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I subscribed for access to U.S. census records with Genealogy.Com. I understand they are part of the Ancestry.Com conglomerate that is part of the Mormon church. I knew that when I had completed my census search, I would have to call [protected] to cancel the subscription. Otherwise Genealogy.Com would continue a monthly billing of my credit card account until the gates of hell iced up.

Today I called that phone number, intending to quickly ask that my subscription be cancelled immediately. After thirty minutes of being on hold and burning up cell phone minutes, I was dumped into dial tone land. My second attempt lasted thirty five minutes. My next two calls took one hour and twenty five minutes. The whole thing took two and a half hours.

In addition to the elapsed phone time that only a retiree can afford, they inflicted physical pain on my ears while I was on hold. They started out with an audible voice telling me to remain on the line. Then they went to symphonic music at what to me was an ear piercing decibel rate with for about fifteen seconds. Then I could almost hear a very low volume female voice asking me to remain on the line. Then I was back to the symphony for another fifteen or so seconds. After four or five repeats of this cycle, I wound up holding the phone way away from my head and wondering if the last voice I couldn't hear was someone asking if they could help me. They certainly don't make it easy or pleasant to deal with them. However, I don't recall ever having had this problem when they were taking my credit card informatiom.

Now, I would go to my local library for census information rather than have to deal with these folks again.


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Feb 09, 2016 9:07 am

I'm needing to contact someone from the but don't know how. .They have the name of my sons father wrong. They have down that my ex-father in-law is the father. I would lie to get this fixed ASP!
Unsure what category I'm suppose to put this under?

Jul 27, 2015 6:09 pm should be called " Make it up .com"... If you read anything by RYAN and LYNDA POYROO . These people want to past themselves off as professional genealogists, however you have to report facts to do that not complete lies...I went out with a girl for only four weeks when I was Twenty one, however you report we where " Married"...what absolute rubbish! RYAN and LYNDA POYROO good luck trying to pass on any of the "POO" you write as credible. Try writing soap operas...You have missed your true calling!

Aug 14, 2014 1:27 pm

I just decided to look on the site for family records and found several items that were clearly incorrect. Like, for example, my grandfather died in 1965, well before I was born in 1973. My sister's name was spelled incorrectly, and her mother was listed as one of my father's wives, but not her actual mother. It's very rude to use people's information for personal gain, and not even get it right! What an insult!

Aug 28, 2013 11:36 am
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Aug 28, 2013 11:01 am
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i meant to agree witht he post at top.

Aug 28, 2013 10:59 am
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sorry i misspeleld the website name, it was .

Aug 28, 2013 10:55 am
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more is evil. because they gather and accept unauthorized personal info for the entire world to see. they show who is related to whom, and some of it is false and erroneous info. When you try to remove your name through your account, they will not let you. They hold all your personal info hostage under the false premise that what's on the internet is public info. well, that may be, but once removed it will eventually become so old that no one will still cache or retain it, so they should allow their users to revise or change their names on accounts to hide their personal full names and identites. this is so that ID thieves or stalkers or whomever, cannot find people by name especially if they do not want to be located. It is one thing to talk about dead people on family trees, but it is quite another to expose living people and our locations, full names, relatives names, etc etc. This site is a bane and a poison upon mankind, and should be immediately terminated and shut down unless they allow users to remove all their previously posted info and change their user names on past posts that are linked to accounts. They allow those past posts to link to current usernames which have been changed. but the old posts still have our full names on them as they do not change it when you change your user name. only on new posts is it changed. and yet linked to old posts with the old user name or full name. This stinks to high heaven and it must be adjusted to protect people who want their identity held more privately for safety and privacy concerns. This organization has no monopoly on our name or identity or info, so they ought to be held accountable for their false belief that they get to hold our info hostage and display it publicly without our consent or after we change our mind, revoke our consent, and wish to conceal ourselves. They should be sued til they break and fall on their damnable faces, losing all their entire databases if they do not relent and allow us to withdraw and delete our own posted and registered info as we so need to do. And delete it from their databases as well. For living people especially.

Why is my daughter and son on Who put their names their and the birth places are incorrect .

Jan 19, 2010 10:39 am

And another thing. I know everything you see on has to be taken with a grain of salt but I research the Terry family and there is one guy named Mike who is either posting incorrect information or trying to sell DNA tests. When I have asked Genealogy about this they ignore the question. He posts so much garbage and misinformation and it's all to get people looking in his general direction and I'm aware for every good genealogist there's a "Mike" that doesn't have a life and sits and reads posts all day but he shouldn't be selling his garbage. I also had my e-mail address that I used on the site sold in a list of Terry researchers so I had to change that after all the porn started flooding in. Sharon, only hit the submit button once, glad you had a good experience!

Aug 20, 2008 11:39 am

After looking for over an hour on the site I had to do a google search to get the phone number. Thanks for listing it. Once I got called however, they answered right away and took care of my problems and cancellation without issue. Very nice people to talk too. Ready to help with any problem.

Aug 20, 2008 11:36 am

I had to do a google search to get the number. Once I got it however, they answered right away and took care of my problems and concellation without issue. Very nice people to talk too. Ready to help with any problem.


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