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Game Forge Ikariam Gamegame account was deleted without cause

U Review updated:

My account was deleted due to a requirement in the rule "multi-accounting". However, I followed the rules exactly, spoke to a game operator prior to making a second account and then created the second account following the rules exactly as stated. I have been using a ticket system with them for over a month and the employee refuses to re-activate my account which also has available game "money" that I purchased. The first excuse of the employee was that I did not contact the game operator through the ticket system. I showed him their own rules and told him "the rules does not state the contact method I must use in order to obtain a second account". I used their employee/customer ICQ chat system. After the employee learned this, he or she continued their responses with a different reason. Basically now he or she is making up an excuse each time because I have proved them wrong with their own rules. Now their decision is based on Ego and not whats correct. I called and emailed Game Forge directly in Germany several times and they always make me leave a message and they never call back or email back. I created another listing of this for the United states since I am not sure what is the correct location since they are based in Germany but located through out the world. Attached is a copy of the Ikariam rules that will show you the contact method required is not specified.

game account was deleted without cause


  • Bl
    BlueTR Aug 10, 2019

    I just asked a question. I got punished. The OgameTR forum is full of selfish managers. They only punished me for asking a question. In this way, they constantly punish. Yeah. I just asked questions. Sentenced? Please review the topic.

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  • Ok
    Oktay KUZU Jan 05, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are blocking their players for unfair reasons. Millions of pounds invested in waste. Instead of giving you any support in this regard, the other way around will turn you on and off. All this happens when there is no crime. The staff working in the background were totally inadequate. Do not waste your time.

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  • Al
    alireza2020 Dec 09, 2016

    gameforge supports are very bad

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  • Ag
    Agent 32 Jul 07, 2014

    Guy is punnished and loses money and fictional property aswell as years of playing a game because he is oppressed in his country and ended up being wired to the same IP as a guy he knew? Ridiculous, a warning would be more than enough,

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  • Th
    The Rampage Sep 14, 2010

    My account was deleted in another Gameforge game and this sounds like a similar case too. you have to read from bottom to top .

    Ticket history
    Current information regarding this ticket: Send reply

    Ticket-ID: 5237294
    Subject: Complaint about BAN Complain

    Attachments: 0
    Status: Your ticket is not handled yet
    Handled by: This ticket is handled by GameAdmin.

    Your answer: [protected]:27:57
    Hi Alanjo99

    I have been thinking about your reply and I really feel that your decision is still unfair.

    Yes your right to a point then you say "players responsibility to ensure that you are not sharing a network/IP address" and normally I would agree with you but I'm very sorry to say I don't this time and the "sharing a network / IP address" rule is there to stop player's from getting an unfair advantage not to penalties a player because of their location. You have to remember that it's standard practice for compounds within middle east to have block IP addresses a fact that I only found out because of this ban. So I feel that if your colleagues from .ae should know this but I'm not that shocked that they would agree with you because it's normal to side with work colleagues within the UAE.

    I would like to take my complain to the head of this department and higher because I'm a little sick of the way I have been messed around and the lack customer service isn't funny. I would like to add I will take this complain to the ombudsman if this ban isn't lifted .

    from Rampage

    Answer from: alanjo99 [protected]:20:42
    Hello Rampage

    I am sorry, but it is ultimately the players responsibility to ensure that you are not sharing a network / IP address.
    Looking at the ranges from the resorts IP and after consulting colleagues from .ae about this, I am afraid the accounts will have to remain on ban.


    Game Admin

    Answer from: jazzthing [protected]:35:30
    Your ticket has been assigned to the next level by our team.

    Your answer: [protected]:14:15

    this is past a point of being a joke and if still no reply I feel I'm in my rights to open a new ticket


    Your answer: [protected]:44:17
    Please can someone reply to me .

    Your answer: [protected]:42:36
    Dear anyone

    I'm still here and waiting for someone to lift the ban. I have been ban for over 30 days now and it's time to lift the unjust ban .

    from rampage

    Your answer: [protected]:56:01
    still no reply or action. please help

    Your answer: [protected]:46:57
    Hi jazzthing or alanjo99

    Do you have any decision yet ? I'm starting to feel that your not replying to me in the hope I will go away . :)

    Talk soon I hope


    Answer from: jazzthing [protected]:56:04
    Your ticket has been assigned to the next level by our team.

    Answer from: [protected]:20:03
    The ticket has been assign to the next level automaticaly.

    Your answer: [protected]:18:26
    Hi alanjo99

    Any news yet ? I'm still waiting, hoping and wishing :)

    from Rampage

    Your answer: [protected]:42:59
    Thank you

    All I ask is for a fair trial and to have my account that I spent so much time on back in working order.

    Try to put yourself in my position and maybe you will see that this is so unfair and unjust.

    I understand if you feel that unbanning my account may lead to a flood players trying to regain their accounts from the sin bin but I will be happy to change my username and not tell anyone about this misunderstanding.

    I feel as a top ranking staff member you would have the power and compassion to do the right thing.

    from Rampage

    Answer from: alanjo99 [protected]:29:57
    Hello Rampage

    Just for your information :

    Your ticket has been passed up to me, and I will review the details of it ASAP


    Game Admin

    Your answer: [protected]:35:13
    Dear Game Staff

    I forgot to add something important and I feel that I should just say this because of the ban. I play Beta world too (username: Roy)and I attack anyone for any reason and have been in over 15 wars. I only know of one player within Beta world that sometimes comes to stay in the compound Username was : Captain Black, now his called : Blank. I did send a ticket about this sometime ago.

    In this compound/Resort we have a lot of guests (2, 000 plus) staying here over the Holy Muslim holiday of Ramadan (starts next month)how can I tell if one of them play Beta world or not ? I did spot two girls at the starbucks (within the compound) playing Ikariam last week but I couldn't ask them their username because it's forbidden for a non-Muslim to talk to a single girls. So my question or point is "how can I stop this from happening to my Beta account?" because I have no way of telling if someone plays this world or not and I loot a lot of players there .

    Could you add a note to my Beta account

    From Rampage AKA Roy

    Your answer: [protected]:50:52
    Dear Game staff

    I hope that you will show mercy and agree with me.

    I more than agree that no one player should be above law and the Ikariam rules should be kept to at all times but my Fleet contact ban should be lifted because of the facts laid out in my 8 questions/points.

    from Ramage ARA James Roy

    Answer from: alanjo99 [protected]:07:25
    Your ticket has been assigned to the next level by our team.

    Answer from: alanjo99 [protected]:07:25
    Your ticket has been assigned to the next level by our team.

    Answer from: jazzthing [protected]:35:23
    Your ticket has been assigned to the next level by our team.

    Answer from: [protected]:20:23
    The ticket has been assign to the next level automaticaly.

    Answer from: alanjo99 [protected]:44:20
    Your ticket has been assigned to the next level by our team.

    Answer from: alanjo99 [protected]:44:20
    Your ticket has been assigned to the next level by our team.

    Your answer: [protected]:42:13
    Dear iotsak

    I have always tried to count to 10 before send a reply to you because the red misted comes over me but I asked if you could reply to all my 8 questions in full.

    If you or someone higher could please reply to all my questions and set them out in the order I asked them it would speed up everything e.g 1. (your reply) 2. (your reply) and so on .

    I feel and request that my case/Complaint should go to the very highest level plus some special consideration should be take because my location and I had no control or knowledge of a sheared network. I don't think I should be penalties because the safety myself and family but if you do maybe is isn't the game for me and I understand why less and less player are playing Ikariam everyday.

    Yours sincerely.


    Your answer: [protected]:45:52
    I disagree with the decision and feel I havn't had a fair trial.

    Answer from: iotsak [protected]:26:31
    Hello Rampage

    Your message had been read and reviewed by the Game administrator, and the decision made was clear, that the fleet contact ban remains.

    I am not in the position to discuss the player _J6_ with you.


    Your answer: [protected]:54:08
    Dear iotsak

    I'm sorry that you don't agree with what I have been saying but I feel that you haven't made the right decision and I would like to ask you some questions about the way you came to your decision. Please reply to all my questions in full because I feel this matter hasn't been taken seriously as yet.

    Let me just say before you read anything in to this message that I'm sorry if you may feel I'm having a go or belittling the work you do but I'm very frustrated that know one agrees with me as yet.

    1. Who reviewed this Case ? You or a Game Admin staff member?

    2. Did you read and understand my complaint in full ?

    3. Do you understand that before this ban I didn't know I was in a shared network and as far as I know I pay for a standard internet package per month just like you.

    4. Did _J6_ use the same IP address or just the same IP mask address?

    5. Do you think it's fair that I get a ban for something out of my control or knowledge, if the service provider/Compound management use a shared network to provide intrnet to my house and I pay monthly to Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and only when I got band I found out it's a Shared Network

    6. For my own safety and more importantly the safety of my wife and child I live inside a Compound (in Saudi Arabia) protected by armed guards 24hrs a day do you think I should be penalties because of this.

    7. I understand that players break this rule all the time and gain a lot from running two accounts but can you tell me why or how I could gain from sending about 3, 000 resources one time to such a small and new player ?

    8. I do understand you may hear some great story's about players getting a ban but I hope to take a step back and see this is a unfair and unjust ban on me and should be lifted.

    I think it's not much to ask for my case to to judged by a Game Administrator/Community Manageror or a panel of Super Game Operators. I would like to say sorry again if this ticket comes across in the wrong way but I have always been a man to talk straight to the point and hate to dancing around the issue.

    Yours sincerely.


    Answer from: iotsak [protected]:56:47
    Hello Rampage

    Your case has been reviewed. The decision remains that you have violated fleet contact rules, and both accounts will remain permanently banned.

    With regards

    Answer from: alanjo99 [protected]:15:14
    Your ticket has been assigned to the next level by our team.

    Answer from: iotsak [protected]:20:13
    Your ticket has been assigned to the next level by our team.

    Answer from: yumyumy [protected]:31:12
    Your ticket has been assigned to the next level by our team.

    Your answer: [protected]:27:42
    Hi yumyumy

    As far as I know I didn't break any rules but as I stated before many times it's not fair if it's out of my control or knowledge if the service provider/resort management use a shared network to provide intrnet to my house . I pay Saudi Telecom Company(STC)every month just like you do with your service provider so why would I think we would use the same IP address or shared network.

    So I feel that I have the right to complaint about this unfair ban and I should have a fair appeal but if you can't give me this please tell me who I should tall to.

    I should just add that I will not drop this subject because I have spent to much time and real money on my account. Plus I still have Ambrosia left there.

    from Rampage

    Answer from: yumyumy [protected]:43:14
    Hello, Rampage

    The rules are the same for everybody. When we open an account, that means we are aware of the Terms and Conditions and it is our responsibility to make sure we acknowledge the In-Game Rules.

    The rules state clearly that if you share a connection, you must notify the GO's about it. And if you notify us about it, you must not have Fleet Contact with any account while on the same connection.

    The ban placed on your account is a permanent one. Please feel free to open a new account and make sure you follow the rules of the game.

    If you are unsatisfied with my assistance, please feel free to contact my supervisor by clicking the "Complain" text under Ticket History.

    Best regards,

    Your answer: [protected]:00:41
    Dear yumyumy

    This is realy realy unfair because I can't do anything if I don't know it's on the same IP address and it's easy for you to say "shared network" but when you a place a size of a town. I feel that it's not right to make me restart a account if I didn't know it would be the same IP address and normaly or in the normal world it wouldn't be. only because this facted I would say you could unban my account .

    It's simple to say I'm in a shared network but under this this rule all people in Saudi are in a shared network because of the aggressive censorship and rerouting .

    I think that it's best if this complaint about a ban you be taken to the next level if you can't help me.

    Plus I will just add _J6_ just started his account and I think he was still in godly protection but I would have never of sent if the small gift if I new the resort had a shared network. I would be more then happy to repay the goods to a GO's town.

    Please please help me out because my account is a great account and I have spent a very long time and cash to grow it to a great level.

    P.s I'm starting to panic because in Beta world my 1st account I could attack someone from saudi without knowing it and get a ban there too. Please please understand why this is wrong to ban me .

    from Rampage

    Answer from: yumyumy [protected]:25:09
    Hello, Rampage

    I understand your frustration and I am sorry for this situation, but unfortunately I cannot unban your account. First of all, there was not any notification for potential shared network on your account. Secondly, even if it were a notification, notifying a Game Operator prevents your account from being banned for multi-accounting, provided you do not break the Fleet Contact rule.

    We never unban when there has been Fleet Contact between accounts on the same network.

    Two people are allowed to play from the same network if: (1) they keep their login information separate and private; (2) they never play each other's accounts; (3) they ensure that there is no fleet contact between their accounts; (4) they notify a game operator.

    Since it is the account that is banned and not the person, you are welcome to start a new account, and please make sure you read and understand the game rules which can be found at the bottom of each game page.


    Your answer: [protected]:29:36
    P.s I should just add that where I live "Sunset beach resort" and we have over 500 flats and house plus 400 works. so I can't be blamed for anyone playing the game or world without me knowing that the IP address would be the same .

    Your answer: [protected]:16:08
    Dear Yumyumy

    I do understand the rules and I know Fleet contact is just a nice way of saying Multi-Accounting and I would have taken more care but I'm 95% sure no IP sharing has taken place but I can't do anything about the way they use IP address in Saudi .

    In the place I live we have a mix of WIFI hot-spots and and hard lines and because I use my home hard line with password I had no need to think there's any IP contact .

    I have contacted my resort about this and they told me the info below

    IP Information:
    ISP: Integrated Telecom Co. Ltd
    Organization: SunSET IP block
    Proxy: None Detected
    City: Riyadh
    Region: Ar Riyad
    Country:Saudi Arabia

    This is funny because I'm over 400+km from Riyadh but Saudi Arabia has the most aggressive censorship and all the IP address will show "Riyadh" and the resort owner's has "Organization: SunSET IP block" something called a IP block.

    I really understand if you don't think I'm telling the truth but if I set it out in points maybe you will see why I'm telling the truth.

    1. I sent only 3k to 4k of goods to a new player called _J6_ to help him only, (No trade but a gift).
    2. I know we didn't use the same IP but I can't anything about the rerouting of the IP block .
    3. what would I have to gain by breaking the rules when I have or had an account of over 1 mill

    I don't feel it's fair that I get a ban because Saudi Arabia uses a proxy farm locations thing.

    Note : _J6_ dose live in the same resort but can't use my hard line so normal IP address rules haven't been broken.

    Wait for your reply .

    Yours sincerely.


    Answer from: yumyumy [protected]:39:29
    Hello, Rampage

    Your account was banned for Fleet Contact under the Multi-Accounting section of the rules. When two (or more) people are playing on the same network: (1) they must notify a Game Operator; (2) they must not have fleet contact. Fleet contact includes trading and military action.

    Since we do not unban when there has been fleet contact between accounts on the same network, you are welcome to create a new account so long as it follows the rules.

    In-Game Rules

    I. Multi-Accounting

    Each player is allowed to control no more than a single account per World (Server).

    If two or more accounts are usually, occasionally, or permanently being played from the same network, a Game Operator must be notified, without exception. In these cases the accounts must not have fleet contact while on the same connection.

    Fleet Contact includes but is not limited to:

    * Trading.
    * Purchasing goods through the trading post.
    * Defending or attacking a town.
    * Joint raids.

    Here is a link to the In-Game Rules:

    Best regards,

    Please reply to this ticket instead of opening a new ticket with your response.
    To reply to this ticket, go to your Ticket History at, enter your key and checksum, and click the "Send reply" text on the right of your screen.

    Your message: [protected]:16:32
    Accounts involved: Rampage

    Nickname of involved team member(s): My account

    Reason of the complaint:Fleet contact or IP shareing hasn't been broken but I have still been band . I have been playing for many years and understand the rules 100% so i can tell you there's something wrong here.

    As far as I know no fleet contact has taken place but I did send a very small amount of goods to a new player within Alpha but he dosen't use the same IP but dose live in the same resort as me.

    I live in Saudi Arabia and all the IP addresses in this resort use the same company but that shouldn't make the IP addresses the same but I do know that ALL ip addresses here get rerouted to the same place because of the internet censorship. can you tell me what's I can do to fix this ?

    Additional data you think might be of use:

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  • Ja
    Janchang Apr 28, 2010

    Gameforge double-billed my credit card when my minor child used it without my knowledge. I cannot find how to contact Gameforge to ask for credit back. Anyone knows a phone number or something? Many thanks!

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  • Ei
    Eigir Apr 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just a warning to those who are curious on this game: Do NEVER ever spend real money on it, unless you spend time to make sure you know every little intricate detail of the game rules.

    My story will tell you why:

    A group of 5 people at work decided to play the game "Ikariam" (also from Gameforge) together and we formed an alliance. During a lunch break, we figured out that we should help one of our colleague by sending him some materials. And so we did. All of us.

    Some days later, 3 of us got permanently banned from the game because we had co-operated while sitting on the same network (behind the same firewall). According to the game rules, this is illegal. If we had done the exact same thing, but from our home-networks, it would had been legal, according to the rules Gameforge had created. Everyone reading the License Agreements on all applications and games they play, please raise your hands now.

    Getting banned is one thing. We also lost a lot of money. Gameforge do not reimburse the money we had left on our account when they decided to ban us. This make me question their ethical values...

    So 3 out of 5 was banned. What happened to the other 2? They did the exact same thing from the same network, why didn't they get banned? I don't know, but they have not heard a thing from Gameforge.

    And the dumbest thing, according to the "support" people: We can create new accounts and then spend more money on those... yeah right. :-/

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  • So
    someb0dy Feb 22, 2010

    My account was deleted in another Gameforge game and this sounds like a similar case.

    To begin with seven players within the same team within the game were banned because of a rule that was not mentioned in the official game rules.
    after repeated emails from our team members reciting their own rules to them we eventually got our accounts unbanned, only to have them deleted completely soon afterwards.
    I was not given the luxury of an excuse (in fact it was claimed that the deletions were hackings, but these were by someone who had direct access to the game database), it was however common knowledge within the game's community that one of the 'team leader's' (a kind of moderator) best friends was a player in the game and that players were banned and deleted at this player's request (whenever they overtook the player in points, or attacked the player in the game. etc).

    I can forgive Gameforge for hiring a dishonest employee (under the nickname Sekhemet, in case it rings a bell), these things can happen.
    What I can't forgive is the unprofessional conduct they showed afterwards, each of my complaints were ignored.
    After an earlier account deletion (this happened repeatedly within the game) the game was returned to an earlier time using a database by another employee who outranked the responsible employee, but he also eventually stopped responding.

    In short short Gameforge have your money which is all they care about (some of our banned players had paid for a subscription for over 4 years), short of direct legal action I doubt you will get any kind of response, but good luck anyway.

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