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The the service is no longer needed because it's not worth the money

All I needed help with was my battery and it wasn't charging the way it should in my computer and they keep charging me $46.00 for the service that wasn't working for me and they need to stop charging my debit card for that money too. I have called them several time left messages and my email address and phone number for them to get contact with me. And I want my refund back too of what I paid before because it doesn't make any sense to begin with.

Encore gaming

I submitted a complaint about the tech support from Encore gaming but I was on Encore Dental when I did it. In the body of the complaint I did say that Encore Dental was not what I was complaining about. I did it twice. I need the tech support to help me move an icon in one of their games. I got two messages asking about Encore Dental which as I said before that it was not my problem.


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get human is a useless robot run scam

I've been asking Get Human to assist me in contacting the USPS to resolve an issue for 24 days. So far they have not contacted them and called me or even email me a "code" as promised. All I receive are incessant emails about 6 times a day asking if my issue is resolved. I respond to every one, requesting their help again. I've received no communication explaining why this is such a problem.

  • Updated by Terri McGee · Sep 03, 2019

    I've been requesting assistance from Get Human to contact the USPS to resolve an issue for 24 days. I have not been contacted by them or emailed a "code" as promised. They send me incessant emails, about 6 a day, asking me if I've resolved my issue yet. I respond to each one and request their help yet again. I have not received an email explaining why they continue to fail to follow through as promised. This is shitty customer service and it's a damn good thing I'm not paying for it.

Get Human

I have been waiting for Get Human to get in touch with the US Postal Service for me for three weeks. I make a request about 4 times per day. So far they have not made contact with them or sent me a code. What do I have to do to get Get Human to help me? So far I'm convinced that your company is a robot run scam! All I receive in exchange for my requests are incessant emails asking me how I've solved my issue. How can I possibly solve anything when Get Human fails to do what they promise?


I have been trying to have Get Human to contact the US Postal Service, as their job descriptions states. Almost 3 weeks later and Get Human still has not contacted them for me OR sent me a code.
They send me incessant emails asking me how the USPS has solved this issue; each time I tell them that the USPS has not had the opportunity to resolve this issue because Get Human has failed to contact them for me.

  • Updated by Terri McGee · Aug 28, 2019

    I have been waiting for Get Human to get in touch with the US Postal Service for me for three weeks. I make a request about 4 times per day. So far they have not made contact with them or sent me a code. What do I have to do to get Get Human to help me? So far I'm convinced that your company is a robot run scam!

  • Updated by Terri McGee · Aug 28, 2019

    I have still been waiting for three weeks for Get Human to contact the USPS so that I can resolve an issue.

  • Updated by Terri McGee · Aug 29, 2019

    Still no action done by Get Human after over 3 weeks and 6 requests per day. I register multiple complaints a day also.

  • Ve
    venera Nov 17, 2019

    My computer had been hacked
    delete all about me venera nikolic on get human

    my new email is
    [email protected]

    dear get human delete my account now my computer had been hacked

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get human

your site is a site that helps people get in contact with large business and big companies to help resolve their complaints.

However defamatory statements are being said and posted about people who have nothing to do with Facebook or any other part of their complaint for that matter.

This is wrong and needs to be fixed. If a person has a problem with the way that Facebook communicate or fails to communicate with them that doesn't give them the right to then use this page to post vicious statements about unrelated people that are untrue and very damaging.

Your company has a responsibility to make sure people are using your product
as it was intended and appropriately.

Any content on your webpage that has been publicly posted and that is not relevant to the services or the product you're offering must be be removed promptly. especially can when it maybe wishes or slanderyou should have them removed immediately.

I am formally requsting the removal of the defamatory posts made by user GetHuman2532890. Please cease from publishing or a llowing the public to posts defamatory statements about people without any factual evidence.


Useless garbage website that doesn't even have a direct way to contact them themselves besides a phone number. this went completely unresolved and they provide no real way to "get a human" at YouTube. Garbage, trash. Character minimum.

  • Te
    Terri McGee Aug 28, 2019

    Get Human must be a robot run scam outfit. I've been waiting for three weeks for them to contact a company and all they do is send me incessant emails asking me if my issue is resolved.

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telephone call back service

I read their article and their promise about using their phone call system in order to be placed on the IRS' callback program instead of being on hold for an hour or more. After submitting my info, twice, they asked for a code number that they claimed to have sent. Never received. Two attempts. Bunch of [censored]. Am now concerned about what they are actually doing with my phone number.

ripped off

This is a complete waste of money and nothing else.
I had a serious problem with Facebook and I neede it to be fixed as soon as possible. Contacted them, they said everything will be ok within twenty-four hours. What did I get? Nothing, but promises.
There's no human being working for them, just computers with the same computer-generated emails and chats. Of course, the problem can't be fixed, because there's no one to do it.
So tricky. Wasted my money to talk to robots. Great :(


I had an issue with google and decided to try this service Gethuman. They promised they'll resolve my issue within few days. They also said that if not then I'll get a full refund, and that was just a lie. One week later I contacted them myself and asked how things were going and they said they need more time. Another week passed and then one more, and I finally asked for a refund. They said that they were not able to refund me. They did not keep their promise and literally they scammed me and stole my money. Do not trust this company, all they need is your money. They are not here to help, they are here to rob you!

they never did anything!

About 5 years ago I made a new Facebook account and for some reason (I don't remember why) I did not delete the old one. I tried to contact Facebook customer service but they never replied. One day I found GetHuman and they seemed very professional with all those positive reviews. I decided to give it a try and hired these guys. I paid for the service in advance and asked them to remove my old account.
Several days later I went online to check what was going on and saw that my old FB account was still there. Contacted GetHuman and asked them what was the matter and they said that they were working on it and asked me to be more patient.
One week later my account was still there!! I demanded my money back but they did not reply.
These guys never did anything, they just stole my money and that's the whole story. Do not deal with these clowns!

they don't keep promises

I recently used the website, but it was completely scam. They promised to contact me with required company, and I could stop to struggle on the phone in order to contact some company. But in reality, everything was opposite, because it was impossible to contact, because there were only machine voices, which promised to call me back, but no one did. It might be a good idea and very useful for other customers, if people left their opinions about this website.

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    mcmxli Mar 30, 2016

    In my research into whether to do business with a website, I am especially interested in complaints about the website. I look at the complainant’s presentation and rationality in terms of “Does the complainant provide a complete and logical written account such that the reader can reach a conclusion that the complainant probably was capable of effectively communicating with the website?” My conclusion as to this particular complaint is that the posting is unsupported and was presented emotionally. I can assume only that the complainant dealt with the website in the same fashion and, therefore, probably had much to do with an unsuccessful interaction with the website. The posting’s value to me is, therefore, neutral.

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  • Mg
    Mgamez Mar 06, 2017

    I recently hired gethuman to get me a code for square card. And th hey where fast on charging my card and after that they told me exactly what i had previously mentioned them. And after that im still waiting. Its been 4 days and not a response from them. A TOTAL RIPOFF COMPANY

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  • Un
    UnhappyCaller Mar 07, 2019

    Harvested my phone number and promised to call American airlines for me. Told me I had a five minute wait. I knew that wasn't true because I had just called myself and was told that there would be a one to two hour wait, at 11 pm!
    The gethuman site kept showing a five minute wait and gave the status as "dialing". I'm sorry I have them my number and confirmed it.

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  • Ir
    Irisheyes1979 Jun 26, 2019

    What a waste of time with this website. I was better off waiting on hold myself. I know that the IRS has a long wait time, but when Get Human says its only a 15 minute hold time, I knew there was a problem. Not to mention, it would stay at the same status "Dialing IRS Customer Support". Whatever you do, not provide this company with any of your information. Once they have it, they won't stop calling or texting you.

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  • Ra
    Rainman70 Aug 04, 2019

    We booked a room in Boston and had to cancel since my wife had surgery. My wife called gethuman. They said the room was nonrefundable. They sounded legit because they had information that pertained to our booking. They said they would get us a refund if we got a giftcard. My radar went up, but against better judgement we went along with it. No gift cards at Walgreen so they said get an Ebay card instead. Got the gift card and they put us on hold. I thought they would ghost us, but when they came back on the phone they said there was a problem and that the funds were "stuck in their server". Next they wanted another gift card for $500. Told them they were a scam and hung up. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

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  • Mi
    michael smith234 Aug 28, 2019

    Thanks for the correct information

    [email protected]

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