SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Complaints & Reviews / account selling

Mar 18, 2015

i have been trying to sell a game account to these ### for last 6 weeks, according to there website all dealings can be done within 96 hours. there so called ' customer service ' is non existent. there 'email response' in non existent' any emails you do get from...

GameTag / GameTag Holds Grudges-Terrible Experience that Has Lasted for YEARS

Jan 31, 2015

These people are absolute ###. I recently discovered a libelous posting about myself on this website. GameTag included a huge amount of personal information, including my email address, home address, past schooling, and even a photo of myself. I gave an extremely detailed review of my poor... / Scammed out of my money

Oct 30, 2014

I bought an account a while back off of this website thinking it was legitimate. I sent my payment, After a few days I receive an account that didn't fit the description. I sent a email to them stating the account didn't fit the description and asked for a refund. Since then I...

[Resolved] / scam, account stolen

Oct 25, 2014

Tried to sell my gw2 account to them, after filling the questionaire they sent me an email stating: An agent will now review your order. Please make sure all information is accurate so we can avoid any delays that could occur with your order. If all information is accurate, no additional... / Fraudulent charges and impossible to find their contact info

Aug 10, 2014

I never bought from the scamming website I noticed that they started to take money from me. I searched for their contact info, but nothing. I filled a lot of forms on the website, but no one replied. I’m really desperate and I have no idea what to do now. Maybe... / Account selling scam

Apr 25, 2012

After going through the account submission process and providing the requested information, I found after waiting around a week for a response my account's password had been changed. Upon retrieving my account I found that all of the items and gold on the high level characters had... / Stay away from these guys

Jun 18, 2011

Was happy about getting what I thought was a fair price for my FFXI account. However, I then decided I did not wish to sell my account and have been e-mailing them for over a week, and have not had any response. It says on their website that a submission can be cancelled anytime before the... / No response yet from them, hope it changes otherwise this is 100% a scam site

Jun 08, 2011

After about 10 hours I got an email asking for verification (name and address) via ID, utility bill, or Facebook. I was skeptical but did the verification via Facebook. 6 hours later the account the account information was delivered. I changed the email address and password on file with...