Global Connections, Incthe gift scam I receive

A man calls Nicky Lee, who claims himself from the UK text me via the Whatapp and request to send me a gift to me. 3 days later, the courier claims the parcel has arrived in Australia and should pay USD 1500 to claim the package. The lady who calls Cindy Thompson requests me to pay the money via her personal ac at Bendigo Bank. The phone number she uses is 852 6440 1046, which is a Hong Kong-based number. She requests me to send the cash deposits to her immediately, which means within today. The gift that Nicky said he plans to send me include a phone, bags, and watches. Fortunately, I sense something is wrong at this stage, so I didn't make any payment to that account.

  • Updated by Joyce Lun, Oct 02, 2019

    Actually, he still texts me by far.

Oct 02, 2019

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