, a salesrep kept bugging me so I finally gave them a chance on a few shipments and they all got reweighed supposedly. I now use a company in PA called PNG Logisitics. I have been with them for about 8 months no issues the one claim I had they filed and I got paid for it.

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  • ALL carriers and 3pl's will Re-Weight your freight. It the weight on the bill of lading you provide as a shipper is incorrect, they will re-bill you at the correct weight. AND, from that point on they will weight all your freight. They will charge you to weigh it and charge you for the correct weight, so you get hit twice. Advice to shippers: ALWAYS put the correct weight and dimensions on a shipment. Carriers are not dumb.

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  • Me
    Messenger7 Jul 23, 2011

    Gloabltranz is a Fraudulent business, people please BEWARE! I am going to alert the media to my case, file with the BBB and finally I will be filing a lawsuit. I am looking for other people who have had similar experiences with Globaltranz who would also like to be a part of my lawsuit. We were approached by Globaltranz who said we would save money by using them. At the point of transfer we had an FAK with another company. They asked us to test out their system to see their "lower rates". I explained that I had an FAK and didn't actually know what class my furniture was. I gave them a very distinct and accurate description of my freight, and, as well, the agent visited my website and told me "We have checked and it's Class 150." <~~~~~ I have this in writing. ( Yay Me!!!) I decided to use Globaltranz basically because my previous Freight Carrier was breaking a lot of my furniture, which I found exhausting. Fast forward a few months...I get a charge at class 250 and I contact my agent. The rate I am being charged is so high that I have actually lost money selling the item. ( hundreds of dollars) I contact Globaltranz who states: "It's WRONG! We have been trying to fight this charge for months, it's not right, The freight companies are just trying to pad their pockets, go file a chargeback IMMEDIATELY at your bank!"<~~~~~I have this in writing too! ( Yay Me!!!) I did not file a chargeback because I don't want my Business credit screwed up (Ladies and Gentlemen...They can not put this on your personal credit...If they do, you can have it removed because it is a corporate debt) or any of my shipments in transit detained, instead I keep asking him to fix it. Fast forward a couple months... I notice that HUGE chunks of cash is missing out of my bank account and go online to look. What I see is charges from Globaltranz that do not match any of my freight. I contact my caseworker and ask him for my billing. He doesn't sent it it me but tells my partner it's for some add on charges. I keep asking him via email for my billing, and he keeps saying he sent it to my partner. ( I am the payer and my partner didn't get any emails from him) After contacting Globaltranz and asking for a new caseworker, He finally he sends me my billing, which doesn't explain the charges. I then ask him for the add on billing and he sends it. I will take responsibility for the re-weighs because in fact, we started hand making our own pallets and maybe they were heavier...but the reclasses from 150 to 250 and even 300???????? They were so high, that it not only DRAINED my bank account, but, in some cases I was paying MORE in freight than I even collected in total from my clients because I charged them freight charges based on class 150! Please note that it didn't happen to all of my furniture sets, even though they are all the same materials, just some of them. The overcharges for re-classes are more that 20, 000 at this point. This does not include times where they said they'd delete wrongfully charged items from my account ( $603) and other times I was charged for Canadian Customs fees when Globaltranz made my documents incorrectly. Ladies and Gentleman...Instead of an apology, they deny responsibility. Jerry, my caseworker denies ever telling me Class 150 ( Luckily I have it in writing) . I begin to get Snarky tactless emails from various members of Globaltranz including Mike Leto, J Fragola, Jerry Webb...all denying what I was told by their company. I know that now there is the potential of this happening, but, I am in a predicament: I still have clients who I collected from at class 150 prices...who get to rate us on Ebay that I now know there is a possibility that I will be losing $400-$700 per client. I can't afford the negative feedbacks as Ebay is a very strict environment. Luckily for me, I have contracted with another company who has promised me an FAK. I say it again: GLOBALTRANZ IS COMPRISED OF LIARS. I urge you to join me against Globaltranz in a lawsuit and help spread the word about their lies and tactics. I now know they intentionally lied to me about the freight class to get my business, all the while I am only getting DENIAL freom them in the face of proof.

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  • Az
    azfreight Jul 23, 2012

    Global Tranz is the worst freight company out there. Well, I am sure there are worse, but it is the worst one that I know of. They overcharged me as well on many invoices. Hidden fees. In addition, they filed a damage claim with a carrier that was supposed to be for 2 pallets total weight 1000 lbs as two pieces of wood for 75 lbs. Now they refuse to refile the claim even though they said they would. Now they sent me to an outside collector because I refused to pay the invoice.

    I also have many invoices and charges on my account that they refuse to provide invoices or POD's. I have asked a dozen times and nothing. Then I asked the collector and he told me to pound sand and pay the total due.

    They are ### and I suggest no one use this company for anything.

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  • On
    online retailer Aug 14, 2012

    I currently use them (Aug 14, 2012) AND THEY'RE JUST LIKE WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DESCRIBING, Hidden Fees, Overcharging on invoice later, lots of damages, claims do not settle, if it does luckily settle Ashley Leto is in charge of sending claim checks to us - try to avoid sending it at all costs with lame excuses. They like money for sure, but doesn't provide services what customers are paid for! BEWARE OF THIS SCAMMING COMPANY!

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  • Gm
    GMK337 Jan 15, 2013

    I have read through these comments and can't understand why you are unhappy with globaltranz? If you have a problem with your invoices or cost you should contact your independent agent, not Globaltranz. I've been and independent agent for four years and have nothing but happy customers. When they have a problem, I solve it for them. I do not expect Globaltranz to handle my customers problems. Globaltranz provides a products that independent logistic companies pay for. I have compared their product to the competition and they have the best tools to use if your looking to ship LTL freight.

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  • Bi
    bigbean counter Jun 26, 2013

    Globaltranz has hundreds of outside sales reps. Most of them do not know the business. If you deal with a good rep, you will get good information. As far as the re bills, every 3pl does this. It cost them more money & they don't like it any more than the customers do. Some 3pls only have up to 10 carrier contracts & may have an FAK or pallet rates, so this is the major difference. If anything, the reps get riped off more than the customers, so if you class your product properly as we do, you will not have many problems.

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  • An
    Antoniobakery Jun 13, 2016

    We have been used for the last two years, it is an excellent source in order to give quote accurately to your customers. This complain could be in the 1% of unsatisfied customers

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