Glen Ivy Hot Springsservice stealing money from customers

L Sep 08, 2018

On August 25th, 2018 I made a reservation to get treatment at Glen Ivy on September 7, 2018. I was not given an conformation email stating information about my reservation. I waited four days for this email still have not received it. I call on August 29th to cancel the reservation because I still haven't gotten my email, So since I didn't receive it, my reservation was not confirmed. So that should have been an automatic cancel but I called anyway to cancel just in case. I called September 7, 2018 to inform them that I didn't receive my conformation email or my conformation email about my cancellation. The lady on the phone continue to asked me what number did I call to cancel I said an 800 number, then she asked me what phone number I call from, I told her what does it matter what number I called from do you see my cancellation. The lady never once said she seen my cancellation just kept asking for my phone number, then she kept putting me on hold to talk to a manager, she said we will take your money off your account because I didn't cancel in time, I told her yes I did, she put me on hold again and talked to a manager, she was like we can put your money on a gift card, I said your telling me that your going to take my money and put it on a gift card, I said no you are not taking my money you don't have permission to take my money when I canceled the reservation. I said I want to talk to the manager because this is not right. The lady put me on hold and transferred me to and answering machine that stated that a manager will get back to me within 24 hours, meanwhile you take my money out my account. I left a long voice mail stating my unhappiness with your company, I have dealt with customer service all my life, this business customer service sucks, you still peoples money from them I will be contacting the better business people in the morning, after I got of the phone from leaving a voice mail then they sent me a conformation email at 9:02 am about my appointment that I cancel and still did not conform. Because you took my money out of my account without permission you have over drawn my account, very unprofessional of you, I will be contacting every social media group and informing them of how you handle business, if this issue is not taken care of so disappointed in your business.

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