G4Smy interviewer walt

N Nov 05, 2018

Nicoma Gayle

To whom it may concern, Mr. Walt is one of the worst representation of the G4S international

security company and brand. on the 30th day of October 2018, I Nicoma Gayle was scheduled

for an interview at 2900 Crystal dr, ste 510, Arlington Virginia 22202. My interview was

scheduled to start at 11:30 am and scheduled to end at 12 pm. The position was for a upscale

security Officer. I arrived for my interview at 11:20 am (ten minutes before my scheduled arrival

time) upon my arrival the secretary was busy with someone. At 11:25 am I was instructed to

sign in. At 11:30 am two individuals came from the office area to the waiting area. One of the

individuals was well dressed and well groomed in plain clothing. The other individual at first

sight appeared to be working for G4's with his G4's logo on his shirt and a G4's badge on his

belt. His pants was sagging well below his waist, so low that it created multiple layers from the

extra material sitting on his huge boots that he clank so loud when he walks. his shirt was

partially tucked, and appeared on him just as thuggish as his pants does.

His attitude is just as disgusting as his appearance. At about 12:15 pm, forty five minutes pass

the time when my appointment is scheduled to start the thuggish looking individual

mispronounce my name and then says to me " what are you here for? You're not here for

nothing! You didn't put anything down! You only put your name down!" His voice was very

loud and obnoxious his attitude was condescending and rude. Him being forty five minutes late

shows his lack of respect for time. During this forty minutes while sitting waiting, I watched him

idle at the secretary desk holding unprofessional conversation and answering the secretary

phone while the secretary was sitting at the desk.

Keep in mind my schedule interview started forty five minutes late and lasted five minutes of

this five minutes most of it was spent listening to Walt bragging about his bachelor degree in

homeland security, Him being a high ranking Navy officer he even proclaimed to be apart of

one of seal team six that killed Osama Bin Ladin. He also bragged about his many years with

G4's as a high ranking official. I couldn't get a word in, he ask me about myself and as soon as

I mentioned my associate Degree in Homeland Security he exclaimed! " only an Associate

Degree? " that's when he started the bragging. He looked at the Maryland address on my

resume in his hand and said to me that " I couldn't recommend G4's to hire you because you

live too far and furthermore G4's doesn't hire armed security officers without bachelors


I'm writing this letter not to be reinterviewed or considered for hiring at G4s but to shine light

on how comfortable Walt is at being a disgusting representation for the G4's brand; attitude

does reflect leadership and if Walt is the face and representation of G4's then this is most

definitely not a good look for the G4's company and brand. He was so unprofessional at no

point during our five minutes interview did he think to even introduce himself, so on my way out

I asked him what was his name because I had to know the name of the person representing

the G4's brand. And he told me that his name is Walt. As comfortable as he his at being

disgusting in G4's uniform it is a clear indication that this is a common practice for him to

behave this way.

Sincerely Nicoma Gayle.

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