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I have had very bitter experiences with gearbest lately... Firstly they are continuously selling stuff they don't have stock of... Then make us wait for 2 months saying shipping will be in 7 to 15 days... Then force customers to cancel the order as they are incapable to send... If customers do not cancel they cancel at their own whims n fancies... Dont even bother to ask... Then they argue about the refund... We literally have to fight for our refund... Of this they do not refund shipping and insurance charges... I don't understand how can they charge shipping n insurance for something they fail to send... Now thts not enough a lot of times the parcels dont reach us so if we ask for refund we are refunded inappropriately... But worse is what they have started lately... I ordered for a violet purse and they sent me a red one n now they are insisting tht it is violet as if I am colour blind n dont know the difference... I asked them to take it back n give me my full refund n they are refusing... They are saying only 18$ will be refunded for a 50$ bag because its colour difference n it is violet n because of tht function will not be affected... Then they should keep one category for clothes one for shoes n one for bags so client orders n waits for a surprise as to which one gets delivered... On their website they sell the violet n red tote as 2 seperate items n though I ordered violet they sent red n are challenging me tht its violet... I am sick of fighting with them continuously... They lately came back telling me tht because I have too many rma I dont deserve a refund more than 18$... I asked them to chk statistics before accusing me as 80% orders were refunded because they failed to deliver n forced me to cancel n 20% as they were never delivered... Of the 100 orders only 7 have been taken as refund as it did not reach me... 30+ have been cancelled by gearbest or because they had no stock... I really need justice... Could u pls help

Jun 09, 2019
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